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Introduction arc

After finding out that Sho has been using her to be his maid all along, Kyoko vows to get revenge by joining showbiz and beating him at it. She auditions at the Sho's rival agency, LME. Although she fails the auditions, the President asks her to be a part of a newly formed section called the Love Me Section and still have a chance to work in showbiz.

Message: Don't give up on yourself. Keep working hard.

Manga Anime
Volumes 1-2 Number of Episodes 5
Number of Chapters 8
Previous Arc: N/A Next Arc: Princess Coup d'Etat arc

Notable Moments

  • Kyoko overhears Sho telling his manager Shoko Aki the truth about his low opinion of her. Her inner demons are released; she ceases to be his doormat and vows revenge.
  • Kyoko sells Sho's things to pay for getting a total makeover.
  • After revealing that she doesn't have any interest in show business fields, Kyoko is rejected by the LME manager Sawara as a mere fangirl. On the way out, she encounters Ren who immediately thinks ill of her after hearing Sawara's explanation.
  • Kyoko stalks and begs Sawara, pleading for another chance, along with the help of her demons. Sawara gives in and fits her into the already full upcoming audition.
  • Bumping into Ren after receiving her audition paperwork, she realizes that Ren has a grudge against her. She blurts out her real reason for wanting to be in show business and it doesn't go over well.
  • During the audition process Kyoko meets Kanae who, at first impression, thinks Kyoko is a talentless and boring girl.
  • A young child, Maria, is also at the audition, crying for an unknown reason. Kyoko pulls her face, asking her if she believes that a woman or child can always get help by crying.
  • Kyoko performs Katsuramuki and impresses everyone, but she fails the audition when LME President Lory Takarada recognizes she has no love in her heart.
  • Sawara and Kyoko discuss her failure at the audition, and Kyoko realizes that Sho has stolen a basic human component from her: the ability to love.
  • Kyoko meets Kimiko Kamio and runs into Ren when she returns to LME to ask for another chance, only to discover that she has been given a very odd role in the company and Ren set her up for immediate failure.


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