Invitation to the Moon
Invitation to the Moon
Episode 20 title card
Kanji 月の誘い
Rōmaji Tsuki no Sasoi
Episode Information
Air Date February 22, 2009
Opening Renaissance by the generous
Ending Eien (永遠) by Yusaku Kiyama
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Invitation to the Moon is the twentieth episode of the anime series.


Kyoko's been scouted for an upcoming drama. However, upon learning she'd be working with Ren, she was quite nervous but excited as she would be able to see Ren up close and personal in his "serious" acting mode. Meanwhile, Ren's troubled as the president points out his acting on love is too fake and may be revealed in his upcoming project, as well as Yashiro's badgering of his relationship with Kyoko.

Episode Summary

Kyoko and Kanae bump into Ren, his manager and Maria in the lobby of LME Building. Kyoko is nervous to see Ren. When she greets him, he replies with a sweet voice, so sweet that it awakens Kyoko's little devils.

Kyoko can sense that he is still angry. Kyoko tries to apologize for the Fuwa Sho incident but Ren assures her that he is 'not angry' at all. He even asks her about whether her participation in Sho's promo video as part of her revenge plan is a success. Kyoko tries to explain that it's not for revenge, but that only makes Ren more angry. Even his manager can tell he's angry from his facial expression and tone. This leaves Kyoko wonders in agony why he's so angry with her.

After that, Ren's manager demands Ren to tell him about Kyoko's relationship with Fuwa Sho. He threatens to break Ren's mobile phone if he doesn't. In the end, Ren reveals nothing and his mobile phone is broken.

The next morning, Ren goes to Takarada's mansion to borrow a spare mobile phone from him. Takarada tells Ren that he's worried his future as an actor and warns him about his terrible 'love' acting. Ren seems to be bothered by his comments.

Kyoko receive good news from Sawara about her next job: a TV drama series! And not just a normal drama but a remake of a big hit series 20 years ago. Kyoko is shocked that she's selected for such a big production. Sawara explains that the main producer of Sho's promo video has recommended her to the producer of the drama series for this role. He falls in love with Kyoko's acting in the promo video and wants her to play the role. Kyoko is very happy to hear that. Just as she is about to agree, Sawara reveals that Ren will be the lead of the series. Kyoko is shocked to hear that and she asks for some time to consider it.

Meanwhile, Ren is in the car with his manager. He notices that Ren looks a little out of sorts and asks him if it's about Kyoko. The question almost kills Ren. Ren insists he doesn't care about Kyoko. Ren says that Kyoko is still in high school, and that it's not right for a 20 years old guy to date a high school girl. There is no way he can feel passion for a kid like her. But his manager says that girls mature much faster than boys. He adds that girls, especially those who are performers, then to improve very fast and start to become more and more beautiful. Ren ponders over his words.

Kotonami is shocked to hear Ren talking about Kyoko's revenge plan against Fuwa Sho. She decides to ask Kyoko more about it. Kyoko is initially reluctant to say anything but after Kotonami threatens to break their friendship, Kyoko reveals everything. Kotonami feels that Ren is angry either because he's jealous or he has seen through Kyoko's lies.

In the lift, Kyoko thinks about what Kotonami says and she believes that the latter must be the reason and resolves to apologize to Ren the next time she sees him. In this way, she can also enjoy her new job. At this very moment, the lift door opens, the first people she sees are Ren and his manager! She's shocked and responded by closing the lift door immediately. However, she feels that she really needs to apologize and so she gets out of the lift and waits outside the lift Ren and his manager are in. When they come out of the lift, they find Kyoko on her knees apologizing.

Ren and his manager give Kyoko a ride. Kyoko tells his manager about her relationship with Sho. She also sincerely apologizes to Ren. Ren's manager is excited about her words, but Ren just smiles and says he believes her. That's enough to make Kyoko happy.

When they arrive at their destination, Ren leaves with a serious face. His mind is thinking about what Takarada had said earlier.

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