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The reason his number-withheld calls stopped

Him Then ~This Truth He'll Take with Him to the Grave~

Special Side Story

Him Then ~This Truth He'll Take with Him to the Grave~ is the extra chapter from Volume 33.

What is revealed

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed why Ren patted Manaka on her head even though it was out of place within Cain's character.

Extra Chapter Summary

At that time – Cain has decided to take this secret up to the grave. Cain is looking at scared Manaka who is carrying drinks that she bought from a vending machine. Ren sees her as a hamster. Then, he recalls various scenes of squirrel Kyoko.

Cain thinks of kyoko squirell.png

This made him let out a laugh. Cain smiles and pats Manaka’s head. So, that is the fact, and he absolutely won’t say it out. Cain asks Setsuka if he couldn’t pat Manaka’s head.

Kyoko squirell.png

It is because just last night, he told Setsuka that he won’t do anything that would disappoint her and he’ll only live as ‘her me’. He just made such a solemn vow and the words are still ringing in his ear but he did that kind of thing.. Cain < Ren. So..since he has no way of saying it, Cain tells Setsuka that he only has thoughts of protecting an animal. Narration: “Even if my mouth got torn off, I won’t say it!”

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