Episode 5 (Live-action)
Episode 05
Live-action Episode 5
Episode Information
Air Date 15 January 2012
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the fifth episode from the live-action series.


Due to her childhood training, Gong Xi performs brilliantly, despite her ankle injury. Both she and Li Er have epiphanies about themselves, neither of which are pleasant, but both are character-building. Having had a type of success, Gong Xi is given her next task by the president of LME himself, and it's for none other than his own granddaughter.

Episode Summary

Li Er is acting out her scene with Lian but she spaces out while staring at him and forgets her lines. The director calls “cut” and sends her away, even though she has not fully finished acting out her scene. The director scolds her for not concentrating, but she keeps on making up excuses. Gong Xi is up next. She mocks Li Er and tells Li Er that she will finish her task which is to keep her safe.

Of course, Li Er thinks that Gong Xi cannot do any better than her. Gong Xi goes on set and waits for the filming to begin with Lian. She kneels in an awkward position and Lian tells her that if she is planning to film in that position, she is underestimating the director’s artistic sense.

She tells him that she will kneel properly when filming begins. She recalls what Shang’s mother had taught her – in front of customers, you always have to retain your smile even if you feel uncomfortable, you cannot show it in your appearance.

Filming begins and director shouts, action. Gong Xi slowly positions herself into the proper kneeling position. Lian, Li Er, and the director are especially surprised. Gong Xi tells herself that the Lian sitting in front of her is a customer.

Gong Xi prepares the tea ceremony like a professional, receiving many praises from the crew. Lian drinks his tea and with one look towards Gong Xi, he is able to bring out her true reaction to the situation. Gong Xi is upset that she could not act out the expression that she intended herself, but was manipulated into one by Lian's acting. Lian is acting much more serious towards Gong Xi than he had toward Li Er. Even Li Er is picking up the mesmerizing power that Lian is sending through. Gong Xi begins to fight with her acting towards Lian, the Director realize GongXi's determination but consider it futile, as Lian is acting seriously towards her. Lian hijacked Gong Xi’s acting even though she knew ahead what his line was going to be, she should have acted with astonishment but instead, she unknowingly took Lian’s lead.

The director greatly and genuinely praises Gong Xi for her expression which ticks Li Er off. Li Er stalks off saying that she can do that expression, too. She gets stopped by Manager Du asking her if she really could do that expression. Manager Du tells her that Gong Xi’s acting came out because of Lian. Regardless of whether it is her or Gong Xi, if it isn’t because of Lian's seriousness, they could not have reacted the way that they did. Manager Du tells her that Lian took Gong Xi so seriously because she has the right attitude with her, choosing to act out the scene even though she is injured.

Li Er asks Manager Du what she can do to make Lian act seriously towards her. He asks her if she was the one hurt today, would she be like Gong Xi and act on surpassing all the pain or would she choose to cry loudly to be sent to the hospital and hold up the filming for another week?

Lian looks over at Gong Xi with a face of concern. Gong Xi is covered with sweat all over her face. The director sees this and immediately shouts “cut” and rushes over to Gong Xi. Li Er finally realizes that she has lost the persistent attitude towards work that she once had. She recalls that when she first started singing, she would not delay the recording even when she had a fever.

The director tells Gong Xi that she can get off set now that the filming is done. Gong Xi refuses citing that the customer is still here. Customer…customer… The director realizes that she is seeing Lian as a customer. He tells Lian to quickly get off the set. Lian, retaining his professionalism, has to bow before stepping away – even in such a situation. After Lian gets off, Gong Xi bows to him before she falls and faints.

Li Er approaches the director begging for another chance. She realizes that what she has to do to make Lian act serious with her is to change her attitude. The director is pleased.

Gong Xi has woken up, gotten herself some crutches, and is happily eating. Li Er’s manager managed to finally arrive and wonders if Gong Xi blames Li Er for taking her role. Gong Xi tells her that it is only right because she fainted in the middle of a filming, but she is glad that Li Er is working hard to memorize her script. Lian, Manager Du, and the director are talking about Gong Xi’s role being taken away from Li Er. The director tells them that this was the result that he was expecting.

Lian points out that the fact that the director had only wanted to use Gong Xi to make Li Er change her attitude. The director tells them that he had never intended for Gong Xi to accept Li Er’s challenge. Gong Xi is overly satisfied that Li Er gave her a full 100 points for fulfilling her task of protecting her. Li Er takes back some of her meanness towards Gong Xi, but not quite all. Li Er’s manager asks if she really doesn’t blame Li Er at all for taking her role.

Gong Xi tells her that she doesn’t blame Li Er but that she is mad at herself for being tricked by Lian. The manager tells her that she should be happy that she got to work with such a big superstar even though she hasn’t debuted yet. She stares at Lian and when Lian turns his head toward her, she tries to pretend that she wasn’t staring at him.

Manager Du discovers that the director is compensating Gong Xi by helping her take some professional pictures, which happen to be at the restaurant that Lian and he are in. Manager Du asks him if he is going to go and see but Lian tells him that he has no interest. Manager Du says that when Lian was working with Gong Xi, he had on an expression that he rarely sees.

Lian tells him that he was just reacting to Gong Xi’s perseverance. Manager Du goes to see the photoshoot. Gong Xi is so happy that she gets to take a souvenir picture. The director starts to talk to Gong Xi regarding the role but Gong Xi tells him that she is happy that she lost to Li Er. She also says that if she got the role, she would definitely look down on herself because she has no acting talent and was tricked by Lian. The director tells her that a true professional actor should be able to bounce off their fellow actors. Lian has the ability to bring out his fellow actor’s natural reaction. Manager Du realizes that Gong Xi actually brought out the best of Lian because of her perseverance. Gong Xi does not understand what the director just said to her and thinks that he is saying that she is a fool who has been tricked. She does not want to be a spoon bent at someone’s will.

Lian comes in and points out that there are paparazzi wanting to interview Gong Xi after the news of the challenge between her and Li Er went out.

Manager Du suggests that he and Lian should send Gong Xi back to her room so the paparazzi don’t bother her. Manager Du asks her where she learnt all the tea ceremony. She tells him that she learnt it all when she was little. Manager Du thought she went to a bridal school because girls are taught all these skills to become an ideal bride.

Gong Xi has an epiphany and falls down because she realizes that Shang’s mother taught her all of this to become a bride: Shang’s bride. She further realizes that everything that she had learned was for Shang. Lian offers her his hand to help her up. She looks at him and discovers that she has a lot of things to learn from him in the future. She accepts and they walk off leaving Manager Du wondering what has happened between the two.

They safely escort Gong Xi to her room. The make-up artist comes in, wanting to take off Gong Xi’s make-up. Gong Xi immediately refuses and runs away from the make-up artist. Lian quotes a slogan from one of Shang’s beauty commercials and reminds Gong Xi that if her skin rots, she will lose to him. Lian and his manager take their leave. Lian has told the make-up artist to give Gong Xi some magic. The make-up artist has to resort to tying Gong Xi up in a chair to stop her from running away. Gong Xi looks in the mirror and finds her hair in a lot of ponytails. So this is the “magic” that Lian has given her.

Gong Xi screams. The two poor security guards had transferred themselves to such a remote place yet they still hear Gong Xi. 

The next day Manager Du and Lian meet Gong Xi on their way out to workout. Lian calls her "Magical Head" and she promises that she will give him a magical head one day. Manager Du asks her how her foot is. Lian is concerned about how serious it seemed last night. She tells them that her fall wasn’t because of her foot but the mention of the tea ceremony reminded her of the man that she hates the most. He asks her if all her acting yesterday was for the revenge of Shang. She answers him that it was. He asks for her stamp book…and gives her -10 points. In the van, Gong Xi screams out while going past the two security officers. The security officers hear her once again. 

The president is proud that Gong Xi was the one who ended up changing Liu Li Er’s attitude. He decides that she can help with another problem – his granddaughter Maria who has been interrupting the play at the training school because she doesn’t like the script. Gong Xi goes to look for acting classes and bumps into Jiang Nan Qing who is also looking for acting classes. Nan Qing has been assigned to join the Love Me department after she failed to show proper expressions regarding the script at the last step of the audition process. Nan Qing refuses to join the Love Me department once she discovers that Gong Xi is a part of it. However, Gong Xi’s demons come out and they prevent her from leaving. In the lift to the training school, Gong Xi tells Nan Qing that they need to acquire enough points to debut by going on missions.

Gong Xi goes into a room at the training school to have the president explain to her via intercom what he wants her to do and what is setting Maria off, all while she tries to find where the president’s voice is coming from. The president tells her it is related to the death of Maria's mother two years ago. Maria really likes Gong Xi, and he hopes that she can help his granddaughter. Gong Xi agrees to help under the condition that she can go to the acting classes for free.

Meanwhile, Nan Qing is mocked by the other students at the acting school. She acts a scene from the script, playing both the father and daughter role. The other actors are impressed by her. The president and Gong Xi arrive and Nan Qing goes all sweet-talk in order to gain the president’s favor.

Maria interrupts the play and complains about it. How is everyone so forgiving towards the girl who killed her mother, even her father is so forgiving? The sister wouldn’t be so forgiving. Gong Xi agrees with Maria. The other actors challenge Gong Xi to act out how the sister should be feeling. Gong Xi is backed into a corner and has no choice but to accept this even though she has no idea of what to do.

Maria is worried what would happen to her if she doesn’t do well this time. The president asks his granddaughter why she likes Gong Xi so much. Maria says that Gong Xi is the only adult to treat her like an adult. Maria recalls overhearing her father accusing Maria of killing her mother because she wanted her to come back to celebrate her birthday. Maria blames herself for killing her mother.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Liu Li Er
  2. Dun He Lian
  3. Director Xin Huan
  4. Crew members
  5. Gong Xi
  6. Shang's mother
  7. Manager Du
  8. Liu Li Er's manager
  9. Make-up artist
  10. Security Guard #1 and #2
  11. Luo Li
  12. Manager Shen
  13. Jiang Nan Qing
  14. Apparitions
  15. Training school students
  16. Maria

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