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Kazushi Misonoi
Misonoi Kazushi
Kanji 御園井 一志
Rōmaji Misonoi Kazushi
Real Name Unknown
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 30 (Self-declared, Flashback)
47 (Presumably)
Status Unknown
Relatives Kyoko Mogami (Daughter)
Occupation Spy (Flashback)
Manga ACT.019[1] (First Mention)
ACT.228 (Saena's Memory)

Kazushi Misonoi (御園井 一志 Misonoi Kazushi) was Saena Mogami's first ever love interest. His real name and whereabouts are unknown. After he stole the files Saena had for the Jou case, he vanished from Saena's life which ended up with Saena losing the Jou case and pregnant with Kyoko Mogami.


He has a rather light and playful personality as he calls Saena as "Sae-chan". He also joked about his inability to pass the bar exam instead of sulking about it.


Misonoi has messy, spiky dark hair. His eyes are dark-colored and he wears glasses. Since the time he met Saena was around winter time, he was only ever seen wearing winter clothes.


He said that at 30 years old, he still managed to fail the bar exams to become a lawyer three times.


The Miraculous Language of Angels arc

When Maria tried to ask Kyoko's advice about what to talk about with her dad, Kyoko replies that she doesn't really know because she does not have a father.

Saena's arc

Misonoi is mentioned by Todoh as an intelligent man who fathered an intelligent child. However, Todoh does not know his name or his appearance.


Saena Mogami

Saena never talked about him while Kyoko was growing up due to the amount of damage Misonoi left on her. They were lovers, but ultimately Misonoi was just using her for access to a case.

Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko has never met her father.

Susumu Todoh

He mentioned to have known about some details about Kyoko's father but he does not know what he looks like or his real name.


  • The name Kazushi means "one" (一) (kazu) and "will, purpose" (志) (shi).
  • Kazushi's surname Misonoi means "honorable" (御) (mi), "garden, park, plantation" (園) (sono) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


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