Invitation to the Ball

Invitation to the Ball
Episode 6 title card
Kanji 舞踏会への招待状
Rōmaji Butōkai e no Shōtaijō
Episode Information
Air Date November 9, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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The Danger Zone Princess Revolution

Invitation to the Ball is the sixth episode of the anime series.


Kyoko finds out that Ruriko is not the princess she envisioned but actually the arrogant evil queen. When the opportunity presents itself to get into show-biz, inadvertently made by Ruriko herself, Kyoko jumps at the chance. Despite her injured ankle Kyoko plays a splendid Choko, as a result of her past training at the Fuwa Inn.

Ren, Director Shingai, and Ruriko's own manager are all in cahoots with the President it seems, to cure Ruriko of her arrogance but including Kyoko wasn't in the plan. The Director assures Ren that it will work out in the end. Ren warns Kyoko that she might not be able to overcome the next scene for it is a tea ceremony and requires extended kneeling.

Episode Summary

After the shock of being picked up, Kyoko protests and tries to struggle but then has no choice due to her injured ankle. The crew of Ring-Doh are all amazed that there is actually a girl that dislikes being held in Ren's arms. Ren places her on the house's porch because she kept on complaining. Kyoko feels an evil presence but dismisses it. It turns out to be Ruriko who had just witnessed Ren carrying Kyoko "like a princess" and was extremely jealous.

Yashiro, Ren's manager, introduces himself to Kyoko. While helping bandage her ankle he asks if Ren always treated her this way. Kyoko tells him that Ren seems to particular dislike her and enjoys bullying her so she is wary of him. Yashiro finds this strange for the Ren he knows is kind to everyone. Kyoko realizes darkly that when it comes to her the always friendly Ren makes an exception. Yashiro then adds that when it comes to work and acting he is unforgiving and a strict task master to himself and others which explains his attitude to Kyoko because from the beginning she only meant to use acting as a tool for revenge. He offers his hand to Kyoko saying it's time to go to the hospital. Confused Kyoko repeats this. Then refuses for the hospital is more than an hour away so she wouldn't be able to make it back. Besides she has a mission to take care of Ruriko.
Director Shinhai is amused

The director impressed at Kyoko's acting.

Ruriko sulks because although Ren was the one who supposedly requested to co-star with her, he hadn't come and greeted her. Ruriko tentatively approaches him herself, Ren smiles at her saying 'Ruriko you're finally here', happy she smiles back. 'I was getting sick of waiting' he says still smiling, obviously annoyed. Ruriko throws tantrums and storms off, after being infuriated by the coolness of Ren towards her. The Director watches her leave and asks why Ren couldn't have humored her a bit. The plan was to make it seem as though he was eager to act with her. Ren tells him that then there is no point of doing all this.

Ruriko stalks out of the main room, irritated with Ren. Kyoko and Yashiro come upon her in the hallway, Kyoko having found a stick to act as a cane. Kyoko then feels the same malice she felt earlier, she dismisses it again for there is no reason Ruriko should be mad at her. However Ruriko then tells her that she hated the whole concept of the Love Me Section and the people in it. She despises the idea that just by learning to love they can get a debut. Kyoko can't refute this for even she has misgivings about the Love Me Section. But then Ruriko says that what it really is, is sucking up to people. If they have time to fawn over people, they should use this to hone their skills instead. Kyoko protests at this, for she wasn't trying to do that when she took on the job. Ruriko laughs for what other reason then to get into show-biz would she have agreed to carrying her up a mountain. Kyoko feels betrayed for she really did want to protect and help Ruriko, and she didn't have another agenda. Ruriko confesses that the only reason she gave her a job was to crush her and that she would never give points to her. Kyoko starts emanating a dark aura (her grudges begging to be let out), both Yashiro and Ruriko back off however Kyoko contains her grudges and pastes a smile on her face. Ruriko is stunned to see her smiling. Kyoko asks what happened to the shooting. Ruriko gives a dismissive huff about it, as they need her and are probably looking for her. Kyoko gestures to Yashiro who grabs Ruriko by the shoulders with Kyoko grabbing her legs and they forcibly carry her to the shooting area.

The Director is glad to see Ruriko for now they can start shooting. Ruriko is annoyed because no one was frantically looking for her. Quite the opposite, as the Director is relaxing whilst sipping a cup of tea and Ren is sitting nonchalantly on a couch. The Director thanks Kyoko for bringing Ruriko to them for he didn't know what they would have done. Kyoko suspects something for they simply could have gone looking for her. Kyoko sends a narrowed glare at Ren and then uses a play on words to make fun of him "The germs below are abnormal" and Ren responds "the turtle who did not go to the hospital". Kyoko argues that she is not a turtle and her ankle is fine as long as she doesn't put weight on it. Due to the extra attention Ren is giving her Ruriko literally pushes her over in front of everyone whilst saying that there is nothing wrong with her ankle, she is just blowing it out of proportion because she likes Ren and wants his sympathy. Kyoko is infuriated for that's what Ruriko wants not her. She is currently on floor with both Ren and the Director kneeling next to her and staring at Ruriko, The Director demands that she apologizes to Kyoko and Ruriko despairs for why are they are all on her side. She storms off again without apologizing.

The shooting begins. Kyoko stands on the sidelines lamenting that Ruriko wasn't the princess she imagined but the arrogant evil queen. Princesses really do only exist in stories. Ren comes up beside her and offers her a chair to sit in. Kyoko looks at it, tempted but refuses remembering the last time she accepted his help which was a trick. Ren says its normal to offer an injured person a chair however Kyoko refuses again and asks that he not get too close or Ruriko will misunderstand and get angry. At that moment the Director calls cut for Ruriko is not walking the way he wants. As expected Ruriko argues back for all she's done the last few takes is walk in, how could it be wrong? The director explains that that is exactly is what is wrong for he doesn't want her to just walk in a kimono but to glide in. He describes the proper stature that he wants to see: a straight back, chin slightly tucked in and her center of gravity in line with her toes. Kyoko unconsciously assumes this position for it is something she is used too which Ren notices.

Infuriated by the lack of approval by the director for her portrayal of a "lady", Ruriko declares that she quits, saying that if he wants a hard working amateur, he might as well pick Kyoko, who would do anything for points. Kyoko walks over and 'slices' Ruriko's arrogant nose off, filled with a dark aura she accepts the 'invitation' Ruriko extended into show-biz.

Ruriko frantically tries to get in contact with her manager however she is not picking up the phone. The Director looks on thinking it's no use for her manager is also part of the Takarada team. Ren walks in, who is another Takarada accomplice, and asks if the Director really intends to have the two of them compete for the role, and give it to the best one. Of course he answers. Ren sighs at how easy-going he is but what will they do about the President's request to cure Ruriko of not caring about anything if it does not please her. The Director complains that if he keeps using her then he won't get the effect that he wants.

Outside the house Ruriko is worried for instead of being pleaded to stay like all her previous directors, this one took up her 'suggestion' after Kyoko agreed to the idea. Kyoko is being led to the room with the costumes and make-up equipment. The ladies tell her if she makes her debut from this she would be like 'Cinderella', this idea enchants Kyoko. The make-up lady then tells her she is going to assist her with putting on her make-up. Beyond excited and not quite believing it, Kyoko asks her to repeat the phrase over and over again.

Outside the room Ruriko rolls her eyes at Kyoko's excitement for it's just like an amateur. Turning to leave, she comes upon Ren and smiles softly. Back in the main room she recalls the conversation with annoyance and anger. She thought Ren had come to offer her his support but instead he warned her that the Director seemed serious this time. Due to her earlier stubbornness the only way she could get back into the Director's good graces was to prove herself with her acting.

The make-up lady announces Kyoko's return proudly for Kyoko has beautifully transformed into a 'lady' and everyone is astounded at her dramatic change. Ruriko scoffs that it's just the make-up applied that makes her pretty. Rather than getting offended at the slight, Kyoko is over the moon at having make-up on and agrees that it does indeed make her pretty having been applied by professionals. This is undoubtedly the best moment of her life in all her sixteen years causing the crew to wonder about her life. Smiling radiantly, she then thanks Ruriko for being so willful and arrogant and for giving her this opportunity...her expression then changes to a sharper, more evil end her. Ruriko responds to the challenge by claiming this job is hers! The Director smiles, pleased at this proclamation by Ruriko.

The shooting is about to begin, Ruriko is practically trembling with anger but feels assured that even though she is a beginner at acting, Kyoko is bigger one so what can she do. Director smirks at Ruriko's angry posture, satisfied at the direction this is going in. The shooting starts with Kyoko as Choko this time. She quickly proves herself a perfect lady as her training in Sho's family business made her used to walking and bowing properly in a kimono, which impresses everyone on set. Not in acting mode, Kyoko takes a step forgetting her ankle and, of course, pain shoots through her. Even if she wants to forget it, it will still hurt Ren tells her since she insisted on using both feet in the scene. Kyoko explains that she could't pull off the walk without using both feet. Ren says she's probably made it worse by doing so.

Ruriko unconsciously acknowledges Kyoko's acting, then reprimands herself for admiring her enemy. She notices Ren redoing Kyoko's bandage and realizes that Kyoko's ankle is worse than she initially thought. Remembering something she pages through the script to the next scene and sees that it is a tea ceremony which makes her presume that she's got this in the bag.

Finished redoing the bandage Ren tells Kyoko she should probably forfeit the next scene if her foot hurts this much simply by walking on it. The next scene is a tea ceremony and it requires her to kneel for least 15 minutes which will inflict more pain on her injured ankle and this is without any NGs or mistakes, does she have the confidence to be able to do that?. Kyoko looks worried at this but then sees Ruriko looking on and determined she announces that she'll endure it with guts alone. And so Round 2 begins.

Outside on the platform for the tea ceremony scene, Ruriko is practicing her tea making skills for the next scene. The crew look on impressed by her proficiency. Internally Ruriko confesses that she was forced to learn the art of tea ceremony as a young girl. One of the crew asks if Kyoko wants to practice too, but Kyoko declines wanting to avoid kneeling for as long as possible. As they are outside this causes Kyoko to wonder if Ruriko is really allergic to UV-Rays as she said earlier. All the crew exclaim in surprise at this question.

The Director and Ren are walking to the outdoor shooting area, amazed that Ruriko agreed to an outdoor shoot. The Director thought it would be hard to accomplish Lory's plan but if it keeps going this way it should be easy. There's a bit of commotion coming from the outside area and Ren and the Director are shocked to come upon both Ruriko and Kyoko practically wrestling with each other. Kyoko accuses Ruriko of lying therefore causing her to injure herself and Ruriko rebuts that she's only got herself to blame for believing it and she never asked to be carried. The Director tells them to settle it through their acting. Hearing this Ruriko suddenly lets go of Kyoko, causing her to fall over with no support, and storms off. Ren kneels down next to the fallen Kyoko, telling her she really is an idiot for now her ankle is hurting after wrestling with Ruriko. He implores her to give up for her injury is too serious but he is cut off when Ruriko drags him off for the next scene.

Lying on the ground still, Kyoko recalls Ruriko saying she will destroy her. Laughing evilly she thinks 'give it your best shot!'. Standing up on her knees, with a fiery malicious aura, she laughs while thinking viciously 'before you can destroy me, I will be the one destroying you!'. Ren glances back and is surprised to see Kyoko laughing, Ruriko jumps in front of him obscuring his view of Kyoko. She demands to know if he prefers to act with that girl because he seems so concerned about her. Ren says that has nothing to do with this, he wants to act with someone who demands the best from themselves towards work.

Ruriko feels that she was slightly pushed away by Ren, as if he was saying 'that's why I never thought of working with you'. She's still pondering it while shooting the tea ceremony scene with him so much so that she isn't concentrating on acting.

Kyoko is sitting nearby and is approached by Yashiro, who really thinks she should go to the hospital. Kyoko thanks him for his concern but even if she fractures her bone she still won't give up. For a fracture can be cured she says darkly as she punches her other palm. Yashiro thinks how scary this girl is.

The Director calls cut on Ruriko's scene with Ren for she forgot her lines. He tells her off for losing track of her lines because she was staring at Ren. It doesn't matter, they will just move on to Kyoko now. Ruriko protests for how can he judge her acting just from that, she didn't even complete the whole scene! The Director says he saw enough to know she isn't serious towards acting if she can lose her concentration by being distracted by another actor. Ruriko continues to make excuses for her lapse but the Director doesn't want to hear it.

Kyoko tells Ruriko to watch closely for she will complete her job as a Love Me Member. Ruriko doesn't understand what she means so Kyoko explains that she will make sure that no light reaches her and that she will be always be in the shadows...even in the world of show-biz.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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