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Hikaru Ishibashi
Hikaru thanking Kyoko as Bo.png
Kanji 石橋 光
Rōmaji Ishibashi Hikaru
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 21
Status Alive
Occupation Musician
Variety show host
Manga ACT.020
Anime The Blue in her Palm
Game PS2 Game
Seiyū Takayuki Sasada
English Voice Actor Kyle McCarley

Hikaru Ishibashi (石橋 光 Ishibashi Hikaru) works as the leader to his band Bridge Rock on their eponymously named variety show, also known as "Yappa Kimagure Rock",  


Hikaru is mostly portrayed as a nice, funny guy, and goes into humorous slumps whenever he is unknowlingly shot down by Kyoko.

He is shown to be extremly shy, especially towards Kyoko and finds it very hard to compliment her on her beauty when she is in her roles and make-up.


He is the shortest of the Bridge Rock group while also being the oldest. He is one year older than Ren Tsuruga.


Bo's arc

Hikaru and the other Bridge Rock members become significant in the plot when Kyoko comes to work with them as the fourth regular member of the variety show Yappa Kimagure Rock, as the chicken mascot, Bo. Other than in this capacity, they have no real presence or function thus far. Throughout this arc the Ishibashi brothers, in particular Hikaru, are seen a lot and interact with Kyoko.

Natsu's arc

Bridge Rock were having a quiz to prep for a the new guest and started having conversation about Akira, a child actress known for her intense acting.

Hikaru continues to explain to Kyoko that the child actress, Akari, got fewer and fewer offers because the roles were too similar to the iconic one she played when she got burned. He gets philosophical that show business is scary when a hit role can also be a disadvantage, and then becomes concerned that Kyoko's experiencing that exact thing. Hikaru and Kyoko go off to get food from the cafeteria and drinks from the vending machines.

When Kyoko was pushed down the stairs, from the bottom of the stairs, Hikaru shouts Kyoko's name in alarm. He attempts to catch her and break her fall, but the self-preservation Kyoko engages in makes her roll down the stairs to his side instead.

Kyoko starts worrying about having shaken up the soda, and Hikaru admonishes her because he's more concerned about finding out how badly she's hurt. When Kyoko finds a piece of paper with scriblings on it, Hikaru wants to know if it belonged to the girl who pushed her, and if Kyoko can tell who it is from the note. He's shocked when Kyoko declines his offer to describe the girl so that they can identify her.

Kyoko all of a sudden transforms into Natsu and says to him while smiling at the note, "I'm going to have so much fun with this. Will you please keep quiet about this? This girl is mine." Hikaru is flustered when Kyoko looks at him with Natsu's expressions and presses a finger to her lips, particularly after she suggests it be a secret between them. Natsu, however, gets shocked out of Kyoko when she spots the destroyed bean paste buns on the stairs. Hikaru slightly recovers, but not completely.

After few days, Hikaru and Kyoko are successfully fetching food while Kyoko explains about the unscripted bullying scene she performed. Hikaru wonders about the girl(Mako) who was troubled.On their way back Kyoko spot someone and moves to see her leaving Hikaru alone.

Psychedelic Caution arc

Hikaru looked really gloomy. Yuusei asked him if his tummy was hurting while Shinichi asked what’s wrong with him. Hikaru then spoke up and said that he wanted to be the first one... to say tell Kyoko that she looked really good on the Dark Moon special interview.

This surprised Yuusei and Shinichi because they said it’s already noon and he still hasn’t told her. Yuusei and Shinichi then both thought that Hikaru was really, really, shy. Hikaru says that when he saw her as her character “Natsu”, she looked really pretty. Yuusei and Shinichi are taken aback again because they both told Kyoko straight away when they saw her. With that, their break is over and they got ready for the live show of Yappa Kimagure Rock.


Ishibashi Brothers

Hikaru and the other members are often called the Ishibashi brothers, but they aren't actually siblings, just band members and co-hosts. Whether Ishibashi is a name belonging to one of the boys and shared by the other two or if all three assumed a fourth family name is unknown, though many assume that Ishibashi is Hikaru's family name and that the other boys share it.

Kyoko Mogami

He has a crush on Kyoko and is often seen to ask her on dates; she has never yet accepted, nor has she realized that he means the offers romantically one-on-one, instead of the whole Bridge Rock group taking her out as friends. Because of this, he is often used as a comic relief, with his failed courtship of Kyoko serving as a long-running gag.


  • The name Hikaru means "light" (光).
  • Hikaru's surname Ishibashi means "stone, volume measure" (石) (ishi) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi/bashi).


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