Kazutoyo Anna
Annaka sutoyo
Kanji 安南 寿豊
Rōmaji Anna Kazutoyo
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late 20's or early 30's
Occupation Director
Manga ACT.021

Kazutoyo Anna is the director of the TV Drama, Box "R".


Kazutoyo seems to be an easy-going person for despite Kyoko's lateness to the script reading he doesn't reprimand her[1]. Afterwards he still doesn't scold her and brushes off her apology[2]. When he sees a good role, like Mio, he gets excited and eager about the acting[3] for after the script reading he launches straight into a discussion about how he wants Natsu portrayed[2].

He doesn't seem too bothered about changing his mind often about characters, costume and scenes despite this needing more retakes[4]. He does have the pride of a director and resents it when an actor, especially a newbie like Kyoko, attempts to defy him[5][6]. He seems to be able to admit that his opinion is wrong for although he was 'going to crush Kyoko's pride if she defied him[7]' he admits that he likes the change in Natsu[8][9].

He often talks in abstract terms like when Yumika doesn't fit the gang's image he says it's like 'a circle trying to match a triangle and squares'[10]. He advises Chiori that he wants a 'snap' or 'glint' like feeling from her but because of his weird way of explaining, Chiori is confused about what he wants from her[11]. Kazutoyo is a little dramatic for he literally collapses on the floor when seeing Chiori's change in looks[12] and also upon hearing that Kyoko had injured her hand[13].

At first he is quite unsettled by the vicious unscripted bullying scene done by Yumika and the others[14] but is later impressed by the acting done by the girls particularly Chiori and Kyoko[15].

Director Anna is also quite nosy. When Box “R” was shooting near Dark Moon, he couldn’t resist and ran off leaving the cast and crew to see what was going on[16]. When Kyoko followed, he got her to let him through the barriers so he can know what was going on, reasoning that he couldn’t have just stood there and do nothing[17].


Kazutoyo has light hair which he wears cropped short with no fringe and styled to flick up[14]. He also has a beard which he wears closely cut to his jaw but with most of his face cleanly shaven. He wears the part on his chin, a little longer than the rest like a goatee[3]. He often wears a long jacket with a high collar and a sweater underneath[3][1].


Director Anna is a drinking buddy of Director Okuya, who directed The Scarlet Dice, the movie in which Chiori debuted as a child actor but then got stuck under the intensity of the role[15]. The director asked him to let Chiori Amamiya to play a role in Box "R", telling him she is an actress with promise. Since Kazutoyo found Chiori cute, he gave her the role of Yumika[15].


Kuu's Arc

The first meeting of the Box "R" cast takes place and Kazutoyo tells Kyoko not to think to hard on how to play Natsu for they just want her to do it just like Mio. They want the same sort of intensity to give a super harsh Natsu, so basically a Mio but as a modern high school girl without the lady-like dignity. Kyoko isn't too happy to hear this[3].

Natsu's Arc

Despite Kyoko being late to the reading by a whole hour, Kazutoyo doesn't get mad at her[2]. He waves aside her apology and eagerly begins talking to her about how he wants Natsu to be portrayed[1].

The shooting having started, Kyoko is made to do several retakes. Kazutoyo reminds her that he told her to relax, but Kyoko doesn't feel tense at all and doesn't understand why she's getting this note[18]. Kazutoyo acknowledges that he told her to act like Mio, but he only wants it when she's being a bully, not when she needs to behave like an ordinary school girl[18]. Kyoko is even further surprised, because she's not acting like Mio at all. Resentment and disrespect is clearly forming among her costars.

The scene starts again, but Kazutoyo immediately calls cut and starts berating Kyoko for still acting like Mio. He wonders if she is doing it subconsciously but Kyoko says she's just acting like herself[19]. The AD realizes that Kyoko's really good posture and perfect lady's bow are natural for her not because she is subconsciously acting out Mio. Kyoko reveals that she grew up in a traditional ryokan which tells the AD and Kazutoyo why her natural stance is so stiff[19]. Despite Kyoko's attempts to 'relax' she is unable to pull off a natural looking slouch typical for a modern high school girl. This doesn't impress Kazutoyo and he moves onto the bully scenes, the ones which Kyoko is good at. Implying that that is all she is good at[6].

He hired Kyoko for the role of Natsu Kitazawa but became disappointed with her when she ended up being unable to act like Natsu and kept coming back to Mio.
Box r director

When Chiori tried to stir up some trouble, he claims he will fire Kyoko if she dared try to change things around[7]. However, he was surprised when Kyoko brought out a Natsu that is really suited for the role and accepted it[9].

He was shocked after witnessing the full extent of Natsu and Yumika’s characters when they finally shot the first bullying scene[14]. After that, he argued with Mako’s Manager about the true path to being an actress when she threatened to have the girl they bullied pulled out of the show. He praised Chiori and finally told her about Director Okuya[15].

Violence Mission Arc

On the Box "R" set, Kyoko accidentally responded in character as Setsuka Heel instead of as Natsu Kitazawa causing everyone to blink at the out-of-character response. Kazutoyo says it wasn't bad but wouldn't Natsu smile happily not half-heartedly like that which Kyoko agrees with.

The screech of the cars is loud enough to be heard on the Box "R" set. Curious is something happened on the Dark Moon set, Kazutoyo takes off. Kyoko frets and Chiori encourages her to go, since their director left first, it won't be considered unprofessional. Makino says she just needs to get back before the director. The assistant director isn't happy, but sees the girls' logic. Kyoko bows in gratitude and takes off running.

Kazutoyo gets Kyoko to let him in past the crowd barrier. She apologizes for leaving the Box "R" set, but he's full of understanding and eager curiosity.


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