Mamoru Miyano
Mamoru Miyano
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 31
Birthday Jun 8
Origin Saitama, Japan
Occupation Voice actor, singer
Skip Beat!
Role Sho Fuwa
Episode appearances 25

Mamoru Miyano is Sho Fuwa's seiyū.[1][2] He also sung a few tracks for Skip Beat! OST Album.[3]

He is also featured once again in the drama CD's, BLACK Drama CD and KISSxKISS Drama CD Valentine Weapon, along with other seiyus from the anime series.

Personal Information

Mamoru has been in the voice acting industry since 1992.[4] He has voiced countless anime characters. Mamoru has also won several voice acting awards like the "Best Voice Actor" award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair and "Best Lead Actor Award" at the 2008 Seiyu Awards.[5] Along with voice acting, Mamoru also has his own music career. He is signed up with King Records Label and his first single, "Kuon" debuted at number 47 on the Oricon Charts.[6]

Voice Acting as Sho Fuwa

Mamoru, along with fellow voice actors Marina Inoue and Katsuyuki Konishi, were interviewed about their voice acting in the anime.[7]

First Impression of Sho's character

  • This came from theater company sunflower Miyano Mamoru. I also I was difficult is quite empathy. But there until in about pleasant Shokon and is rotten (laughs), I am very comfortable and have played in reverse. Although I or vomited a variety of verbal abuse towards Kyoko, "Wow ~, this is say you'll had" to words that he had issued to Kyoko so that I to pity myself, it is everybody We are working hard to reach as.

Thoughts about the near-finish of the voice dubbing

  • Yeah, well say when. (Laughs) So, where such obedient is, has become a representation that was too far as a result, I tried to play where there is Do not say if Dasere, and the first episode, two episodes and I thought that. But we want to continue to the character to be loved. I such as "devil still" in the SD character comes out, but I wonder if let's appeal to palliative to cuteness in such a place, and.

Other characters that you find interesting

  • Although the honest Roryi's was amazed, come out character to meet everyone individuality, but I'm all nice, I still relationship with Ren Tsuruga Among such will care. Was let me do it at the time of the audition, and I'd like to play early the place to put kick the ashtray in lotus.

Favorite Dialogue

  • I am not saying such a thing (laughs). Pudding is cute'm also a place that would fluttering in, but I also like erotic interaction with Mr. Shoko (Shoko Aki Nao of manager). There is dialogue that "Shoko Mr. mon'm type", it is said that if you say as mischievous at the time of the test, "Please do erotic" (laughs). So the second time I'm going did erotic! Please to everyone judgment (laughs).

Say a Thank You message to everyone

  • It should be noted that you are I think very human character. It plays without hesitation the place honest to yourself, a place that can sprout a variety of emotions in the play so that able to play without overlooked me, is thought to be if you can deliver what interesting to concentrate on work you.


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