Feast of Horror

Feast of Horror
Kanji 戦慄の宴
Rōmaji Senritsu no utage
Episode Information
Air Date October 12, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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Feast of Horror is the second episode of the Skip Beat! anime series.


Kyoko, now living at the Darumaya (a restaurant she works in), starts looking for an entrance into show business. She chooses L.M.E., Sho's agency's main competitor. Sawara, who manages talent at the company, kicks her out after hearing that she had no interest whatsoever in show business and thinks she is just another crazy fan trying to get closer to their top star. Kyoko pesters him for several days and nights until he finally gives in. Kyoko is then allowed to participate in an audition to get into the company. Soon after, she bumps into the famous actor Ren Tsuruga, L.M.E's most popular actor. After Tsuruga hears that Kyoko's main motive is revenge, he tells her it's useless to join L.M.E. Kyoko does not take this well. Ren momentarily shows a part of his real self in his anger, but immediately turns back to his smiling face. Kyoko angrily decides that Ren is the 2nd person she hates most after Sho. At the audition a notable character is entry number 46, who shocked all of the judges by memorizing a book in a short amount of time during the first stage of the audition. For her talent, Kyoko surprises everyone by coming on to the stage with a daikon (white radish) and a knife.

Episode Summary

Kyoko thanks the Darumaya couple

Kyoko outside of Daruyama

As the episode recaps, she reveals that she was thrown aside by her childhood friend Sho Fuwa like a piece of waste paper.

She is now working and living at Darumaya with the owners. As she is leaving to find a job, Taisho of the Darumaya is unimpressed and leaves grunting without saying goodbye. Kyoko notices this and Taisho's wife reveals to Kyoko that he liked the sincere and serious side of her rather than the generation of girls that appear these days. Kyoko then leaves.

Instead of trying to look for a job, Kyoko was wandering the streets trying to get recruited by the talent scouting agencies. She gets approached by a man trying to sell cosmetics and immediately a flashback of mini evil Sho appears, saying that she is too old-fashioned and that whatever she does will be pointless because she’ll never catch up to him.

She gets angry and starts raving on how she will make a name for herself in showbiz, and will rub it in his face that his pride will be smashed into smithereens. After his pride has been lost, she will visit him and give him a fatal hurricane punch. Whenever she thinks about it happening, it makes her heart beat non-stop. She is raving so loudly on the streets that everyone can hear and see her. After her raving she pedals off on her bike in a rush.


Fuwa Sho with his big head

In another place, Sho Fuwa sneezes. Shoko Aki tells him off telling him that he can’t catch a cold now. Sho replies that it’s not a cold and that someone may be talking about him. Shoko then thinks of Kyoko, who might be cursing him, and Sho jokingly says that Shoko is jealous. Shoko then lectures him that a woman’s anger is very scary, and that Kyoko might really enter the showbiz industry. But Sho then says that he knows Kyoko’s personality and she will never follow her revenge because she will never be able to enter the industry.

Kyoko is now at LME, and is insisting on joining and tries to see the person in charge of LME at reception. Because she doesn’t have an appointment with anyone Kyoko won’t be able to see anyone. The only reason she wanted to join LME is because it’s a rival against Sho's company. As she is having a temper, Sawara passes by to see what's the matter.

With them both sitting down at a table, Sawara and Kyoko start talking about the showbiz. He can see how much energy that she has. First, he asks which section she wants to join, but she is clueless about them. He then starts explaining. Firstly, he asked if she wants to become a singer, but she replies that she prefers listening to songs rather than singing. He then asks if she wants to become an actor but she has no interest in acting. Getting a bit frustrated, he asks her if she wants to enter the Talent section and she replies hates variety portion from the bottom of her heart. He then tries to kick her out, assuming she is trying to join to get close to Ren.

Sawara-san drags Kyoko out

Sawara kicking Kyoko out

When she heard the name Tsuruga Ren, she never realized that Ren was part of the agency until Sawara tells her and Ren appears before them, wondering what was happening. She sinks into despair, thinking that if she joins the industry, she has to get along with him and be cooperative. Suddenly she realizes that she has no point of hating Ren because she wasn't with Sho anymore. But… once they kick her out and tell her never to come back again, she starts hating him again.

After they kick her out, Sawara says that they normally have to go through an audition. Ren’s manager Yashiro then collects Ren for an interview. Sawara then asks Yashiro if that “kid” had been to Ren’s place recently…

At the end of the day, Sawara walks past a window and notices that Kyoko is sitting outside of the agency waiting for someone to appear. Nearby, some staff talk about how Kyoko must be eager to meet the agency’s talents and that she will never meet them because they never go out the front. Ren is also watching outside until Yashiro calls him.

Outside, Kyoko wonders why she is there and thinks that she should try another agency, until mini evil Fuwa appears before her, which flairs up her temper again. She tells herself not to give up her revenge, as entering into LME will allow her to compete with Shotaro’s agency.

Kyoko stalks Sawara-san

Kyoko is waiting..

Sawara is done with his job for the day. As he leaves, he sees that Kyoko is not waiting outside the front. As he expected, he assumed that she gave up and went home. Leaving from the back exit, Kyoko appears from the dark, freaking him out and wondering why she was still there. She answers, telling him that he noticed that everyone leaves by the emergency exit at night, revealing his information, and he gets even more freaked out and walks off. She follows him, begging him to let her join, and he refuses. He then calls the taxi and tells her he’ll never let her join. As the taxi drives off, he sighs, thinking that he got himself involved with a troublesome fellow.. but outside his window, he sees that she is keeping up with the taxi, freaking him and the taxi driver out. Outside his house, she is persistently begging for days and nights until him and his family are on the point of going insane. He gives in and waves the white flag.

At LME, she is thanking him and that she wants to repay his kindness, but he refuses, saying that there’s a reason why he let her join. He explains that there will be an audition to determine whether the person auditioning would be worth grooming for the agency. If they do not gain the approval of the president during the audition process, they will not be allowed to join the agency. She accepts the offer for the audition and asks for the information. The audition is in three days time, and he is surprised that she actually accepted as she will have less preparation time, thinking that it is creepy. As she turns to leave, she bumps into Tsuruga Ren, and drops her papers. Tsuruga seeing from the papers, now knows that Sawara has given in and let Kyoko enter the audition and sighs while shaking his head. Kyoko takes this as a sign from Tsuruga, saying that Kyoko is wasting her time because she’ll obviously will be rejected in the audition. Tsuruga thinks this is amazing, calling her a mind reader, and she replies that his expression was too obvious that it was easy to guess what he was thinking.

Ren looks at Kyoko's audition papers

Ren is so tall!

He then corrects her, saying that it will be a waste of time for the judges who will be in the audition. Calling him rude, Kyoko snatches her audition papers from him. Ren tells her that she won’t be able to survive in the industry just because she likes it. Not even that, he tells her that she doesn’t have any interest in the showbiz industry, yet she wants to get in, and wonders what her target is for joining, if it is because of a challenge for her, or if she simply wants to get famous, or because she wants to become rich in a very short time.

Kyoko then tells him the truth, saying that it is revenge on Fuwa Sho. He then gets a small shock, but this is because he doesn’t know who Fuwa Sho is, and starts checking his phone to see who it is. Her old habit appears, complementing Sho who is a popular musician and that he is a genius. She then gets angry at herself. After finding out who Fuwa Sho is, he tells her that at his level, as long as Kyoko can sing, she’ll be able to get her revenge soon enough, if she passes her audition that is.

As Kyoko says that she will definitely pass, he replies that the audition process is different than how she was persuading Sawara. With an evil glare and aura, he tells her that because she has a lot of guts, she shouldn’t assume that it will get her past everything. Kyoko notices the aura, and wonders what that feeling of hostile is. As she is preparing for her audition, a flashback of Ren appears about her having guts which won’t let her get past everything, but after the hostile comment, he finishes off saying that he won’t be able to reason with her as she won’t be able to understand anyway. Instead she should follow her guts, and charge forward with all her might won’t be a bad idea for her while he is walking off. Kyoko takes this as an insult and starts day dreaming, wondering why he was acting high and mighty. She pins a photo of him up on a wall, talking to the photo and saying that that he shouldn’t be so arrogant. She wonders why there was a feeling of hostility back then. She then goes back to daydreaming that she will become a superstar one day and that Sho and Ren will appear before her begging to be slaves. It is revealed that she also has a bigger picture of Fuwa Sho right next to Tsuruga’s.

As she is laughing to herself, it becomes so loud, that underneath her room, Taisho and Okami of Darumaya are slightly freaked out while trying to sleep.

Kyoko pinches Maria's cheecks

A way of cheering up?

The next day in the waiting room at LME, she sees that everyone who are auditioning to be stars are really beautiful with make-up, while she is becoming dull and her presence fading. She recovers, but knows that the ones with make-up on will look more charming when auditioning, and collapses, thinking that she should’ve used her money earlier to buy make up from when she sold everything and got a new hairdo and new clothes. She thinks of this as Shotarou’s curse and she starts making a voodoo doll to curse him.

Then suddenly a woman yells out while holding a child by the collar, asking whose child this is and wondering why she is here as the audition area is a battlefield. She then notices Kyoko sitting there sewing and yells, while pushing the child into her. Kyoko claims that it is not her child, and the woman responds that she knows, but Kyoko is sitting there like a housewife which is distracting, annoying and vexing, and for them to both disappear.

Suffering, Kyoko wonders why she has to be talked down by someone she just met. She takes the imaginary arrows that were punctured into her and aim for the woman, thinking that she cannot lose to her, but then she hears the women trying to stop the child from crying.

The women are surrounding the child asking where her mother/sister is. But then, the women are shocked as Kyoko walks up and pulls the child's face, saying that did she think that when a girl cries, someone would definitely come and rescue her, and the child becomes terrified.

In the judging room, Kyoko's application appears before Sawara with an unhappy photo, and he wonders why she couldn’t take a better picture. Sawara then starts to panic, wondering if she will not get through the first stage, as he had referred her to the others to let Kyoko join. Not only that, Kyoko will curse him and his whole generation that will follow him because she did not get through. The audition starts and the people auditioning go into the next room, while the child appears before a curtain smiling evily.

Kyoko ready to do her talent

In the audition room, all the section heads are presented, and Sawara tries to avoid Kyoko's eyes. Kyoko then notices that the most important person, the president, wasn’t even in the room. But then a large bang appears along with dancers and instrument playing in a Mexican fashion, who are presenting the President, Takarada Lory. The participants are then told to introduce themselves followed by a talent.

In another place at a shoot, Ren appears, who knows that that the audition had started. Yashiro is surprised that Ren knows, since it’s so rare that Ren is concerned about the audition. He asks if Ren is interested in a participant there, and Ren replies that he is in some way, while thinking of Kyoko and wonders if her ridiculous motive such as revenge will get her far.

As the audition progresses, it is revealed that, person number 46, the woman who harassed Kyoko and the child earlier on, is able to memorize the whole script in a few minutes. Her name is revealed to be Kotonami Kanae, and she is most confident about herself becoming a major star.

Kyoko, number 61, also left a deep impression on the other women joining, who are finding it funny. Kyoko reveals to the agency that the only reason she wanted to join LME is so she can catch up to Fuwa Sho from their rival agency, Akatoki.

The other people auditioning thinks that she won’t be able to pass because of that. Sawara, who finds out her motive just then, sinks into despair and panics. The other head sections are unimpressed as well, but the president thinks that there is a deeper meaning behind her actions and is interested in her.

Kyoko then appears before them to present her talent with a knife and a radish, and everyone is shocked wondering why.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • It is a known superstition that when you sneeze, it means somewhere, someone is talking about you.
  • The information that Kyoko revealed is that Takenori Sawara is Head of the Talent Section, was born on the 10th of March, with a AB bloodtype, and is currently 41 years old.
  • The size of the photos on Kyoko’s wall indicates her level of hatred towards them.
  • Kyoko’s daydream of Tsuruga and Fuwa becoming her slaves is actually the folktail of Momotaro – the peach boy.


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