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Katsuki Tachibana
Ren's Katsuki.jpg
Live-action Name Jia Yue
Gender Male
Occupation Teacher
Portrayed by Kuu Hizuri (Tsukigomori)

Ren Tsuruga (Dark Moon)

Katsuki Tachibana (立花 勝己, Tachibana Katsuki) is a character and the main protagonist in the drama series, Dark Moon. On the original version, he was portrayed by Kuu Hizuri. In the remake version, Ren Tsuruga portrays the character.[1][2][3]


Katsuki is quite mysterious. Actually, Katsuki is not even his real name. He changed his name in order to get revenge on the man that killed his family. 

Kastuki's father had a big debt owed to Misao and Mio's father and became a chauffeur for Mizuki's parents. While he was away on a holiday, Mizuki's parents died due to a car accident, leaving Mizuki alone. Katsuki's father couldn't sleep and always had nightmares because of his suspicions that the deaths weren't accidental and he was complicit. One night, the moon was bright, and dazzling. Katsuki, who was still a child, let the moon lure him outside to view it.

When Katsuki returned home, his whole family was kidnapped and murdered by a man whom he once saw before, as well as saw his face on the dreadful night his family was murdered: Misao and Mio's father. Katsuki vowed to get revenge.

Years later, under the name Katsuki Tachibana, he teaches high school and is engaged to be married to Misao Hongo. His engagement is part of his revenge plan, but things get complicated when he starts to fall in love with one of his students, Mizuki Hongo.


Ren's version

Ren did most of the scene well but had difficulty to the point of NG's in understanding how to portray the romance. After realizing his true feelings for Kyoko, he requested her help in portraying the role, which was more than enough for him to grasp the emotions behind the character.

In-order to show his understanding of Katsuki's feelings he improvised a scene with Itsumi that adapted itself into the existing script.

Ren also performed his own car stunt to make it more realistic and sustained a slight concussion.



Kuu's version

Katsuki is seen as a capable high school teacher, who seems to be deeply in-love with his fiance, Misao Hongo. But in truth, inside him, is anger that he was keeping for so long, thirsty for revenge. He only manipulates Misao's feelings for his revenge plot.

He also starts to keep holding his self back from showing his desire for Mizuki, his fiance's cousin.

Ren's version

Most characteristics of the original are retained, except that he was shown to be harsh towards his real love interest, in order to push her away from him, but hopelessly gets close to her every time, unable to see her in pain.He also showed a great struggle in holding back his feelings towards Mizuki


Kuu's version

Ren's version

Ren's portrayal earned him much praise, even from Kuu himself. People begin to call Ren the successor of Kuu, at-least according to director Date.


  • The name Katsuki means "victory" (勝) (katsu) and "self, snake, serpent" (己) (ki).
  • Katsuki's surname Tachibana means "standing" (立) (tachi) and "flower, blossom" (花) (hana/bana).



Dark Moon


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