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Director Konoe.png
Kanji 近衛
Rōmaji Konoe
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 30's
Status Alive
Occupation Director
Manga ACT.100

Konoe (近衛) is the director of the suspense/horror movie, Tragic Marker.


Konoe is a unique and mischievous person who likes surprises[1]. For he was the one who came up with "Actor X" / Cain Heel playing B.J. (the antagonist) in the movie, so the audience will be thrilled and curious about who played the mysterious B.J.[2] He is completely taken aback when he encounters Cain Heel for the first time (despite knowing it's Ren), to the point where he goes blue in the face[3]. However he is thoroughly impressed by Ren's portrayal of the fictional actor[4].

He is a little baffled by some of the adaptations made to Cain such as the addition of his sister, Setsuka and the fact that he can't speak Japanese[1]. He admits that it is a good precaution for keeping most of the other staff at bay, as it is twice as hard to get close to the actor due to his dangerous aura and the fact that one must speak through Setsuka[1]. Konoe knows that President Takarada made the changes, though different to what he thought they would be, he really likes them. Having heard of President Takarada's reputation for being eccentric, Konoe would really like to meet him someday[1].

Although never having met the 'real' Kyoko, he is impressed by her manners and perfect etiquette; 'like a reserved and gracefully blooming daffodil'[5].

Konoe is very disturbed and worried when Cain loses control and almost kills Murasame[6]. Murasame believes he stepped on Cain's landmine (that he has a complex about being mixed blood), however Konoe knows this is not true for Ren isn't mixed (however Kuon is). He asks Kyoko if perhaps Ren added this complex to Cain without asking him. Kyoko tells him that creating a character is about exploring aspects not explained in the script so this is entirely possible[7]. Ren reassures him that he will readjust his creation for he obviously took it too far which relieves Konoe[8]. Konoe assures him that he will be steady, unflustered and won't lose his head due to the Heel siblings eccentricities which are far more eccentric then he imagined[9]. Ren warns not to act too unsettled for it may be suspicious[9]. Konoe admits that although he is a good director, he is not a very good actor so this is probably a good idea.

Konoe is told about the hickey on Cain's neck by the make-up staff but doesn't believe that it's from a lover for there have been no rumors about Ren at all. He wonders who it could be for Ren is completely serious and very thorough when it comes to acting, which leaves only one explanation for who it could be - Setsuka. He is too embarrassed to ask Kyoko or Ren about it. He refuses to believe that Ren might have seduce Kyoko, or that Kyoko might have done it so it must have been Ren's manager. And with that conclusion he quickly pushes it out of his mind.


Konoe has short hair which seems to curl up at the ends suggesting he may have really curly hair if he grew it longer. He always wears glasses, has a rather stocky body and a round face. He often wears suits sometimes with ties or dressing them down with a sweater.


Nothing much is known about Konoe's background.


Kuu's arc

Konoe meets Ren Tsuruga at an audition for the role of BJ - the antagonist in the horror/suspense movie, Tragic Marker[10]. He considered Ren for the role after having seen his Katsuki and being impressed by the flashes of darkness he saw. Ren was asked to smoke and fire a (fake) gun at one of the judges with this dark aura on. Konoe was very impressed by Ren's audition. He pitched the idea to Ren during this audition about not releasing his name to the public as the actor playing BJ, even keeping it a secret from his co-stars and the set staff. The reason being is he wanted to get people talking, saying who was that? Ren likes the idea and agrees to it much to his manager, Yashiro's, displeasure[10].

Violence Mission arc

He did not expect Cain Heel to arrive with a sister, but he quickly gets on board with the idea after seeing Kyoko perform[1]. He likes surprises and the adaptations to the role (not being able to speak Japanese) make it twice as hard for the co-stars to get close to Cain so it reduces the possibility of his true identity being discovered[1]. He heard that it was President Takarada's idea and he really wishes he could meet him someday. Konoe feels invigorated by the changes, as well as being more than impressed by the acting he has seen so far and senses that this movie will definitely being a good one![4]

Dark Breath arc

Like the rest of the cast and crew, Konoe saw Cain/Ren's hickey on his neck and assumed that Setsu/Kyoko was the one who did it (which is actually true) but never had the confidence to ask Kyoko and/or Ren about it because of embarrassment.


  • The surname Konoe means "near, early, akin, tantamount" (近) (kon) and "defense, protection" (衛) (oe).


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