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Kimiko Kamio
Kimiko Kamio
Manga | Anime | Live-action

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Kanji 上尾 君子
Rōmaji Kamio Kimiko
Live-action Name Shang Guan Jie
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in early 50's
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Company LME
Manga ACT.007
Anime The Labyrinth of Reunion
Live-action Episode 3
Seiyū Kiri Yoshizawa
English Voice Actor Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Live Action Actor Wu Min

Kimiko Kamio (上尾 君子 Kamio Kimiko) is a talented veteran actress who is well known through out Japan and she is signed up under LME and co-starred with Ren Tsuruga in an unknown project [1].


A whole-body shot of Kimiko who is happily greeting Ren Tsuruga.

Kimiko is shown to have a short brown-colored hair with styled bangs on the side. She also has a brown-colored eyes and a figure of a middle-aged lady. As remarked by Ren Tsuruga, Kimiko wears make-up which is also evident in the red lipstick she was wearing when she met them.

She is also shown wearing fashionable clothes, having worn an elegant suit with high heels when she met Kyoko Mogami. She also fashioned big, round earrings along with heavy necklace. Based from the things she was bringing, she mostly have branded, high-end products.


Kimiko considers herself very important due to her widespread fame. This attitude is evident when she is condescending to new talent such as Kyoko Mogami and insensitive to making her co-workers such as Ren Tsuruga wait. Takenori Sawara describes Kimiko's personality as that of a diva. Her diva attitude was prominently shown when she ordered Kyoko to bring her bags, which consists of two handbags and a luggage that mostly contains her make-up and clothes.


Although not much is known about Kimiko's background, but she has been in the showbiz industry for a long time since she is praised and known as a veteran and popular actress by most people.


Introduction arc

Kimiko falls off after the bump

While going through the special entrance for LME talents, Kimiko bumps into Kyoko Mogami.[2] This infuriates her and even though Kyoko apologized, Kimiko told her to not just stand there and instead, she should help her get up and pick up her stuff.

The accidental bump.

As Kyoko helped her, Kimiko criticizes how she has not seen Kyoko before so she asked her if she was a new talent. Kyoko answers yes so Kimiko reprimands her further. She says that she shouldn't come through that entrance and she should already know that because for sure, her supervisor would have told her to always enter in the main entrance. Since Kyoko's face reflects such a blank answer, Kimiko assumes that she is probably the newcomer from a certain brand new section.[3]

Later on, Kimiko was seen cheerfully greeting Ren and apologizing to him for making him wait for so long. Ren tells her in a nice way that the cast is waiting impatiently so they better go. Kimiko remained a blank face. Ren then asks her where her luggage is so Kimiko pointed to

Kimiko listening to Ren.

Kyoko, struggling to carry all of it by herself.[4] It seems like Kimiko have already assigned Kyoko her first task as a Love Me member, since a job such as carrying an artist's stuff is one.[5] Kimiko calls out Kyoko because she has been immersed in talking for Sawara for so long, she tells her to bring her luggage quickly.[6] While walking ahead of Kyoko and Ren, Kimiko is furious to see how the situation managed to arise.[7] Kimiko screams at Kyoko for letting her things fall and even letting Ren carry her heavy luggage.

Kimiko giving Kyoko '-10 pts'.

Out of annoyance, Kimiko stamps a negative ten Love Me points on Kyoko's face.[8] She took her stuff from Kyoko and told her that she does not need her to do stuff for her anymore.

While walking angrily, she tells Ren to hurry up and follow her, leaving Kyoko alone in the hallway.


Ren Tsuruga

Ren co-stars with Kimiko in an unknown project and they seem to be very close since Ren waited for Kimiko before they go with the rest of the cast. Kimiko seems to be really fond of Ren.

Kimiko with Ren, Sawra and Kyoko.

Although she was in an indifferent mood earlier, the moment she saw Ren, she flushed and ran just to greet him. While Ren was talking to her, she was blushing. Although, her face was rather disappointed when Ren told her that if she did her make-up while travelling, she probably wouldn't be late. Kimiko does not also want to trouble Ren because when he took her bags from Kyoko, Kimiko got angry at Kyoko for letting Ren carry her stuff.

Takenori Sawara

While talking to Ren, Sawara mentioned that one of the advantages of a popular actress like Kimiko is probably being late. Ren have told him to say that in front of Kimiko's face but Sawara refused, not wanting to be in her bad side and cause unnecessary drama.

Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko made a first bad impression with Kimiko since when they first met, she bumped into her and even failed to do the task that Kimiko assigned her.


  • (to Kyoko Mogami) Are you...that girl? The new girl in that brand new section?[9]
  • (to Kyoko Mogami) That's certainly your job.


  • The name Kimiko means "lord, noble" (君) (kimi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kimiko's surname Kamio means "above, top, upper" (上) (kami) and "tail, ridge" (尾) (o).


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