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Kanae Kotonami's co-star
Kanae Kotonami's co-star
Kanae's co-star.png
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age In his early 20's (mentioned by Hiou Uesugi)
Status Alive
Occupation Musician
Affiliations Minamori Miyako Series
Manga ACT.140

Kanae Kotonami's co-star is a musician who tried acting as he starred as a guest in the past seasons of the Minamori Miyako Series, where he co-starred with Hiou Uesugi and Kanae Kotonami. His name is unknown because it was never mentioned.


Him annoying Kanae...

He is very childish even though he is in his 20's. He is shown constantly annoying Kanae, using his childish antics to get her attention in an undesirable way. He uses antics such as running to Kanae and jumping into his own conclusions even if Kanae's already ignoring him. He has a masochist behavior, since he said he gets fired up even more and even thinks that Kanae is cute even though she has already openly rejected him several times. Another notable factor about him is his hatred for children, as shown for his behavior to Hiou. He said that Hiou was actually a special case because he didn't go all out him as his family composed of very well-known actors.

He is also shown to be very conceited and self-centered, he was bragging about his number one hit that was already five years ago and did not take acting very seriously.


He was seen wearing casual clothes during filming on the set of Minamori Miyako Series that consists of a jacket with simple pants. He has light-colored air paired with dark-colored eyes. His straight hair is fringed into two sides and is parted in the middle. His hair is also medium-length as it falls up until his shoulder, which is quite long for guys. He also has a necklace as his accessory.


He has been in showbiz quite a while and for the past several years, he has been singing instead of acting. Kanae tagged him as "inexperienced" when it came to acting, suggesting that he must've only tried acting recently.[1] When he bragged about his song that was released on Valentine's Day landing on the number one spot, Kanae thought that he must've been talking about a different era, probably five years ago so he must have been pretty popular before.[2]


Valentine arc

He called out Kanae by her first name several times before asking her what day is the 14th of February.[3] When Kanae answered that it was Valentine's Day, he got flustered and told her that she was wrong. In fact, it was actually the day where his own song h

Using his antics on Kanae.

it the number one in the sales. He then continued to say that Kanae must've thought of Valentine's and not his glorious memorial days because she was probably thinking of giving him chocolates for Valentine's. He goes on by saying that the reason why Kanae was ignoring him until yesterday was probably because Kanae was shy because she was going to give him something.

With his annoying tactics, Kanae got fired up and said that even if she were to give chocolates by mistake, it wouldn't be for someone like him. However, instead of being annoyed, he got

He doesn't stop even if Kanae is clearly annoyed.

turned on and got flustered by what Kanae said. He took it as Kanae using such hurtful words in order to make his self a better version. He goes on by saying that Kanae must've wanted him into a great man first before dating him seriously, calling Kanae an "Eros Queen". Their talk was interrupted by Hiou, which greatly annoyed him.[4]

Without him in sight, Hiou mentioned that their co-star keeps on hitting on Kanae because she started to reply to him so she should've ignored him instead.[5] Kanae said that he ignored their co-star until yesterday but he got fired up even more and started to hit more on her.

Flustered at Kanae's bluntness.

On the actual day of Valentine's Day, he was trying to walk with Kanae, annoying her.[6] He said that their day has finally

Blushing due to Kanae.

come and he's always ready to receive anything from Kanae whenever she's ready. He then sees a chocolate from Kanae's bag and took it, assuming that it's for him. Kanae tries to get it from him while he playfully moves it away from her, telling her that it's really ok to give him chocolates. He even tells Kanae that she's cute even when she's angry. The two of them stopped what they were doing when he was called by Hiou.[7]

Childish antics with Kanae.

Hiou called him out as a brat and said that he's a cheap adult acting like an elementary student for how he's acting with Kanae. This infiriates him and started to call out on Hiou. He said that Hiou was probably thinking that he's scared of him because he's a kid but the truth is, he really is scared of Hiou. It's because if he went all out on Hiou, his famous parents would make a backlash.[8] He goes on by saying that he's hiding his hatred for kids to him because if Hiou's parents flapped their mouths to the leaders of entertainment world about him, he's better off dead.[9] He then says that the only reason why people like Hiou is because of his heritage, it is not because they like him and the reason why he gets work is from his heritage as well.[10]

His nosed pulled by Kanae.

Hiou was not replying to his statements so he goes on by saying that no matter how talent-less Hiou is, with his famous parents,

Him tearful, angry at what happened.

the road he's taking is easy with jobs in front of him. He says that the reason why Hiou is still on showbiz is not because of his talent, but actually, it's because of him riding in his parent's wings.[11] His further statements were stopped when Kanae grabbed him by his nose and threw him around.[12]

Kanae defends Hiou by saying that he has real acting skills and he doesn't have the right to give acting advice like that because he's a lousy actor.[13] Kanae then goes near Hiou and gives him her chocolates, frustrating him.[14] Kanae says that it's her first time making chocolates, which breaks their co-star's heart even more.[15]

Seeing this, he calls Kanae a "pedophile"[16]. Kanae angrily answers him that it's way better than him calling her by her first name. As Kanae walks away, he is seen as tearful as he shouts that he'll seriously spread to everyone that Kanae's the "pedo actress".

Technicolor Paradise arc

He was mentioned by Kanae upon reading the new script for the new season of the Minamori Miyako Series. She was relieved that fairly well-known actors are part of the cast instead and there are no crammed in guests like him.[17]


Kanae Kotonami

Annoying Kanae even though she ignores him.

He is romantically interested in Kanae, even going through annoying means such as constantly bothering her just to get her attention. Even when Kanae ignores her or openly shows her irritation at him, he still finds Kanae cute and it apparently even turns him on. He thinks that Kanae's bluntness and feisty attitude are actually just a side of her being shy about her feeling for him but in actuality, Kanae's feelings are genuinely brutal.

She even went as far as making effort to make homemade chocolates for Hiou just to crush her co-star's pride. Once his pride was shattered, he was tearful and was greatly annoyed at Kanae for defending Hiou. He stopped calling Kanae affectionately by her first name and started to call her "pedo" instead, even saying that he'll spread that Kanae is a "pedo actress".

Him insulting Hiou.

Hiou Uesugi

Since he dislikes kids, Hiou is no exception. However, he is annoyed at Hiou's rants at him for annoying Kanae so he goes on by saying that Hiou is a talent-less child actor who only gets job because of his famous family, which is also the reason why he doesn't go "all out" on him unlike what he does for other kids. His dislike for Hiou intensified when Kanae gave him homemade chocolates instead of him.


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  • Although he has has appeared for more than one chapter and was mentioned several times, Yoshiki Nakamura never once revealed his name.


  • (to Kanae Kotonami) You want to turn me into a great man before dating me seriously? Kanae-chan, you Eros Queen![18]
  • (to Kanae Kotonami) Oh, my... You're so cute even if you're angry.[19]
  • (to Hiou Uesugi) Remember this. The reason you're able to survive in the showbiz world is not your talent. You're just riding on your parent's wings.[20]


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