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Hiou Uesugi
Hiou Uesugi
Hiou smiling.png
Kanji 上杉 陽桜
Rōmaji Uesugi Hiou
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 11[1] (Start of Year 1)
12 (Start of Year 2)
Status Alive
Relatives Ryotaro Uesugi (Father)

Yuuko Nabatame (Mother)
Kotetsu Uesugi (Grandfather)

Occupation Child Actor
Manga ACT.048
Anime And Then the Door Opens (in the ending song, Eien

Hiou Uesugi (上杉 陽桜 Uesugi Hiou) is a child actor who worked with Kanae Kotonami in a drama. He's 12 years old and is in his sixth year of elementary school.[1] He is a professional actor who comes from a family that has been in showbiz for three generations.


Initially Hiou acted quite spoiled and arrogant, used to getting his own way through his family's prestige. When he was first getting to know Kanae and Kyoko he even threatened to use his family influence against them.

Due to the fact that he looks younger than his real age he resented people who treated him like a kid despite it being illogical for them to be aware that he wasn't a kid. However, after his run in with Kyoko and Kanae, he matures a lot and there is a definite change in his attitude. He shows later that he feels regretful for his actions when they first met and during his time on Yappa Kimagure Rock[2].

He likes to act gruff but actually has a kind heart. Hiou appears to have a crush on Kanae[3], going as far as to protect her from a lecherous co-star who was constantly hitting on her. Hiou even asked his grandfather, Kotetsu Uesugi, to teach her swordsmanship and to be nice to her while doing so. He extends this favor to Kyoko when she asks to be included too.

Kanae gave him homemade "obligation chocolate" (this is the type of chocolate given by Japanese women to co-workers and bosses) on Valentine's Day as thanks for his help during her time filming on the set. Kanae's homemade chocolates are the only chocolates he accepted on Valentines' Day.

Hiou is proud of his family[4] and lineage[5] but is aware that some people may think he is merely riding his parents' and grandparents' coattails, which is exactly what the lecherous co-star accused him of. He is determined to make people acknowledge him for his talent not for his family name.

Hiou is a bit touchy about his height for he is short for his age and thus looks even younger. He becomes even more preoccupied by it when he starts to have a crush on Kanae and resolves to grow taller than her.


Hiou has black hair with dark brown eyes. He has a slim body. He looks younger than his actual age.


Hiou made his debut when he was only two years old. So, he has already been in showbiz industry for a decade.[1]

He is the third generation of the Uesugi family to enter showbiz. Both his grandfather and his parents are well-known actors and have significant influence in the world of showbiz.


Kanae's arc

Hiou runs into Kyoko at LME whilst she's in bad mood. Hiou figures out she must be Kanae's partner due to her Love Me overalls and her barbaric behavior. Kyoko is confused as to who he is but pays attention when he mentions Kanae's name. Hiou is still ranting at her, saying that if she and Kanae continue to use such violent tactics he will use his family's power in the show-biz world to get rid of new debuts like them especially since Kanae used such violence on him. This leaves Kyoko gaping at him in shock.

Coincidentally Hiou is the guest star on Yappa Kimagure Rock. Kyoko recalls asking him why Kanae hurt him however she did it in way that betrayed how young she presumed Hiou. Hiou is touchy about being presumed younger than he actually is and is immediately angered and yells at Kyoko that she'll be fired along with Kanae.

Hiou is on the set on Yappa Kimagure Rock being questioned by Bridge Rock. He answers the questions sullenly and rather too honestly which causes a bit of tension. Hikaru then asks about the bandage on his head which immediately fires Hiou up. He is about to actually name Kanae as the perpetrator when Kyoko as Bo intercedes. Kyoko does this every time it looks like Hiou is about to name Kanae. Hiou guesses correctly that Bo is actually Kyoko because she's the only other person who knew. He then threatens Kyoko using his name and family connections to add weight to it saying he will disappear from the show leaving only a letter with her name so she would take the blame unless she leaves. Kyoko is paralyzed with anger. She refuses to give in to Hiou's threats for she has her professional pride which is to finish a job. Kanae may have hurt him but when she sees a spoiled child having a tantrum she needs to know the reason why and to teach him something called 'hardship'. She then gives him a good scare with her grudges.

Hiou is aghast to run into Kanae at LME and thinks she was summoned by the 'Black Demon's' (Kyoko) telepathy. Kanae asks after his head and Hiou deliberately exaggerates the seriousness of it. Kyoko corrects him saying it's just a scratch having talked to his manager, Matsuda, about it. Kyoko is really happy to see Kanae but Kanae can't be honest about why she came to LME (to see Kyoko) and says she came to see Hiou. Hiou is blushing and happy that Kanae came to see him which Kyoko notices. He says its only natural that she come and see him for she injured him. Kyoko says she heard from Matsuda that she threw Hiou in rehearsal. Kanae suddenly spills it all out that yes she threw Hiou but she thought they were playing and that children always liked that. Kyoko recalls that she threw Maria when they first met too. Hiou gapes at this admission and wonders where she grew up. Smiling Kanae invites them to come along with her.

Kyoko, Hiou and Matsuda all tag along with Kanae to see why she thinks throwing children is okay. Hiou and Kyoko bicker back and forth which ends with Kyoko demanding he show some respect to his senpais. Kanae then points out that although younger, Hiou is their senpai for he has been in show-biz for over 9 years. Kyoko is confused at this until Hiou snaps at her that he's 11 years old which stuns her. Apparently everyone treats him like a kid and is surprised by his age, everyone except Kanae that is.

In the Kotonami family home Kanae plays with all her siblings, nieces and nephews. They all pile on top of her and she throws them off and then they come back for more. Watching this Kyoko and Hiou realize why she thought throwing a child is normal. Acting doesn't start from scratch and one usually bases it on past experiences or they seep into a character without one knowing. Hiou still thinks he was treated like a child by Kanae and she just didn't show her surprise at his age. Kanae tells him his age wouldn't surprise her and demonstrates by grabbing two of her brothers which are apparently both Hiou's age but look younger. Hiou is still adamant that she treated him like a kid for she forced him to eat his fish like an older sister would. Kanae corrects him saying didn't he see her just now, she usually runs away from her siblings. Apparently Kanae stayed in character after the scene was over and that's why she forced him to eat the food. Hiou recalls his mother saying something similar, that sometimes one gets caught up in the role so much it stays with them.

Hiou comes to collect Kanae in order for them both to go back to work on the drama.

Valentine arc

Technicolor Paradise arc

When Corn (who is Ren) asks Kyoko if he could call her by her first name, Kyoko mentioned in her mind that Reino and Hiou have been calling her by her first name, even if they didn't ask for her permission.[6]

Saena's arc

Hiou is also in the Minamori Miyako Series III: Ice Mirror, with Kanae. He is acting as the person who is living with Kanae's character's family.[7]

Hiou sees Kanae staring at Ren intently one day for he had a rather troubled expression on his face and Kanae thought it might be due to Kyoko. Hiou only sees her staring intensely at Ren, a super handsome and tall male actor, and concluded she might have a crush on him.

A Lotus in the Mud arc

When he can Hiou comes to observe Kanae's swordsmanship lessons with Kotetsu. Hiou asked his grandfather to be nice to Kanae therefore Kanae has been enjoying special treatment from Kotetsu who has taken to calling her 'Kana-chan' since his favorite grandson asked him to be nice. Kyoko pervaded on Hiou asking if she too could join in on the lessons however the same courtesy is not extended to her by Kotetsu who thinks the way she asked Hiou was shady. Hiou is obviously doted on by his grandfather who calls him the cutest thing and even sensing Kyoko's smirking thoughts about him.

Hiou hears Kyoko talking about all the things that went on between them when they first met and he tells her to forget them. Consider it all paybacked with the hit on head that he gave her.


  • The name Hiou means "light, sun, male" (陽) (hi) and "cherry blossom" (桜) (ou).
  • Hiou's surname Uesugi means "above, top, upper" (上) (ue) and "cedar" (杉) (sugi).


  • He appears in the anime but only in the closing of the last episode, And Then the Door Opens as a teaser of "What's yet to come".


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