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Kimiko Morizumi's manager
Kimiko Morizumi's manager 2.jpg
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Manager
Manga ACT.242

Kimiko Morizumi's manager is the unnamed manager of Kimiko Morizumi.


She seems unfazed and used to the fact that Kimiko gets her jobs or extra information through the use of familial connections. The questionable morality of the practice doesn't seem to bother her indicating she's fine with more grey areas of showbiz[1].She even went as far as to aid Kimiko in throwing Kyoko off the building to secure the role.


She has shoulder length hair of a light color which is styled in layers to fall around her face. It is parted on the left side and is styled to be slightly wavy. At the Momiji audition she is dressed in smart business styled attire of a light-colored, thigh-length jacket, knee-length pencil skirt and sensible heels[2]. The jacket has a feature belt in a dark color tied in an elaborate bow at her waist. Underneath the jacket, she is wearing a dark chemise with the bodice's edges decorated with silver studs. She is also wearing a necklace with an embellished pendant[2].


It was revealed by her that both Kimiko and herself were bouncing back between America and Japan since the beginning of last year, and they base themselves mostly in America. This led them to be unaware of current hot topics of entertainment industry in Japan.


A Lotus in the Mud arc

She is first to recognize Yashiro and informs her client of it[3]. Kimiko brushes off the idea of someone with enough caliber to qualify having Ren's manager. She advises Kimiko that there are talents beyond television, like theater and was more curious about Kyoko[3].

While Kimiko and yashiro holds up a conversation, Kimiko's manager joined Kimiko's side and is staring at Kyoko with a concentrated expression. Kimiko's manager now suspects that she has seen Kyoko somewhere before but can't figure out where and says as much. She queries Kyoko on her name. Kyoko says her stage name and her LME affiliation which draws a shocked reaction from all participants who are listening in. The participants were now able to deduce who Kyoko is. But Kimiko and her manager fail to understand the other participant's reactions and goes on to query Kyoko's career. Before Kyoko can say anything Kuresaki walks in.

In the Momiji waiting room Kimiko's manager is looking up Kyoko's profile, trying to figure out where she knows her from. She finally understands it when she sees something on Kyoko's profile for she leaps up and rushes to the door. She pauses when she sees multiple stuntmen going into the gymnasium, all wielding katanas.  She hurries over to Yashiro and asks if the audition, Is it still going on. Yashiro confirms it's still ongoing and adds that some unexpected developments have arisen so a mock test is about to begin. Kimiko's manager gasps in surprise. Yashiro also adds that Kimiko was joining in too. Kimiko's manager is startled for she had been wondering what had been taking her so long.  

Both of them look into the gymnasium. Kimiko's manager is surprised to see the other participants. Yashiro explains that the test was originally meant for Kyoko but then Kimiko announced she was joining in so it was offered to the other participants if they wished. Kimiko's manager murmurs that of course they would agree to join in too. Yashiro agrees with her while frankly stating that he doesn't believe that they can afford not too because in actuality this mock test might end up determining who will get the part of Momiji.  

Kimiko's manager is stunned at that statement. She looks back at Kyoko, saying she had thought she had seen her somewhere before and she finally remembered when she searched her profile on the internet. She was the girl who appeared in the Curara CM. Yashiro confirms that but muses that it's quite unusual way to recall Kyoko, most people recognize her as the girl who played Mio from Dark Moon. Kimiko's manager confesses that they haven't been in Japan that much. Both her and Kimiko have been bouncing between Japan and America since the beginning of last year and have based themselves in America for the most part. Yashiro realizes that this must be the reason since Dark Moon came out last year. The other manager continues saying she heard Dark Moon was a remake of Tsukigomori and it was directed by Director Date's son. It must have been a hot topic in Japan. Learning Kyoko was in such a big-time drama and on top of that, given such difficult role like Mio took her by surprise. 


Kimiko Morizumi

She deals with Kimiko as a client who is used to getting the roles she wants without actually having to work to earn them. For the manager guessed Kimiko still blamed her Uncle for making her go through the audition process.[1].


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