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Hiroko Iizuka
Kanji 飯塚 寛子
Rōmaji Iizuka Hiroko
Live-action Name Qing Jie (晴姐)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late 40's
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.055
Anime The One Who Deserves to Be
Live-action Episode 11 (Live-action)
Seiyū Yokoo Mari
English Voice Actor Erin Fitzgerald
Live Action Actor Ke Shu-qin

Hiroko Iizuka (飯塚 寛子 Īdzuka Hiroko) is a middle-aged actress who played Mio Hongo in the previous version of the drama, Tsukigomori [1] and she is cast to play Mio's mother on the remake 20 years later.


Hiroko is a very old-fashioned and biased (unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something) woman, especially when it comes to newcomers like Kyoko Mogami and director Hiroaki Ogata. She is rumored to have harsh attitude towards younger people. She respects veteran actors like Ren Tsuruga.

She is proud of having portrayed Mio Hongo and she feels territorial about the role. But, she is also capable of admitting defeat and finds it in herself to praise Kyoko for her talent.


Dark Moon arc

Hiroko was shown at the press meeting of Dark Moon where she also felt that Director Hiroaki Ogata was unreliable.

Hiroko seems really angry about Dark Moon filming scenes involving Mio Hongo starting without her. She thinks an unknown talent isn't capable of playing Mio properly. So she tries to make things difficult for Kyoko Mogami by making her answer some questions concerning Mio's personality. After hearing girl's answers she is sure that Kyoko can't act properly. She criticizes the Director Ogata for recruiting her.

She also declares that Ogata is lacking compared to his father, but she is taken aback when Ren Tsuruga himself vouches for Kyoko. She agrees to give Kyoko some time to figure out Mio's character. She is greatly agitated after hearing that Kyoko left the set while shooting but gets calmed down by Ren. After Kyoko comes Hiroko is asked to test Kyoko again. Initially she felt that the director was no good and determined to not let Kyoko portray Mio like that, especially not with that hair style. But the intensity of Kyoko's Mio overwhelms Hiroko.

In the end, the Director gains back his lost spirit and challenges Hiroko to perform with an impact surpassing the original, which she cannot decline. Later, when the cast is talking about Kyoko's Mio surpassing the original, Hiroko surprises them by agreeing, admitting that she's been won over by the new Mio and acknowledging Kyoko's talent.

Hiroko Iizuka is also genuinely surprised and shocked when Ren lost the ability to portray Katsuki Tachibana.

Suddenly, a Love Story arc

Hiroko is shown to console the depressed Kyoko Mogami after the incident with Reino, without knowing the real incident and believing it to be an unknown stalker.

A Lotus in the Mud arc

During the audition, some actor were recollecting Hiroko's harsh attitude towards newbie. One actress who co-stared frequently with Hiroko, recalls how Hiroko called her a lousy actress. They also gossiped about the rumor of Kyoko Mogami's conflict over Mio Hongo's portray with Hiroko and also how Kyoko won her over.


  • (to Hiroaki Ogata) I can't have this happening! Mio is always mentioned first in my profile. Mio is mine![2]


  • The name Hiroko means "tolerant, generous" (寛) (hiro) and "child" (子) (ko), which is ironic considering her rude nature.
  • Hiroko's surname Iizuka means "food, meals" (飯) (ii) and "mound, hill/hillock, heap, knoll, pile, drift, stack, bank" (塚) (tsuka/zuka).

Live Action

  • Qing means "clear, fine" (晴).
  • Jie means "sister, elder sister/older sister" (姐).


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