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Yukihito Yashiro, Ren's manager, gets a fever and therefore could not attend his manager duties. LME then assigns Kyoko as Ren's substitute manager as a Love Me Task. Kyoko strives her best to complete her task as Ren's substitute manager and also managing studying for her entrance exam in her new school in between.

Manga Anime
Volumes 6-7 Number of Episodes 2
Number of Chapters 7
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Notable Moments

  • The Curara CM filming wraps up. Kyoko is informed by Maria that Ren stopped by. Kyoko is disappointed that she didn't get to tell him herself about the CM but then wonders why she would be.
  • Kyoko is hesitant to change out of the school uniform that is B-ko's costume for she is attached to it having not gone to high school. Kanae makes fun of her reluctance, knowing she liked wearing the uniform.
  • Kyoko is allocated as Ren's temporary manager as Yashiro is out with a cold. Ren is unhappy with the arrangement and tries to get Kyoko reassigned or even to just abandon the job because he doesn't think she's up for it. Kyoko makes the mistake of stating that she is more than capable of handling a manager's position. Ren takes her up on it and challenges her to do the job so well that he will be forced to say "Thank you."
  • Kyoko quickly realizes she made light of a manager's duties. She apologizes to Ren thinking him angry with her for talking so flippantly about the job. Ren forgives her with the maturity that Kyoko has come to admire about him.
  • Kyoko overhears some schoolgirls dissing her Love Me uniform, saying Kyoko should at least wear her school uniform to make herself cuter. This makes Kyoko infuriated for the reason she can't wear one is all because of Shotaro!
  • Ren asks if she didn't go to high school because of Sho Fuwa? Kyoko confirms this. Now all she wants is to be a bigger star than him and get her revenge. Ren tells her that as an actor seeing acting being used as a tool for revenge makes him unhappy. Kyoko is cut off by her phone before she set him straight.
  • Lory calls and offers Kyoko an opportunity to go to a high school for talents. Kyoko is excited beyond words and falls into old habits, studying like a devil.
  • Kyoko notices that Ren seems to be clearing his throat more often. She confronts him with the suspicion that he has a cold. Ren laughs this off for he has never had a cold in his life and childishly refuses to accept the possibility. By the next morning Ren's cold has set in and Kyoko rightfully says 'I told you so'.
  • After an intense scene filming in the rain and trying not to give in to his illness, Ren collapses on top of Kyoko in the dressing room, pinning her to the floor. She is only able to get him to move when she recites his cue line.
  • In his illness, a semi-aware Ren murmurs her name with a familiar endearment. Kyoko becomes unsettled by this and wonders if it were an accident or if he were referring to someone else.
  • Kyoko reveals the real reason she was assigned to Ren was to ensure he ate properly.
  • Kyoko realizes she has always felt angry waves coming from Ren since almost the moment they met. She gasps as she understands that since their second meeting Ren must have thought revenge on Sho was her motive for joining showbiz and was angry about it[1].


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