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Erika Koenji
Erika Koenji
Kanji 高園寺 絵梨花
Rōmaji Koenji Erika
Live-action Name Fei Lihua (費梨花)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Relatives Katsumasa (Father)
Occupation Actress
Manga ACT.024
Anime Her Open Wound
Game PS2 Game
Live-action Episode 7 (Live-action)
Seiyū Atsuko Enomoto (Japanese)
Sandra Vandroux (French)
English Voice Actor Cristina Vee
Live Action Actor Angus Chang

Erika Koenji (高園寺 絵梨花 Koenji Erika) is a childhood classmate of Kanae Kotonami whom she has a one-sided rivalry towards.

Erika also appears in the Skip Beat! PS2 Game.  


Erika has straight dirty blonde hair that has bangs hanging over her eyebrows and brown eyes.

She usually wears high-class clothes, indicative of her background.


Erika is shown to be extremely competitive. Erika thinks she can have everything by using money, as shown when she bribes every director/producer with her family's money so she can get the role she wants [1]. She is quite arrogant, conceited and spoiled, used to everything going her way. Despite using money to bribe her way into roles, Erika is certain that she is the most talented. She doesn't take defeat well for when she loses to Kyoko Mogami and Kanae Kotonami in the Curara CM casting she resorts to using violence and other underhanded methods to try and get Kanae fired from the CM.

According to her servants, after her encounter with the Love Me members, she never used her family name as a trump card. In order to hide her identity, she refused to take her servants with her to the audition. She wanted to use her own strength in getting the role, keeping her words to Kanae.

After the accident, she becomes passive and unresponsive to everything as if she had completely given-up on her life.


Erika was born to a very wealthy and well-known business company, the Koenji Group and Katsumasa Koenji (Erika's father) [2] is a business interpreter [3].

Erika with her bodyguards serving her.

Erika has three bodyguards/servants (named Todo, Sayou & Sakazaki) who follow her around everywhere and do her every bidding. They are as amoral as Erika herself, willing and eager to comply to her demands no matter how wrong, underhanded or illegal they are.

In third grade, she was in the same class as Kanae Kotonami and they both signed up for a lead role in a play. The teachers held an public vote to the students who should get the role, which Kanae won in the end. Erika got completely jealous of Kanae because of this, and uses her family's wealth to block Kanae's effort to succeed in her path in Showbiz. In middle school, Erika prevented Kanae from entering into drama club.

She targeted Kanae through out their years together, using her money and privilege to prevent Kanae from ever acting. Kanae who was desperate to get away from her asked the teachers to keep her high school preference a secret however, Erika orders her bodyguards to break into the school to find out where Kanae is going. Despite this attempt, Kanae was able to get her high school application by sneaking into school in the middle of the night and successfully hiding it. She made sure Erika never found her application and as a result, Kanae was able to lose Erika by the time they entered high school. It is unknown why Erika had this fixation on Kanae but perhaps realized that Kanae is the only person talented enough to compete with her so she chose her as her rival. Unknown to Erika, Kanae doesn't view her as a rival; instead, she views Erika as a person who can't stand her being in the spotlight.

Erika can also dance professionally at classical ballet [4]. Her hobbies include horse-riding and travelling around the globe [5].


Curara CM arc

Kyoko Mogami turns up at the Curara CM audition and is surprised to see Kanae Kotonami being bullied by the ignorant girl who hit her with the door. Apparently ever since Kanae beat Erika out for a role in the third grade she has had it in for her. Erika mocks Kanae saying she should know her true capabilities as she's always been a lead actress since elementary school and Kanae a nameless supporting cast.

Erika is waited on hand and foot by her three handsome servants. Complaining about waiting at this dull audition and how tiresome the process is. Her servants praise her skills and talents which are better than everyone’s but unfortunately she has to go through this tiresome process. It is revealed that Erika is an heiress of the Koenji Group, a large financial group.

The first round of the audition starts and Erika launches her evil scheme by leaping gracefully in front of everyone whilst announcing her name. She quickly charms the judges with her looks, skills, and, of course, her connections however the director is absent. Kanae tells Kyoko its always the same for she always uses her name to get what she wants not her talent. Kyoko encourages Kanae not to give up and to start fighting back for money can’t buy talent. Unbeknownst to them the director is listening in on their conversation.

The second round of the audition begins, the director has decided two people will qualify. Kanae throws the gauntlet at Erika who is surprised that Kanae is finally responding to her taunts. She takes up the challenge furious that she would dare go against her. In her usual pattern Erika attempts to bribe the director into giving her the role however he refuses money sending her the message that she must get in using her talent. Erika is outraged that he would refuse but is still determined to beat Kanae. Throughout the second round Erika attempts to sabotage Kanae, first demanding that Kyoko and Kanae be separated for they have an ‘advantage’ both being from LME and then stealing Kyoko’s idea. Unfortunately both attempts fail and only make Kanae look better.

Kyoko and Kanae both are chosen for the Curara CM and Erika swears revenge. Overhearing the director telling them he will not suffer unprofessionalism such as getting hurt etc. Erika resolves to harm Kanae as badly as possible so that she will be fired from the CM. Kanae and Kyoko wander the streets bonding as friends unaware they are being targeted by Erika and her henchmen. However every time Erika or her henchmen get close to causing Kanae harm, Kyoko whips her out the way as if she has a sixth sense.

Erika and her servants finally trap Kanae where Erika threatens to scar her face using a diamond ring. Kanae is disgusted by her for she always uses such deceitful methods to get what she wants that’s why she never improves as an actor. Only when she stops using her name and connections and starts climbing up from the bottom will she ever acknowledge Erika as a potential rival. Erika accepts Kanae’s challenge and Kanae tells her she'll be waiting.

A Lotus in the Mud arc

Erika reappears in ACT.238 and it seems she that has met some misfortune on the set of the same drama that Kanae Kotonami and now Kyoko Mogami are auditioning for: A Lotus in the Mud. She is the mystery lady in the wheelchair that holds Mizue-chan (the ball).

At first Kyoko doesn't recognize Erika at all and is confused at first at how she seems to know her, Kanae and the Love Me Section. Erika changed a lot; hair is shorter, her face is haggard and her whole demeanor gives off a completely defeated aura. This is so unlike how Erika used to be that the only reason Kyoko is able to place her is due to the three servants behind her.

Seeing the wheelchair, Kyoko wonders if she suffered an injury that may have caused the change. Her servants are very worried about her and attempt to get a reaction out of her by teasing Kyoko the same way they did back at the Curara CM. However, Erika remains silent.

Erika surprises everyone by speaking and requesting that Kyoko not tell anyone she is in this state, especially "that girl." Kyoko guesses she means Kanae. Erika slaps Mizue-chan off her lap towards Kyoko and spins her chair around whilst telling her to make sure she keeps it secret. Koenji was assisted or helped by one of her servants, to push her wheel chair while the remaining two stayed behind with Kyoko.

Kyoko wonders why she went out of her way to return Mizue-chan; otherwise Erika would never have seen her. Maybe she had something else she wanted to say?

Later, her servants performed a dogeza in away of requesting Kyoko's help to avenge her and explain to Kyoko that the one seeking revenge for Momiji role is actually them on Koenji's behalf. She was in the original audition and won the role of Momiji with her own strength with out using money or her family connection. She apparently suffered a terrible accident during it. She fell onto the road without warning. The car coming toward her dodged her but unluckily her bag got caught under its low bumper and she was dragged along by it. The part about the person being unable to walk was not an exaggeration, either. Erika can't walk, although not due to her injuries—which are pretty mild considering what happened to her—but due to psychological trauma from the incident. This may be because it wasn't an accident, the passenger of the car stated that it looked as if Erika had been pushed onto the road by someone.[6]

This incident is why the Momiji audition is being redone, for there wasn't enough proof to name a suspect. As a result the Koenji Group threatened to pull their sponsorship of A Lotus in the Mud if the audition wasn't redone.[7] Erika's servants have a suspect in mind, another participant of the audition, but Erika refuses to talk about it. She was indifferent toward the news of a second audition for the Momiji role.

The servants fear that even though the audition is being redone, it's only being done in name so as not to lose the Koenji Group support and "that woman" will secure the role of Momiji anyway. "That woman" is involved with one of the production members, so she has an inside influence [8].

After hearing the back story, Kyoko concludes that Koenji wanted Kyoko to audition for Momiji but couldn't, as she didn't want to lose her pride by asking her rival's help.


Kanae Kotonami

Erika treats Kanae as her "rival" one-sidedly. Whilst Kanae treats Kyoko Mogami as her rival, something that both Kyoko and Erika aren't happy about. Erika is extremely envious of Kanae, mostly of her acting abilities. She insults Kanae every time she gets a chance, while Kanae doesn't even bother to stand up to her because Kanae thinks everyone in the world only cares about money, until Kyoko made her realize that money isn't the only thing important in the world.

When Kanae and Kyoko got the role for the Curara Commercial, Erika was raged. She did not want Kanae to get the role so she went as far as ordering her bodyguards to try injure Kanae's face so she won't be able to shoot the commercial. Unfortunately, Erika's plan did not work, but she did not give up. She showed up in front of the Kanae and Kyoko, trying the injure Kanae herself instead. Kanae stops her and finally confronts her, telling her that she will never consider Erika as her rival if Erika doesn't "step down from her beautiful world" and go through the same trials as she has - meaning that Erika needs to stop using her family's wealth and name to get roles and rely solely on her talent.

Kyoko Mogami

Erika doubt Kyoko's abilities to act, like many people including the Curara commercial's producers. Erika did not believe Kanae when she said that she regards Kyoko as her rival and not her. Erika is confused by Kanae who defends Kyoko when she insults her (Erika dismisses Kyoko as a talentless commoner) but then in turn insults Kyoko herself. Kanae says she is weird, unpredictable and even she doesn't know what Kyoko will do.

Curious about the Kanae's rival, Erika observes Kyoko while she is thinking of a improvisation scene for her and Kanae, Kyoko thought of an idea (drinking from the same bottle), which Erika copied and then later showed it to her partner from the auditions.

According Ushio, though the showdown was between Kanae and Erika, the one who had the chance of beating Erika was Kyoko. Seemingly Kanae also felt that Kyoko was the reason this time for her to stand up against Erika, while she ran away from her in the past.

Despite their former encounter, Erika willingly approached Kyoko to ask something, but then brushed it off as a reminder to not tell Kanae about her condition. Kyoko was left to be curious about what Erika really wanted from her.

Ushio Kurosaki

Ushio is the Curara commercial's director. Erika tried to bribe him to give her the role for the commercial by giving him money, which Director Kurosaki refuses. Director Kurosaki caught Erika eavesdropping on Kyoko while she was thinking of an improvisation scene, and realizes later that Erika copied Kyoko's scene.

Sayou, Sakazaki & Todo

Erika relies on her servants to do her every bidding, to provide praise and support in addition to acting as her servant/bodyguards. Her three servants are probably the closest thing she has to friends despite the relationship being unequal (master and servant). She relies on them to do difficult task (such as injuring Kanae), delegates them chores (bribing the director) and requires their presence when she is angry or upset. Considering her life as an heiress they are probably the one constant thing she may have had in her life for her parents are probably busy with work. The servants in turn really seem to care about Erika for they are very disturbed about the change the accident brought about in her and feel at fault for not being there to protect her [9].


  • The name Erika means "picture, painting" (絵) (e), "pear" (梨) (ri) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
  • Erika's surname Koenji means "tall, high" (高) (ko), "garden, park, plantation" (園) (en) and "temple" (寺) (ji).


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