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Kyoko Apparitions (also known as Kyoko's demons by fans, officially translated as Grudge Kyokos) are vengeful ghosts were always with her, however they were kept at bay by her extreme love and devotion to Sho. When Sho's true impression of her came to light, so did these apparitions. The demons often scare everyone around her, which Kyoko uses to her benefit.

They also help keep Kyoko's drive going, as she sometimes questions her motives for stardom. Most of the time, the demons are held back by Kyoko's remaining pure feelings whenever the "pure Kyoko" feels that the anger is getting out of line. The demons give Kyoko a dark aura that is frightening to passersby.

There also were angels who looked like Kyoko from the beginning of the series, but they were ultimately defeated and banished by the demons, who looked like Kyoko with her new makeover and new hair-style.


Introduction arc

Kyoko's Pandora's box[1] is unlocked by Sho's betrayal of her when he reveals that he only brought her to Tokyo to act his maid not because he felt anything for her. Out of the box pours all of Kyoko's hatred and resentment in the form of grudge demons, Kyoko quickly squashes the selfless angels by flinging them at Sho[1].

Kyoko's demons now almost always appear when she's angry, especially if its concerning Sho or about something that's resulted because of Sho. Kyoko even has a conditioned reflex that causes an apparation to pop out whenwver she hears someone mention Sho, something relating to Sho, or says his name. Kyoko becomes angry stirring up her grudges and frightening Taisho and Taisho's Wife because she had to drop out of high school to come to Tokyo whereas unbeknownst to her Sho's agency was paying for him to go[2].

Kyoko used her grudges to haunt and curse Sawara all night long for several days in order to make him concede into letting her into the LME talent division[3].

Kyoko also has an evil aura on when she scolds Maria in the waiting room for the audition "You believe when a woman or a kid cries that someone will automatically come to help you...?"[4] And again on the phone reaction test because it reminds her of Sho[5].

Kyoko lets out a tornado of grudges when Sho doesn't recognize her at the gas station[6]. He's been consuming her every waking thought and he doesn't recognize her[6]?! True she has cut and dyed her hair but still, really?! It's the push Kyoko needs though to get back into showbiz.

After her first Love Me job ends in failure (or close to it) Kyoko and her grudges and angels have an internal conference regarding the outcome for she only received 10 points ('must put in a little more effort!' stamp) for the job[7]. The grudges think Nakazawa was being stingy and could've given her more points because she had followed the instructions to remove the gum and clean the hallway, hadn't she? Besides it's common sense when seeing someone cleaning to practice caution, so he should've been more careful[7]. The last Kyoko Angel existing inside her interrupts the grudges saying they are too much, people got hurt because of this[7]. Isn't that worth so many points being deducted? It's probably lucky that they didn't get the 'absolutely cannot make it' stamp[7]. The grudges resent this and beat up the last remaining angel in a fit of rage thus the angel loses. Kyoko is left feeling that Nakazawa was too strict with his marking.

Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Kyoko is shocked to find out that Ruriko isn't the fantasy princess she imagined but rather the tyrannical queen. When Ruriko reveals her true self to Kyoko and her hatred for the Love Me Section and its occupants Kyoko's grudges beg to be let out however Kyoko physically holds them back causing herself some pain in doing so[8].

Ruriko is jealous of all the attention that Kyoko is getting especially when it's from Ren. She throws Kyoko to the floor in an effort to show that Kyoko's injury is fake and it was all a plot to get attention from Ren because she likes him. Kyoko is infuriated because she has figured out that Ruriko is the one who actually likes Ren. Kyoko's grudges are desperately trying to get at Ruriko but are being held back by the Kyoko Angels[9].The Angels manage to suppress the grudges but not without a fight[9]. The Angels have reappeared due to Kyoko's willingness to protect and support Ruriko but they are fighting a losing battle[9]. Kyoko worries that the Angels will be overpowered soon.

Ruriko is annoyed at the Director who continues to call NGs on her however all she's done is walked in. The Director explains that is what is wrong, that she just walked she didn't glide in as one should in a kimono. Sick of the continuous NGs Ruriko announces she quits and if they are looking for amateur they needn't look far for there is someone who would do anything for points. Ruriko thinks they will go scrambling after her, however Kyoko, full of a dark aura, steps in and slices off Ruriko's arrogant nose. The Angels have obviously been overpowered for her grudges are dancing delightedly around her, as she accepts the 'invitation' into showbiz[10].

Kyoko is enchanted at the idea that she would be like 'Cinderella' if she made a debut from this. She only accepted Ruriko's challenge out of anger but now she feels like being serious. Be afraid Ruriko for Kyoko's dark side has been unleashed and she has plenty of things to hate Ruriko for[11].

Kyoko recalls that from the very beginning Ruriko was planning on 'destroying' her. "Just give it a try then, but before you can destroy me, I will get rid of you first!" as she laughs with evil abandon as her grudges swirl around her[12].

The Miraculous Language of Angels arc

Kyoko meets No.41 aka Kanae Kotonami from the LME audition again, only to find out she too is in the Love Me Section. Kanae is totally against the idea of the Love Me Section but Kyoko tries to convince her to join with her 'professional smile' which puts Kanae instantly on guard. When that doesn't work Kyoko brings out her grudges and uses them as "kanashibari" to trap Kanae Kotonami[13][14].

Bo's arc

Kyoko confesses to Kanae that she never had a single female friend all of high school. Kanae backs off as she starts emanating a dark aura and her grudges start floating about for it was all Sho's fault[15].

On the set of Yappa Kimagure Rock Kyoko is wild with joy, her grudges doing the dance of insanity for the special guest is none other than Sho himself and as she is dressed as Bo he won't be to guess that it's her[16].

Valentine arc

Reino held one of these demons hostage in order to force Kyoko to give him chocolates for Valentine's by threatening to adore it from the bottom of his heart if she refused, much to Kyoko and the demon's horror. ("I'll hug it and nuzzle it and sleep with it.")

Reino once describes the apparitions as "A living person's spirit. A grudge from a human being that has becoming an avenging spirit."


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