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Kanae Kotonami's older sister
Kanae's sister.png
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her 30's
Status Alive
Relatives Kanae Kotonami (Sister)
Occupation Housewife
Manga ACT.050

Kanae Kotonami's older sister is one of Kanae Kotonami's most prominent family members, being the first one that Kyoko Mogami and Hiou Uesugi among all of Kanae's big family. Her name is unknown.


She is seen to be very childish and have a quite playful personality.[1] She considers Kanae as the "richest member" of her family and often asks money from her since she does not have a lot of money.[2] Kanae's Older Sister is also seen to be caring to Kanae, and often over react the same way Kanae's older brother reacts.[3]


Her face strikely resembles Kanae's, except their hair color. Kanae's Older Sister has a light-colored hair whilst Kanae has a darker-colored hair. She is noted to resemble Kanae a lot, Hiou Uesugi even thought that she was Kanae when she first sees her.[4]


She is the oldest daughter in the Kotonami family. Kanae's older sister has two kids who inherited the same hair color as her.


Kanae Kotonami

Like her older siblings, Kanae's Older Sister is very much aware of Kanae's attitude towards their family, due to the stress their younger siblings and other children in their family. Even though Kanae's displeasure towards her family, she and and her older sister seems to have a pretty good relationship. Her older sister always borrows money from her and considers her as the "richest member" of their family, as it was revealed that Kanae actually had their house renovated once.


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