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Jelly Woods

Jelly Woods
Jelly talks to Kyoko.png
Kanji ジェリー ウッズ
Rōmaji Jerii Uzzu
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 33[1]
Status Alive
Occupation Beautician
Affiliations LME
Manga ACT.113

Jelly Woods (ジェリー ウッズ Jerii Uzzu) appears as a tiny woman who looks very young although she is actually much older. Her name "Jelly Woods" is actually just her business name.

She works for LME and is aware that Ren Tsuruga is not native Japanese, but she does not know that he is Kuon Hizuri.

Jelly is totally into Lory, always calling him darling. She works as a beautician and hairdresser, in the world of cosmetics she is known as "the witch" and only close friends are allowed to call her "Ten".[2]


Jelly is very outgoing and happy, sometimes she seems even childish. She is very serious when it comes to her work, perhaps even a bit intimidating claiming "your life will change, in just five minutes." She likes pretty and cute things and even collects them.

Jelly is loyal and would do anything for someone she considers "beautiful". She came back earlier from her vacation in Hawaii so she could change Ren's hair color back to his original blond. Only because Lory had asked and it was Ren.


Jelly is short, being 148cm tall.[1] Her hair appears to be curly at the end, much like Maria's. Jelly's hair is usually in a ponytail. Jelly usually wears a dark-colored singlet with pant. When she arrives at Guam, she is seen wearing a cardigan over her singlet. She has a dark hair color with dark-colored eyes.


Nothing much is known about her background except that she has been the one who styled Kuon into "Ren Tsuruga" last five years when he first came into Japan.


Kuu's arc

She is first mentioned when Lory talks to Ren and Kuu that she would be willing to come back from Hawaii to help with Ren's efforts to contact his mother. Lory reveals that while Jelly knows that Ren is not native Japanese, she does not know who his real parents are. Thus Kuu is not allowed to stay.

Jelly woods.jpg

In her first appearance, she is talking to Lory about the reason for Ren's change. She seems moved by the story and Ren's efforts to contact his parents after 5 years.

She assures Lory that she would not have come back from her vacation if it was not for Ren and requested by Lory, her darling. After Ren is finished with filming his message to his parents Jelly is a little disgruntled to discover she already has to turn him back.

Violence Mission arc

Jelly appears once again in when she has been asked to transform Kyoko into Setsuka Heel. She diviates from the original plans for Setsu but Lory agrees that Setsu's look compliments her older brother, Cain Heel's look. Jelly also did Ren's make up and hair for his transformation into Cain.

Later she also helps both Kyoko and Ren back to normal for their everyday duties.

Technicolor Paradise arc

Saena's arc


Lory Takarada

Jelly is Ren's personal beautician, which was ordered by Lory. Jelly is is romantically interested in Lory and always call him "Darling" affectionately.[1] Lory seems to be playful with Jelly because when Jelly came back to Tokyo all the way from Hawaii so she could style Ren back to Kuon while filming his video message, Lory gave Jelly a caramel candy and calls it her "reward" for coming back. Jelly says that Lory is treating her like he treats his grandchild, thinking that she expected Lory to give her a kiss instead of a caramel candy.[1] On the other hand, Lory seems to trust Jelly enough as he asks Jelly to report to him whilst Jelly is on Guam with Ren and Kyoko acting as the Heel Siblings.[3]

Ren Tsuruga

Jelly was the one who styled Ren when he came into Japan as "Ren Tsuruga" and she is the one responsible into changing Ren's appearance into Cain Heel and his natural appearance. Jelly knows that Ren is not fully Japanese but she is not aware of Ren's real background as Kuon Hizuri.


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