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Kanae Kotonami
Kanji 琴南 奏江
Rōmaji Kotonami Kanae
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 17[1]
Blood Type A[1]
Status Alive
Relatives Older sister Two older brothers, older brothers' wives, nieces and nephews, younger siblings
Occupation Variety talent
Company LME
Manga ACT.003
Anime Feast of Horror
Game PS2 Game
Live-action Episode 3
Drama CD Voice Actor Yukiko Tagami
Seiyū Risa Hayamizu
English Voice Actor Erica Lindbeck
Live Action Actor Bianca Bai

Kanae Kotonami (琴南 奏江 (ことなみ かなえ) Kotonami Kanae) is an aspiring actress who appears in the series, Minamori Miyako, the second member of the Love Me Section [2] and the first found true friend of Kyoko Mogami [3] whom she is fondly called "Moko-san" by Kyoko because Kanae often ends her sentences with the expression Mo'!.


Kanae is a fair white-skinned young woman with raven-colored hair that has bangs hanging on the left side, blue eyes and slim body that she is very conscious about her weight and regularly diets. When Kyoko Mogami invites Kanae to eat ice-cream, Kanae refuses because it might gain her weight and it might affect her slim body that she worked hard for (The same thing happened in Grateful Party where she unconsciously eats a lot of sweets while waiting for Kyoko, she sighed because all her efforts into dieting had been wasted [4]).

Physical Description
Height ??? (taller than Kyoko)[5][6]
Weight ???
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Raven

She is seen wearing the Love Me jumpsuit when she doesn't have other jobs and do Love Me tasks on LME. When she wore the Love Me jumpsuit at the first time, her hair was tied up into a ponytail with bandana on her head and black sunglasses covering her blue eyes. Kanae did this because she doesn't wanna be recognized as a member of the Love Me section.[7]

Casually, Kanae wears "elegant clothes" (as described by Kyoko).[8] Her clothing usually consists of a high-quality knee-length skirt and a top with a cardigan and heels or wedges.  


Initially, Kanae is is shown to blunt and abrasive [9], and to be somewhat antagonistic to Kyoko Mogami. But Kyoko and her met again after the LME Auditions, which they both fail at.[10]

Kanae is extremely competitive, a trait shown when Kanae doesn't acknowledge Kyoko as her "friend", rather acknowledging her as her "rival" because of the acting talent Kyoko has shown.

But later on, Kanae is displayed to have a more softer side, such as being shy on admitting openly that Kyoko is her "friend" even though she acknowledges her.

She finds having friends annoying, reasoning that it's bothersome that she has to care about their feelings, but she is glad to be friends with Kyoko and treasures their friendship.

This is shown when she went through she describes to be "personal torture" to get the perfect gift, a make-up set, for Kyoko. She has an amazing talent to cry in just three seconds and can memorize things on the spot.[11]

Kanae is also very passionate about acting, she sometimes get stuck in a her role even though she's not in-front of the camera[12], she often does research about her roles[13] and criticizes a lot of fellow actors such as Michika Kawagoe, which is one of the reasons she and Chiori Amamiya get along.[14]


Kanae's family with Kyoko and Hiou and that's not all of them yet...

Kanae is the fourth oldest child and second daughter of her family. Her family consists of her father, mother, two older brothers, one older sister, seven younger siblings, six nieces and nephews and two sister-in-laws and one brother-in-law.[15]

Kanae takes role-playing jobs on the side for a bit of extra money from a company outside LME, but it is unknown whether the role-playing jobs she do are legal or not. Her family doesn't even know about this and she only revealed this information to Kyoko Mogami.

She renovated the house her large family lives in because Kanae felt that once she becomes famous, it would be embarrassing to have a bad and ruined house.

Kanae is the apparently richest member of her family, as said by her older sister.[16]


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Image Name What they call Kanae What Kanae calls them
KM - Thumb.png Kyoko Mogami Moko-san[17][18]


RT - Thumb.jpg Ren Tsuruga



SF - Thumb.jpg Sho Fuwa


??? (Refers Sho as "That Guy" or "Sho Fuwa")

Image Name What they call Kanae What Kanae calls them
LT - Thumb.png Lory Takarada Kotonami-kun President
YY - Thumb.png Yashiro Yukihito Kotonami-san Yashiro-san[20]
MT - Thumb.png Maria Takarada Onee-sama Maria

Image Name What they call Kanae What Kanae calls them
Amamiyathumb.png Chiori Amamiya ??? (Refers Chiori as a odd one) ??? (Refers Kanae as "The other member of the Love Me Section")


Information below are from Skip Beat! Fanbook - Love Me!

Year 1

4/5 Kanae1.png

Year 2

4/5 Kanae2.png


  • (to Erika Koenji) Why don't you understand that your attitude is the reason why you don't get better?![21]
  • (mentally talking to Kyoko Mogami and then herself) On your birthday the Princess Rosa came out of the rose Mr. Tsuruga gave you. You insist that the legend you heard from Mr. Tsuruga is true, but to tell you the truth, it's not. That's something quite special. I don’t know what that stone is, but it must have been really, really expensive. Mr. Tsuruga put it in a rose to give to you. Isn't that dropping a declaration bomb? I can't help thinking that Mr. Tsuruga… IS IN LOVE WITH HER![22]
  • (thinking) I hope Mr. Tsuruga doesn't turn into demon lord! Even if Mr. Tsuruga really likes her, he's a grown up, so he won't get angry just because he was the only one who didn't get chocolates from her. But if... well... thinking back from the times he turned into a demon lord... some dangerous factor barged in things would be different.[23]


  • The name Kanae means "play music, complete" (奏) (kana) and "bay, inlet" (江) (e).
  • Kanae's surname Kotonami means "Japanese harp" (琴) (koto) and "south" (南) (nami).


  • The Skip Beat! author, Yoshiki Nakamura mentioned that Kanae is supposed to be the same age as Kyoko Mogami, but is supposed to be prettier and more mature. Yoshiki Nakamura says that the most important part when drawing Kanae is when she is with Kyoko because she doesn't want Kanae to be the easiest character to draw.[24]


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