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Haruki Asami
Kanji 浅見 春樹
Rōmaji Asami Haruki
Live-action Name Xu Yongchun (徐永春)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Probably in her late 20's or Early 30's
Status Alive
Occupation Producer for Queen Records
Affiliations Queen Records
Manga ACT.038
Anime The Date of Destiny
Live-action Episode 9 (Live-action)
Seiyū Ayumi Tsunematsu
English Voice Actor Kate Davis
Live Action Actor Miss Chun Shu

Haruki Asami (浅見 春樹 Asami Haruki) is a producer for almost all Sho Fuwa's promotional videos who works under Queen Records.


Haruki is a slender young woman with long, wavy light brown hair that is usually in a ponytail, brown eyes and large breasts.


Haruki is shown to be a kind and professional young woman who acknowledges Kyoko Mogami's acting abilities and Sho Fuwa's musician abilities.

She also seems to care a lot about those who are close to her, like Hiroaki Ogata.


Nothing much is known about Haruki's background, but most people mistake her to be a man until they meet her because of her name.


Prisoner arc

Dark Moon arc

A press conference is being given for Tsukigomori's re-make, Dark Moon. Meanwhile at Queen Records, Haruki watches the broadcast live on TV. She is relieved to see that Hiroaki is calm and confident. She addresses him using his first name so it can be presumed that they know each other. However the Director Ogata faints when the topic of his father, who made the original series, is brought up. Asami freezes in shock, as do some of the actors on stage for they didn't know this. Haruki is immediately concerned for this question is taboo!

Hiroaki Ogata wakes up in the hospital after remembering people's comments about him being a copy of his father. Kyoko Mogami and Asami are there. Asami and Ogata offer to treat her to dinner for waiting with him at the hospital. Kyoko starts to refuse but then Asami threatens to tell Sho Fuwa the new number Kyoko gave her. Asami tells Kyoko that she can update Ren on the Director's condition which she does while remembering Asami's explanation for Ogata's stress. Asami also sees Kyoko struggling to eat with them as if her life depends on it and begins to assure her assumption of Kyoko's relation with Sho.

Valentine arc


Hiroaki Ogata

She and Hiroaki Ogata have been close friends for a long time. It was Haruki who suggested Kyoko to Ogata by showing him Sho's PV. She also paid for his hospital bills and restaurant charges.

Sho Fuwa

She is the producer of almost all his PVs. Sho acts flirtatious towards her which she doesn't mind. She suspects Sho might have dumped Kyoko and asks about his relation to Kyoko. He partially replied, surprising Shoko. Asami also noticed Sho gazing at Kyoko and warns him not to be overwhelmed like Mimori.

Asami always suspects Sho's bad mood to be related with Kyoko. Sho always gets Kyoko's number from her.[1]

Shoko Aki

They seem to have a colleague relationship. They often talk about Sho's behavior in times of trouble, especially his expression of a demon face.

Kyoko Mogami

First she wished to recruit both the Curara CM Commercial girls(Love Me section) for Sho's PV. Since Kanae declined and Kyoko accepted, she was reluctant to accept Kyoko but she was afraid to cross LME.

But Asami soon became in awe of Kyoko's transformation into the angel and again into a devil. She acknowledged Kyoko to be talented actress. She also suggested Kyoko to Ogata for his TV remake, Dark Moon. Kyoko was initially angry after learning that she got the role by Asami's suggestion, but calmed down. Kyoko exchanged phone numbers with Asami—which is how later on Sho is always able to prank call Kyoko even when she keeps changing it.

Asami suspects that Sho and Kyoko had a romantic relationship before, and she was dumped by Sho, which tore her apart.


  • The name Haruki means "spring" (春) (haru) and "tree" (樹) (ki).
  • Haruki's surname Asami means "shallow view, superficial idea" (浅見).
    • It can also mean "shallow" (浅) (asa) and "see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible" (見) (mi) separately.


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