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Them Then ~The human mandala in the small hours in the morning~

Him Then


Him Then is the extra chapter from Volume 39.

What is revealed

  • In this extra chapter, it is revealed how Kyoko met Todoh when she was younger along with Todoh's real feelings for her mother.

Extra Chapter Summary

Kyoko narrates that she doesn't remember what Todoh looked like when she fist met him as a child but however, she remembers his name.

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A flashback starts to a young Kyoko being greeeted by a man whose face is unseen. He says that he is a co-worker of Saena and is glad to meet Kyoko. The man introduces himself as "Sho Todo". This made Kyoko instantly glitter her eyes up to him because he has the same name with Sho, an apparent name for princes.

However, at the present day, Todoh gives Kyoko his business card and Kyoko looks at it intently. The business card Todoh gave clearly says "Susumu Todoh". Upon remembering the

Todo and kyoko.png

memory, Kyoko said she though his name was Sho. Todoh seems unaffected and he said he lied back then because he was still so young as well. Kyoko says that it's no excuse, a lawyer should not lie to a three year-old. Todoh then explains that he was having a hard time dealing with his feelings back then. Todoh says he hated Kyoko because half of her blood came from a total stranger so he would never allow her to know his real name.

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However, since the other half of her blood came from Saena, he wanted to make Kyoko think he looked cool. Todoh continues to say that he was hoping she'd remember him when she grew up, wanting to leave a cool impression of him. He says that he used to hate his ordinary name but he in the current time, he likes it because in a lot of ways, it is convenient.

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Kyoko then asks if back then, he liked her mother. Although Todoh replied indirectly, he says that he loves complicated women who are very twisted. The more difficult they are, the more fired up he gets. Now that he thinks about it, he wants to further unravel and conquer the puzzle because it just makes him very excited. Kyoko then remembers what happened earlier with her meeting with Katagiri with Todoh.

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After their teary reunion, they had a honest talk. Katagiri tells Kyoko that Todoh's family is elite, they told him that he only had three chances to pass the law bar exams. Todoh apparently failed the first two bar exams on purpose because he's a crude, masochist and pervert so it is better to not get attached to him. Todoh gets annoyed a bit and tells Katagiri to stop because those stuff happened a long time ago.

With that in mind, Kyoko further declares to Todoh that he did flunked his bar exams twice on purpose so he could enjoy the thrill of being driven to the corner. Todoh did not deny and instead, he even smiled at Kyoko. However, Todoh defends himself by saying that he was still young back then.

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Todoh even says that the thunder excites because it keeps him wondering when he'll get struck by lightning.

Due to this, Kyoko believes Katagiri's claim on Todoh even more. Kyoko is shocked at Todoh's character, saying that he hasn't changed at all because he still conquers to her mother, who is complex and knotty. Kyoko then worries if her mother even knows what kind of dangerous man Todoh is.

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