Kouki Takarada
Kouki Takarada - Chapter 119
Kanji 宝田 皇貴
Rōmaji Takarada Kouki
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Maria Takarada (Daughter)
Lina Takarada (Wife)
Lory Takarada (Father)
Occupation Businessman
Manga ACT.118
Anime The Emotion She Lacks

Kouki Takarada (宝田 皇貴 Takarada Kouki) is Lory Takarada's only son and Maria's father.


He is nowhere near as flamboyant as his father, Lory, is[1]. He likes to take on challenging work like his father though because of this his approach to work is very serious, too serious sometimes[1]. He does not like to disregard work for personal matters[1]. He cares deeply for Maria but he didn't know how to express it properly to her.


He has a combed straight, black hair with unspecified color of eyes. He wore a black suit at Maria and Kyoko's Grateful Party[2].


He appears to be the only child of Lory Takarada, the president of LME. He and Maria have been estranged for a period due to Lina's (his wife's) death and the circumstances surrounding that - Maria had asked her mother to come to Japan for her birthday in a rare act of selfishness but the plane crashed[3]. Kouki, while grieving, may have irrationally blamed Maria for it which may explain the estrangement[4][5].

Kouki is currently working in America.


With the help of his father and his father's close friend, Eltra Duris, he and Maria re-unites on Maria and Kyoko's Happy Grateful Party[6].


  • His given name, Kouki means "imperial and precious" while his last name, Takarada, means "treasure".


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