Mako Yanogiori
Yanogiori mako
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.134

Mako Yanogiori is a young actress making her debut in the Box "R" drama.[1] She could be either a supporting cast member or an extra.


She is shown to be a more-determined actress, as she was willing to go through the bullying scene again after being scared. Nothing much is known, except that she could be timid.


She is shown to wear a school uniform for the drama.


Natsu's arc

She was to be the target for Natsu's gang in the karaoke set. During the improvized bullying scene rehearsal, she experiences brief hardcore bullying from Yumika (potrayed by Chiori). Mako was smacked down to the table with her hands held back and Chiori's knee held on Mako's back.

Yumika uses riddles and a technique akin to waterboarding[2] as part of the next stage of bullying. Most of the water came out through Mako's nose and mouth while her eyes teared. The rest of Natsu's group laugh and record it on their cell phones.[3] Soon Yumika declares that she will let her go if she answers what 1+1. When she answers Yumika covers her in nail polish remover, which is flammable. Yumika grabs the back of Mako's hair and holds a candle to her face. She says she'll keep her promise to set her free by turning her into a fireball.[4] Mako freaks out and shouts to the director to stop them or they will really kill her. Most of the cast and crew snaps back to themselves with the exception of Kyoko and Chiori.

All the other actresses and Mako's manager begin to panic. Chiori gets the smile she's been waiting for, and Kazutoyo is more than a little unsettled but also fascinated. But Mako was willing to do the scene after hearing the director's words.

Kyoko describes that Mako acted in the real take with a force comparable to the rehearsal. Mako had hinted at quitting but a fire lit in her after being praised by the director that her acting is as good as the main cast's. She desperately convinced her manager to continue the filming. Many hoped that a true actress sprouted in her.


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