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Hiroaki Ogata
Kanji 緒方啓文
Rōmaji Ogata Hiroaki
Live-action Name Director Xu Fang (旭方導演)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 27[1]
Status Alive
Relatives Hirotaka Date (Father)[2]
Occupation Director
Manga ACT.053
Anime Invitation to the Moon
Live-action Episode 11 (Live-action)
Seiyū Yoshinori Fujita
English Voice Actor Chris Patton
Live Action Actor Chang Shao-huai

Hiroaki Ogata (緒方 啓文 Ogata Hiroaki) is the director of Dark Moon.


Ogata is shown to be sensitive and nervous, particularly when responding to personal questions about his father. He is known to go into sicknesses, or spasms. Being a director is his strength, though, as he's good at it. He expresses his vehemence to be a good director when he speaks back to one of the supporting actors for insulting him.

The situation with Ren's acting trouble shows all these traits. He was smart enough to recognize that he needed to insist on Ren taking a break. However, afterward he was crying alone in the set until Kyoko arrived to console him. His sensitivity, frienship and compassion came through when he revealed to her that he feared he wasn't able to help Ren through to the other end and he wanted to return the favor since Ren had helped him.


He has light brown hair, brown eyes, and a slender body. He is mentioned to be fair-skinned and frail, making Kyoko to see him as a princess.

During his childhood people mentioned him to be a miniature version of his father.[3]

Ogata typically dresses in suits or other business casual outfits.


Ogata felt like he was in his father's shadow and believed that all his works were like copies of his father's work. His father is a famous director, who directed the original Tsukigomori.

He changed his name from Hiroaki Date to Ogata with the production of Dark Moon to differentiate himself from his well known father.

Both Ren and Kyoko helped him make Dark Moon a success and help Ogata feel he was his own man outside of his father.


Dark Moon arc

He was first shown talking to President Lory who was reluctant to let Ren star in Dark Moon. He was sobbing to Yashiro about it, until Kyoko joins them, feeling bad about evesdropping.


Haruki Asami

Hiroaki Ogata and Haruki have been close friends for a long time. Haruki was the one who suggested Kyoko to Hiroaki for the role of Mio. Haruki watched the press conference for Dark Moon on TV. She also paid for Ogata's hospital bills after he fainted during the press conference.

Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko was recruited by Ogata for his drama series Dark Moon. Ogata felt that Kyoko could easily outdo the original Mio and was reluctant to let Kyoko turn down the role. Kyoko also noted Ogata being nervous at the press conferance. Kyoko stayed with him in the hospital until he regained consciousness.

Kyoko is usually the one to console him when he was bothered by the work and it's progress. It was because of Kyoko's portrayal of Mio that he regained his confidence and initial motives for directing Dark Moon and transformed into a better and more demanding director to surpass the original.

He knows that both Ren and Sho are in love with Kyoko and wonders whom Kyoko will choose.[4] Kyoko also gave Valentine chocolate for Ogata, a gesture he returned on White Day with a cup and saucer on a tray.

Ren Tsuruga

Ren is aware that both he and Ogata were in the same boat of surpassing their father with the remake. Ren was the one to clue in to what was truly bothering Ogata, and whispered the supportive advice in his ear that he was not his father. This gave Ogata strength and gratitude toward Ren.

At the wrap up party Ren honestly thanked Ogata for providing an opportunity to expand his acting skills. Ren felt the experience helped make him ready to take up a negative role like Cain Heel as BJ.

Sho Fuwa

Ogata shows concern towards Sho since the day they met. On the day when Kyoko was stalked by Reino into the woods, both Ogata and Sho set out to save her. Ogata even stopped Sho from hitting Reino, fearing the aftermath would affect Sho's career.

Hiroko Iizuka

She is the actress who played Mio in the original and was cast for the role of Mio's mother in Dark Moon. She gave Ogata a very hard time by comparing him with his father and choosing a novice actor to portray her former role of Mio. Once Kyoko passed the second acting test, Ogata politely challenged her to create the character to have more impact than original. Later she is seen to have more respect Ogata as a director.

Hirotaka Date

Ogata looks a lot like his father, so much so that he is sometimes mistaken for him. They also have similar interests and talents, enough that Ogata felt constantly in his father's shadow. He developed a nervous complex about not being able to break free from his father's career and image. This drove him to beat his father's best TV drama, Tsukogomori, by doing the modern remake Dark Moon.

Date cheered his son on behind the scenes and celebrated with Kuu Hizuri and Juliena Hizuri when Dark Moon broke his record.


  • (to Sho Fuwa while holding him back) No Fuwa! Nooooooo! If you do that, the public will criticize you, even if you saved Kyoko! Violence never works to your advantage![5]


  • The name Hiroaki means "open, begin" (啓) (hiro) and "writing" (文) (aki).
  • Hiroaki's surname Ogata means "thread" (緒) (o) and "direction, person, side" (方) (kata/gata).


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