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Kanae's arc

Kyoko finds out that a famous child star, Hiou Uesugi, has been causing her best friend, Moko-san, some problems. She helps Kanae sort out her problems with Hiou and later finds out more about Kanae's deepest secrets, like her big family. After Kanae tells Kyoko her secrets, she demands to know hers..

Manga Anime
Volumes 8-9 Number of Episodes N/A
Number of Chapters 5
Previous Arc: Prisoner arc Next Arc: Dark Moon arc

Notable Moments

  • Kyoko mets Ren and Yashiro at LME. She can sense his anger with her "anger antennae" and recalls Sho hanging up on him. She immediately apologizes. Ren brushes off the apology with his gentleman smile then confronts her with his knowledge of her taking the job of Sho's PV.
  • Kyoko lies about why she took the job for she doesn't want to lose Ren's trust in her so she says that it wasn't for revenge. It backfires because Ren gets angry anyway (because he's jealous) which only confuses Kyoko even more.
  • Kanae walks past Kyoko in positively gloomy state. Kyoko senses that something is bothering Kanae and asks if anything is wrong but Kanae refuses to tell her. Kyoko is hurt for the two of them are supposed to be "friends" Kanae looks conflicted but still leaves.
  • Kyoko and Maria, dressed in classic detective clothes, tail Kanae to find out what is wrong. Kyoko becomes confused as she sees Kanae dressed up totally different and meeting a variety of people like dating a college guy, getting into a car with a rich, Western-looking older man, and then speaking crassly to a commoner father. She tries asking Kanae about it but is shut down quickly.
  • Kyoko hears the trainees speculating about Kanae's drama for she's been at the centre too often to be starring in one. Kyoko wonders if this might be the source of her worries.
  • Kyoko is run into by a young boy who figures she must be Kanae's partner due to her Love Me overalls and her barbaric behavior. Kyoko is confused as to who the young boy is but pays attention when he mentions Kanae's name. He is still ranting at her, saying that if she and Kanae continue to use such violent tactics he will use his family's power in the show-biz world to get rid of new debuts like them. This leaves Kyoko gaping at him in shock.
  • Coincidentally the boy, Hiou Uesugi, is the guest star on Yappa Kimagure Rock. Kyoko recalls asking him why Kanae hurt him however she did it in way that betrayed how young she presumed Hiou. Hiou is immediately angered and yells at Kyoko that she'll be fired along with Kanae.
  • Hiou is on the set on Yappa Kimagure Rock being questioned by Bridge Rock. Hikaru asks about the bandage on his head which immediately fires Hiou up. He is about to actually name Kanae as the perpetrator when Kyoko as Bo intercedes. Kyoko does this every time it looks like Hiou is about to name Kanae.
  • Hiou confronts Bo knowing its Kyoko. He then threatens Kyoko. Kyoko is paralyzed with anger. She refuses to give in to Hiou's threats for she has her professional pride. Kanae may have hurt him but when she sees a spoiled child having a tantrum she needs to know the reason why and to teach him something called "hardship". She then gives him a good scare with her grudges.
  • Kyoko hears from Matsuda what really happened during rehearsal and that Hiou's wound is really just a scratch. She asks Kanae about it upon seeing her at LME. Kanae confesses to throwing Hiou during rehearsal because she thought children liked to be thrown.
  • Kanae invites Kyoko and Hiou her house to see why she would think such a thing.
  • Kanae attempts to serve Kyoko and Hiou tea while all her siblings, niece and nephews are piled on top and hanging off her. She throws them off and then they joyfully return for more. Kyoko and Hiou see why she thought throwing children is normal. Acting doesn't start from scratch and one usually bases it on past experiences or they seep into a character without one knowing.
  • Kyoko stays the night at the Kotonamis which she is ecstatic about. Although interrogated by Kanae's older sister about where Kanae's getting the extra money from Kyoko refuses to tell feeling close to Kanae because she trusted her. She discovers that the various people she saw Kanae with were just roles she got paid to play.
  • Hiou comes to collect Kanae to start shooting the drama again. Kyoko thinks he looks cool.


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