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Lina Takarada
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Kanji 宝田 リーナ
Rōmaji Takarada Riina
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives Maria Takarada (Daughter)
Kouki Takarada (Husband)
Lory Takarada (Father-in-law)
Occupation Model
Manga N/A
Anime N/A

Lina Takarada was Kouki Takarada's wife and Maria Takarada's mother.


As a high-demand, renowned model, she was quite beautiful.


Lina was renowned as a model, for she was mourned by colleagues and fans when she died. She passed away due to a plane crash while traveling back to Japan from her modeling work to celebrate Maria's birthday when the girl was younger [1].

After she passed away, her daughter, Maria suffered from a huge guilt complex, blaming herself as the reason why her mother passed away. [2]. Maria and her father became estranged due to Lina's death. The exact reasons leading up to the estrangement are not clear however Maria believes he blamed her for her mother's death[3] and in his grief he may have done this or it simply may be Kouki was uncertain how to care for Maria all by himself.


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