Jouji Morizumi
Real jouji
Kanji 両角 貞治
Rōmaji Morizumi Jouji
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 48
Status Alive
Relatives Kimiko Morizumi (niece)
Occupation Director
Manga ACT.243

Jouji Morizumi (両角 貞治 Morizumi Jouji) is a director who is currently directing the periodical drama series, A Lotus in the Mud. He is part of the Morizumi clan in showbiz, having actress such as Kimiko Morizumi as his niece.


He loves using the internet and can often be found on his phone or tablet. He brings a back-up battery for his tablet because he uses it so much[1].


He is attired in a black suit jacket. He has a white shirt and a grey lightly decorated tie that is casually loosened. He has a beard that is trimmed along on the jawline, then joins the mustache line framing his mouth. His hair is cut short and parted on the left side of his forehead.


Jouji is part of the Morizumi family that has showbiz in the blood. They have a discrete reputation for using that pull in showbiz for their own benefit.


A Lotus in the Mud arc

He is the director for the Lotus in the Mud and appears as one of the judges for the second Momiji audition.

It is due to his intervention that Kyoko's re-entry into the Momiji may be in danger for he went out of his way to look up her profile page and bring Kuresaki's attention to it knowing his prejudices against non-actors[2]. This may or may not be motivated by an underlying agenda to help his niece by eliminating the competition.


Kimiko Morizumi

Kimiko is his niece. The exact nature of their relationship is a bit uncertain. He is disappointed in her after performance. He also only gives her limited detail about the audition, though whether this was out of a sense of fairness or to challenge her is unclear.


Morizumi shows respect for his colleague. While their professional relationship seems to work, how they relate to each other is yet unknown.


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