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Hidehito Kijima
Hidehito Kijima
Kijima complimenting kyoko mogami.png
Kanji 貴島 秀人
Rōmaji Kijima Hidehito
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his early 20's
Status Alive
Occupation Actor
Manga ACT.101

Hidehito Kijima (貴島 秀人 Kijima Hidehito) is an actor who plays Naoyuki in Dark Moon. He also co-stars with Ren Tsuruga on several other projects, such as in commercials and other television projects.


Kijima likes Itsumi Momose and Airi Oohara because of their appearance.

He flirts with pretty women excessively and is shown to be quite a playboy. He is also quite shallow, as he's only interested in Kyoko Mogami after hearing and seeing that she looks like a completely different and more mature person.

The fact that he is not easily dissuaded comes through when he still pursues Kyoko after both missing his chance to see her in Natsu make-up on the Dark Moon set, and her rejection of him when she realizes his asking her to date was serious.

Kijima likes kids as he once played with some child actors on set when he didn't have to. Ren Tsuruga and Yukihito Yashiro commented about how he must like children because he was still able to go on playing as if nothing was wrong after being punched hard when a kid got carried away.


Kuu's arc

Kijima Hidehito looks over at on-lookers of the Dark Moon set, which makes them squeal. Kijima then talks to Ren about the on-lookers at their shoot, and that he is not happy about it because there are some males among them. Ren laughs a little and replies, "You haven't changed." Kijima then looks like he just realized something. He says that when the story develops further, to the point that Mio becomes Mizuki's ally, there will be even more on-lookers, including guys for Mio and Mizuki.

Kijima then stops and thinks that maybe only Mizuki, Momose Itsumi, will get the male on-lookers and not Mio. He adds on that Mizuki is more charming than Mio. Kijima then asks if he knew Airi Oohara's phone number, which Ren replies no to. This shocks Kijima and says "What?! You're her fiancé! Come on!", referring to their characters, Katsuki and Misao. Kijima then asks for Momose's phone number, which Ren replies in the negative to as well. This frustrates Kijima, and he calls Ren useless. Kijima then says that he would just ask them himself. Kijima walks over to Momose to have a chat with her. Yashiro pops up and describes Kijima as "annoying as usual." [1]

Later Kijima is seen playing with a child backstage, and Yashiro is surprised to see him in a positive light. [2]

Violence Mission arc

On the Dark Moon transport bus, Yashiro, Ren, and Kijima are a few of the many cast and crew on board waiting for filming to be ready. They only have permission to shoot on the street for 2 hours. It might mean that Ren has only once chance to do the stunt.

A crew member calls to Ren from the front of the bus, telling him someone's come to see him. Yashiro and Ren move forward and are stunned to see Kyoko-as-Natsu. Others who are on the side of the bus look out through the windows and also exclaim at how mature and beautiful Kyoko is. She's complimented on how well she can transform into different roles. In the back of the bus, Hidehito Kijima hears the description of Kyoko's appearance and moves up the bus to get a look, as he can't imagine her to be mature.

Ren whisks Kyoko away unexpectedly, stunning the crew member who brought her and Yashiro. Yashiro is nonplussed until Kijima shows up behind him disappointed to have missed getting a look at Kyoko. Kijima, who'd never shown an interest in Kyoko before, is now openly discussing what she must have looked like and how his curious heart wants to see it. Yashiro is impressed at Ren's ability to sense Kijima and his motive and get Kyoko out of there. Later, Kijima was shown to be not happy or rather jealous, of how well Ren does his car stunt.

Psychedelic Caution arc

Kijima is in a taxi on the way to the Dark Moon party when he sees Kyoko walking and stops to ask what she is doing. Kijima then walks with Kyoko along with his manager. Kijima laughs when Kyoko says that she is afraid that the security won’t believe Kyoko is part of the cast since she is just dressed in her school uniform. Kijima thinks Kyoko is amusing.

Kyoko was just walking around and following Kijima not knowing where they were going. Kijima questions if she is even listening to him. Appalled that she was being disrespectful to a senior, Kyoko lies and replies that she was listening to every word properly. Kijima then asks if his suggestion is okay, which Kyoko answered yes, not knowing what’s happening—which is that Kijima asked her permission to dress her up for the party out of his own curiosity to see what the other cast members got to see when she visited the set as Natsu. Kijima walks Kyoko into a salon, and tells them that he wants Kyoko to look twice as mature and beautiful. The hairdressers happily agree. Kyoko is picked up by the hairdressers and she is still oblivious to what is happening. Kijima is shocked by the results and his intitial thoughts are: Is this photoshopped? She's a stranger of the same height... [3] When she speaks he confirms it to be Kyoko. She asks him why he did it, and he admits the truth about his curiosity after her visit to the Dark Moon set. Kijama escorts her to the party.

He claims that he has a fondness for Kyoko and says that they should date. Kyoko rejected him by claiming she promised someone that she would save her purity. Even though she rejects him, he keeps chasing her.

Dark Breath arc

While shooting for a coffee commercial, Kijima again co-stars with Ren. While having lunch Kimija finds the taste of the new dessert on the menu to be an excuse to email Kyoko, shocking Yashiro. Ren questions when he exchanged numbers with Kyoko. Kijima explains he got it from her at the second wrap-up party, while Ren was surrounded by female cast members. Kyoko offered her mail ID after hearing from both Oohara and Itsumi that they usually exchange contacts with costars. This leads Yashiro to panic, while Ren smiles his fake gentlemanly smile. Kyoko quickly responds to Kijima's message, as it was her first email from Kijima and a flashy one, at that. The response mail to Kijima is also decorated with emoticons and gifs, which leaves both Yashiro and Ren unhappy. Yashiro realizes that Kijima simply changed his tactics to suit Kyoko, and inwardly claims that Kijima is a professional play boy.

Later on, Kijima unconsciously irritates Ren by asking him what kinds of things Kyoko likes. At that point, Kijima doesn't know that Ren is in love with Kyoko. He casually asks if Ren knows when Kyoko's birthday is. He couldn't find any information from that year's talent directory and both Itsumi and Oohara told him to ask Kyoko herself.

Ren reveals it to be the 25th of December and also adds that he knows it because of his closeness to her. But Kimija deduces it to be a strict kohai/senpai relationship. Ren is finally provoked enough by Hidehito and states that he would rather call Kyoko to listen to her voice than only have her e-mail (which was what Kijima used to text with Kyoko). Kimija is left dumbfounded and suspecting that Ren is actually in love with Kyoko. Kijima is shocked because Ren hides his feelings well.

Unexpected Results arc

With nothing to do on his day off Ren seeks solace in the busyness of the LME Office. Kijima finds him there and proceeds to laugh at his apparent distraction which lead to Ren rapping his head on the door frame. He is also came to express his concern for this is not usual for Ren and wonders if a certain girl is responsible? He offers to listen to Ren rant about this that cocky teen who has snagged her over a glass of sake. Ren refuses but in the end, is bullied into going for a drink with Kijima.

Kijima and Ren wrap up the drinks they agreed to. It seems they were joined by an actress when they got there. Kijima is shocked when he finds out that Ren gives everyone a white day present and worried for Ren when the older actress blatantly shows her interest especially since he has been so distracted lately.


Ren Tsuruga

Ren and Kijima are often co-stars in many series and commercials. Though Ren finds him annoying, he doesn't express it towards him. Kijima often finds Ren to be useless in women's matters as Ren doesn't share any female co-star numbers. Ren was able to sense Kijima's intention when he was coming up from behind him to see Kyoko, which made him dashingly take Kyoko away, surpising Yashiro. Ren was getting increasingly irritated with Kijima for his advances towards Kyoko. After Kijima finds out directly from Ren that he is also interested in Kyoko, it's possible that Kijima decided to back down.


He completely shares Ren's opinion that Kijima is annoying. Yashiro express his annoyance when Kijima comments about Kyoko in a belittling way. He was even more shocked about Kijima's advances towards Kyoko.

Itsumi and Airi

The female cast of Dark Moon seem to not find Kijima as bothersome, since Itsumi and Airi were shown talking to him and gave him their phone numbers.

Kyoko Mogami

Originally Dark Moon costars who didn't often interact. He doesn't think Kyoko is the type who would attract fans to the set. He is totally uninterested in her until becoming very curious after people started talking about how beautiful and mature she was when she visited the Dark Moon shoot location in her Natsu makeup.

Kijima develops an interest in Kyoko after overhearing that she can look older and more attractive. Determined to see this for himself, he unknowingly catches her lost in thought when he offers to pay for dolling her up for a Dark Moon party. They go together as friends, but Kijima looks for more than that. Kyoko laughingly agrees when he asks her out, thinking it is a silly joke, but later turns him down when she realizes he was serious. She continues a friendship with him, however, which includes exchanging emails and phone numbers. Kijima's intention is to still pursue her and wear her down into saying yes. He probably backed down after realizing the intense competition.

Sho Fuwa

Though they never met, Sho is greatly annoyed with Kijima for his advances towards Kyoko. He saw the telecast of the Dark Moon wrap up party, during which Kyoko reveals that for fun Kijima paid to dress her up. Sho sees through to the intention behind Kijima doing this.


  • The name Hidehito means "excellent, outstanding" (秀) (hide) and "person" (人) (hito).
  • Hidehito's surname Kijima means "valuable" (貴) (ki) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).


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