Honami Makino
Makino honami
Kanji 牧野 保奈美
Rōmaji Makino Honami
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.124

Honami Makino plays the role of Kaori in Box "R". She can be described as the second antagonist.

She is said to be called Natsu's "right arm" in Box "R" as Kaori. She likes Natsu most of the time and she also considered Kyoko's acting to be scary because of the way she acted in Chapter 135.


She and Yuka Sudo were the ones who most hated Kyoko and preferred to call Kyoko "Mio-sama." This was because Kyoko's success as Mio in Dark Moon got her cast as Natsu, and she seemed only able to use her experience as Mio to play Natsu at the beginning. This shows her to be more like a bully.

Makino decides to keep up with Kyoko in acting capability, but later finds it frustrating, as it was more difficult to keep up with her which gives away Makinos's admiration and acceptance of other's acting.


She appears to have a light-colored hair which is shoulder-length and is curled at the ends. She is usually seen wearing the high school uniform of her character on the set of Box "R".


Natsu's arc

Honami Makino complains that she's so sensitive an actress she can't get into her own role if other actors aren't properly in theirs.

Honami Makino and Yuka Sudo resent being asked to carry costumes to the dressing room. Makino decides to take advantage of the opportunity to sabotage Kyoko's costume. Kyoko was nearly hit by the door opening toward her. Sudo apologizes, then stares in shock—as does Makino. Kyoko casually strokes back her hair and wishes the two of them good morning.

After parting from her, Makino begins to figure out that Kyoko was getting into character but scoffs at it happening before the cameras are rolling. Makino gives Kyoko credit for crafting someone closer to Natsu than Mio, but then breaks out the school uniform bow that she stole and declares it will all fall apart anyway. On set in front of the director, the awful game of Pass the Blame goes from the wardrobe lady, to Makino, to Kyoko. Makino is going on about how Kyoko must have lost it herself, while Kyoko gets an expression on her face that shows she knows Makino is the one who took the bow. The expression turns purposeful and dangerous.

Kyoko is just too cool when she accepts that she must not have looked hard enough for her bow tie, and then rips off Makino's, claiming kinship. Posing, she asks the director if this look works; if not, Makino will help her go look for the hair tie. Makino asks Kyoko why she didn't rat on her to the director. Kyoko, as Natsu, answers that it's because they are friends and they'll take care of their own problems.

Kyoko, Makino, and Sudo discover that someone took down Kyoko's dressing room sign and tore it to pieces. Makino immediately defends herself, but Kyoko already knows it wasn't her and calls Makino silly, making her blush[1].Still using Natsu's mannerisms, Kyoko invites Makino and Sudo out to join her in eating at an outdoor ramen stand. Sudo, Makino, and Kyoko are all actually having a good time together at the ramen stand.[2]

When the Director asked the stylist to updo the hairstyles, Chiori panics. Makino and Sudo understand and fill Kyoko in on what's going on. Kotani told them that Chiori has a burn scar on the back of her neck.

Kazutoyo points out to Kyoko that Kaori is closest to Natsu. Kyoko explains that Kaori could take Natsu's place when necessary and isn't a gofer. Makino sighs and tells Sudo that she can't keep up with Kyoko. She'd resolved to be in character as Kaori as often as Kyoko is in character as Natsu. She's embarrassed but can't put her finger on the emotion.

When the bullying scene in the karaoke room proceeds Makino was going along with others fine, even using her own role in it, but was soon terrified by her co-stars' performance. Makino and Sudo admit they were genuinely scared when they saw Kyoko smile. Makino claims it wasn't Kyoko, but their own living and breathing Natsu[3]. It is exactly what Makino once laughed off Kyoko being capable of: the legend of a true actor who gets taken over by the character. For the first time in her life, Makino finds the prospect of acting terrifying, because she doesn't know if she's up to making her Kaori the near-equal of Kyoko's Natsu.

Violence Mission arc

A shooting for Box "R" is scheduled to take place at the same time and a nearby location as Dark Moon's car stunt. After visiting with Ren Tsuruga between their sets, Kyoko is heading back to Box "R" and catches up with her castmates when her necklace suddenly falls off. The girls exclaim over it, but Kyoko is dismissive of the clasp coming open since she knows the chain is cheap. Makino reminds her of the superstition that a broken chain is an omen of something unlucky about to happen. Kyoko starts to worry, but laughs it off since the chain didn't break. When a near-accident occurs at the Dark Moon shooting location, Makino is one of several at the Box "R" shoot who hear the sound of brakes and squealing tires.

Both Makino and Chiori notice Kyoko's disturbance and worry. Chiori encourages her to go, since their director left first before anybody to see what's going in; it won't be considered unprofessional. Makino says she just needs to get back before the director. [4]

Chiori and Makino wonder how close Kyoko must be to Ren if she looked that pale and worried. Chiori and Makino are a bit bemused to discover that Sudo has a fan-crush on Ren. Makino's actually a bit put out, since the two of them made a promise that their acting careers came before men. Comparing the way both girls got pale, Chiori and Makino wonder if Kyoko also has feelings for Ren.[5]

Saena's arc

While waiting for their scene, Honami asks Kyoko, why she is still not registered in the talento's roster. Kyoko says that she missed the deadline, so she will be in the next year’s.

Honami exclaims in disbelief for obviously last year, she already acted in Dark Moon and that was a very popular drama. Kyoko says it is the company’s, or rather the president’s, decision since she is a Love Me member. She is treated as a spare talento because her inner heart is lacking, which makes her unable to become a performer. So she must undergo training.

Honami is confused about what it means to not have enough love in your heart to become a performer.[6]


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