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Kana Kusunoki
Kanji 仮名
Rōmaji Kana Kusunoki
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Actress
Manga ACT.258

Kana (仮名) Kusunoki is an actress who stole a kiss from Ren Tsuruga after intruding him and Hidehito Kijima during their time in a high-class private bar.


Kana has medium-length blonde hair that is curled stylishly on the left side, light-colored eyes or dark-colored eyes, she is shown to wear a bit of make-up and she has a overall more mature and pretty appearance.


Being a known actress, Kana is very confident and seems to get things her way. She was able to join Hidehito Kijima and Ren Tsuruga even though she was uninvited very smoothly.

It seems Kana is cunning when she wants to be, as she was able to flawlessly plan and trap Ren in compromising position that played to her advantage.

She's also not afraid to tease or toy with her lover by flaunting herself kissing the man voted most sexiest in Japan. It may be that she likes a possessive lover and doesn't mind a bit of jealousy to spice her relationship up.


According to Hidehito Kijima, Kana used to be known for her sex appeal and apparently, she is still pretty sexy at the present [1].

Kana Kusunoki was voted the Number 1 woman men want to marry so stands to reason she has a certain image to maintain.

It is revealed that she prefers women when it comes to the matters of the heart and that Ren has been diligently keeping this secret he stumbled upon without question. As Ren made no moves to use the information to his advantage, Kana has enjoyed Ren's disinterest by using him to ward off potential suitors at galas and parties when they both attend.


A Lotus in the Mud arc

After a while, Ren initiated that he, Kijima and Kana should start packing up already. Ren insists to pay the bill for the both of their bills but Kana refuses him. She says that she can't allow Ren to do that since she just came to the two of them uninvited. Ren says that it's no big deal and Kana should just treat it as if he was paying back from last time when she treated him.[2]

Then, Kana asks if she will be getting a White Day present from Ren since she seemed to have given him something during Valentine's. However, Ren politely said that White Day have long passed.[3]

Ren have left Kijima and Kana on their table but Kana declares to Kijima that she's not used to a younger man treating her and she should still pay her share. She gets up quickly, running over to where Ren is.[4] Out of the sudden, Kana kisses Ren on the lips. [5]

After the kiss, Kana smiles at Ren and insists that she takes the kiss as her return gift from him that year.[6] Quickly, Kana told the waiter to separate the drinks she ordered from the bill that Ren paid since she was going to pay for it herself.[7] Ren then asks Kana if she really wouldn't let him pay. Kana says that she would feel bad if he did since she did forcefully take her return gift from him. However, Ren still insists and offers to walk Kana to her car, to which she agrees to.[8]

After a few days passed, Yashiro and Ren have talked about the forceful kiss that Kana did.[9] Yashiro is surprised and asks if Kana was drunk or depressed. However, Ren says that she was completely fine and sober. Ren says that the only thing he could think of was that Kana was just being playful and she just did that out of that.[10] Yashiro mentions his own opinion about the kiss and something about Ren being involved but he was quickly interrupted by Kyoko's arrival.


Ren Tsuruga

It seems like Kana has been giving Valentine's Day to Ren but for this year, she was not able to receive a return gift from him. It is also revealed that she once treated Ren a drink at the same bar so it was the reason why Ren offer to pay her drinks as well so he can repay it. However, Kana was not satisfied and forcefully took a kiss from Ren. Kijima has been aware of Kana's attraction to Ren and even declares that Ren was definitely on Kana's strike zone.

Ren reveals to Kyoko (as Bo) that Kana knows Ren knows about her orientation thus uses him as 'bug spray' at parties. She has again used him to 'spice up' her relationship purely because she knows he knows she has no interest and also he's too much a gentlemen to throw her to the wolves.

Hidehito Kijima

While Kana was walking towards Ren, Kijima has been worried at what could happen since Ren was unusually unguarded that day and that Kana is known for her sex appeal. Kijima even compliments Kana to still remain sexy and even refers to her as his type.

Yukihito Yashiro

When Ren told Yashiro about the incident with Kana, Yashiro was beyond shocked. The first guesses that came to his mind was either Kana was drunk or depressed. He was going to say his opinion to why Kana must've done that but he was interrupted.


  • The name Kana means "sham, temporary, interim, assumed (name), informal, provisional, interim, assumed, acting, fleeting, unauthorized" (仮) (ka) and "name, noted, distinguished, reputation" (名) (na).


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