Skip Beat! Extra Chapters or more known as Skip Beat! Omakes are included in several published volumes of the manga series. These are extra chapters that contain stories related directly to the main story. They reveal trivia and/or additional information about the main story.

List of Skip Beat! Omakes

From Volume Extra Chapter Title Preview
6 A Scary True Story You Don't Know Lory and maria at the auditions
9 A bit of a leftover story A kyoko voodoo doll
11 A scary true story you don't know: Yashiro Yukihito (25) edition Ren and yashiro walking together
(From Skip Beat! Fanbook - Love Me!)
Lucky Number "25" After ~Sweet Bitter~
24 Valentine's Mystery: Yukihito Yashiro Edition
25 Valentine's Mystery: vs. Reino Edition
26 Valentine's Mystery: Kyoko Mogami edition
31 The reason his number-withheld calls stopped
33 Him Then ~This Truth He'll Take with Him to the Grave~
(set after ACT.203)
Special Side Story
34 Dream Contact
35 Them Then
38 Them Then ~The human mandala in the small hours in the morning~
39 Him Then
(set after ACT.265)
Special Extra Chapter
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