Episode 4 (Live-action)
Live-action Episode 4
Episode Information
Episode 04
Air Date 8 January 2012
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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This is the fourth episode from the live-action series.


Shang unsuccessfully challenges Lian. Gong Xi is given an assignment from famous idol Liu Li Er to help her on set, but the entire thing is a set up to humiliate her and make her fail. Fortunately, the tables turn on Li Er, whose prima donna attitude has been putting everyone off. Gong Xi gets the chance to compete for Li Er's part in front of all the cast and crew, which includes Lian.

Episode Summary

The flower stand has landed in front of Lian. Shang says to Lian, “I am really sorry. My legs are too long. If I noticed earlier that Dun He Lian was here, then I think I would have been more careful.”

Lian responds with, “I understand. That happens to me a lot too. People who have long legs are like that, always accidentally kicking things.” He then kicks the flower stand back to Shang before leaving.

Shang stops the flower stand and watches as Lian leaves with his manager. As soon as Lian leaves, he shows his soft side and rubs his sore foot. His fans stare at him and he keeps saying “ja hey.”

At the car, Manager Du asks Lian if he was purposely teaching Shang a lesson. Lian smirks and says that Shang was the one who provoked him. Manager Du agrees, but notes that Shang is the first person in showbiz to openly challenge Dun He Lian. Lian smiles and tells Manager Du that he has suddenly realized something. Manager Du leans in to hear and Lian tells him that recently Manager Du talks too much and is a busybody. Getting the car, Manager Du plays along and says that since he is a busybody and needs to learn to stop, he won’t tell Lian information about that girl. Lian pretends not to care, and then takes off driving crazily, making Manager Du tell. 

Gong Xi not only removed all the bubble gum from the floor, but she also polished the floor. She has high hopes that she will definitely get more points for this. Some people come in and they slip. Manager Shen is showing some guests around. She tries to stop the guests from slipping but ends up slipping herself. She gets a scolding from her supervisor and only receives a mere 10 points. This cancels out the -10 points that the famous actress gave, meaning she is back to square one. Gong Xi sees this as an opportunity to start anew.

Gong Xi hears music so she decides to follow it to its source. She finds Liu Li Er, an LME singer-actress, playing the piano. As Liu Li Er is walking towards Gong Xi, she imagines her as a princess. Li Er talks to her in a cocky attitude but Gong Xi disregards this, thinking it is the behavior of a princess. Er discovers that Gong Xi is part of the Love Me department so she gives her another task.

Gong Xi accompanies Li Er to her job. During the ride, she hears Li Er complaining about the sun. She remembers seeing Li Er dressed all covered up and using an umbrella so she concludes that Li Er must be allergic to the sun. Gong Xi compliments what a diligent person Li Er is even though she has such a weak body. Li Er’s manager agrees that Li Er has a weak body but doesn’t agree that the sun is making her weak. Li Er hates Gong Xi in her mind and believes that Gong Xi’s enthusiasm for protecting her is fake and that she is only doing this to earn points.

The van breaks down and the driver tells them that they will have to walk it because the van will take some time to fix. The manager informs Li Er and Gong Xi that the work site is not that far away, definitely walkable. Li Er refuse to walk but her manager coaxes her by telling her that Lian is waiting for her and if she keeps delaying the filming, Lian will have a bad impression of her.

Five minutes into the walk Li Er complains that she is tired and can’t do intense exercise. So Gong Xi has to piggyback her. Li Er finally makes it to the work site – without Gong Xi. She announces her entrance and apologizes for being late; however, she receives no reaction from anybody. She goes up to the director and tells him that her manager had to stay behind because the van broke. The director asks Li Er if she walked here all alone and she tells him that she did.

Li Er’s make-up artist praises her for walking up the mountain all by herself under the shining sun. Li Er recalls the truth of what actually happened: Gong Xi sprained her ankle while carrying her. Li Er left her, telling her that she will find people to come and rescue her, but little did Gong Xi know that Li Er just abandoned her.

Gong Xi tries to drag herself to the work site. She wonders if Li Er really just abandoned her. Suffering from the sun, she starts to hallucinate about Shang and her mother, who both turned their back on her. She is lying on the ground when Lian arrives and asks her if she is sunbathing. She in turn asks him if Li Er sent him to come and rescue her. Lian tells her that he wasn’t sent by Li Er; he just happened to be walking by. He realizes that her leg is hurt and asks Gong Xi about it. She denies it, but when Lian touches her foot she screams in pain. Lian carries her in his arms, "the princess-style," to the work site while she protests during the entire trip to be let down.

Lian walks in with Gong Xi while Manager Du is talking with Li Er. Gong Xi is still protesting to be let down. Before he lets her down, he tells her, “Seeing as you were hurt, I helped you. It’s okay if you don’t apologize but do you have to be so vengeful?”

She replies, "Why would I need to appreciate your sympathy? I bet your motive is to hurt me not save me.”

"Why are you so full of negative thoughts? After all, I would never hurt an injured person.” Lian asks Manager Du to take a look at Gong Xi’s foot before leaving. Li Er exits and complains to herself that every time she passes Lian all she gets is an acknowledgement, and yet he carried Gong Xi like that. Gong Xi feels some negative vibes and looks around but doesn’t notice that Li Er is the one sending the vibes.

Before they can start filming, it starts to rain. Li Er is pacing up and down the hallway hoping that Lian will look her way. When he doesn’t, she takes the initiative to approach and say hello to him. Instead of a greeting, he tells her that he has in fact been waiting for a very long time and very impatiently. After hearing this, she stalks off in a much worse mood than before. The director overhears their conversation and tells Lian that half the reason she accepted this film was because of him and that maybe he could be nicer to her. Lian answers that if he is nice to her, she will never realize her problem and she will never know the director’s painstaking efforts. The director agrees.

Manager Du is wrapping Gong Xi’s foot and she calls him a good person. He asks if she thinks Lian is a good person since he carried her all the way to the work site, or does she hate him? She tells him that she doesn’t dislike him, but he dislikes her. He has been very discouraging towards her from the day she stepped into LME. Manager Du tells her that in the future when she gets the chance, she will slowly understand him. He also tells her that Lian is very devoted to work so those who work with him feel extremely pressured. He suggests that Gong Xi go to the hospital to get her foot checked out but she refuses because she has to protect Liu Li Er.

An angry Li Er is stalking off. Gong Xi goes up to Li Er to find out what is wrong only to face the negative vibes from before and Li Er’s hatred towards her. Meanwhile, Manager Du pretends to be on the phone to avoid the awkward situation. Hearing all of Li Er’s hatred towards her, Gong Xi's vengeful spirits come out once again. Instead of giving in to them, Gong Xi whisks her spirits away and puts on a charming face. She tells Li Er that her job is not finished until Li Er finishes her job safely. Li Er remarks that everybody can wait then. Gong Xi calls Manager Du for his help. They face Li Er with cunning faces.

The crew are relaxing themselves when Manager Du and Gong Xi drag Li Er to the set. Lian asks Gong Xi why she is not at the hospital getting her foot checked out. Jealousy kicks in to Li Er and she pushes Gong Xi down, saying the injury is all an act to get Lian’s attention. Lian and the director both ask her to apologize and everybody else just looks at Li Er with a mean face. Li Er doesn’t apologize, so the director apologizes to Gong Xi for causing trouble for her.

The filming starts and Gong Xi watches from the side. Lian brings a chair for Gong Xi to sit on but she rejects his offer. She moves further away from him and tells him that if Li Er sees them standing too close, she will get angry. Lian tells her that he overheard what Li Er said about her working only to flatter people. Looking at everyone around, he tells Gong Xi that each member of the cast and crew are so hard working because they love what they are doing, not because they are trying to flatter anyone. She scoots back closer to him. He continues his encouraging speech, but also breaks it by saying that work can’t only be based on courage or Gong Xi will fail. She moves further away from him once again since he is going in a circle to say that she is stupid.

Li Er has an argument with the director. Lian and Gong Xi go to see what is happening. The director tells Li Er to walk again since she is supposed to be a young lady from a prestigious family yet she is walking like a model. Gong Xi remembers when she was little and Shang’s mother taught her to walk like a young lady from a prestigious family. Li Er has yet another tantrum and tells the director that she isn’t acting the role any more. Since he thinks so highly of Gong Xi, he should get her to act her role instead. Gong Xi accepts her challenge and tells her that she can’t take it back.

Lian and Manager Du ask the director if he is really going to let Gong Xi compete with Li Er. The director tells them why not since Li Er was the one who suggested the challenge and she said so herself that she doesn’t want to act any more. Lian agrees with the director.

Li Er wonders why the director isn't coming to coax her. She overhears two workers talking about how they can’t stand her.

Gong Xi is taken under the care of two make-up artists. Her spirits start to take over once again and she makes the make-up artists repeatedly say “Help you put on make-up."

Li Er finally starts to realize that she may actually lose her role. She sits outside and Lian comes to sit beside her. He tells her to stop being so headstrong and using her role to threaten the director because she will only be the only getting hurt. Li Er was on the verge of an apology but she got interrupted by a worker.

Everybody is waiting for Gong Xi’s entrance. She enters all made-up and beautifully dressed. No one can stop staring or calling her beautiful. Li Er butts in and says that anyone can be beautiful with the right make-up and clothing. Gong Xi agrees with her and exclaims how nice it is to finally be wearing nice clothes and make-up. Manager Du wonders what kind of life she had living in the past. Lian just answers that she cannot be compared to a normal person. Gong Xi thanks Li Er and decides to defeat her.

The filming starts and Gong Xi perfectly executes her childhood training. Everyone is so proud of her. They praise her greatly. The director tells her to take a break and get ready for the next scene. Lian notices Gong Xi limping as she leaves and follows her to find that she is in great pain. He tells her to go to the hospital but she refuses because she doesn’t want to delay the filming.

Li Er thinks about how different Gong Xi’s acting is from hers. She admits to herself that she finally understood what the director was saying about how a young lady from a prestigious family should walk. She walks around and sees Lian treating Gong Xi’s injury. She flips through the script and smiles as she assures herself that the next round will be a sure win for her.

Lian tells her to give up because her injury is quite serious and the next round is a tea ceremony scene. From the start to the end, the scene requires her to sit in such a way that her whole body will apply pressure to her hurt ankle.

Li Er is practicing for the tea ceremony scene. She invites Gong Xi to practice but Gong Xi tells her that she wants to rest before filming. She abruptly realizes that Li Er is sitting in the sun. Li Er tells Gong Xi that she isn’t allergic to the sun and it was all her misunderstanding. The two girls start fighting like little kids. Li Er repeatedly calls Gong Xi a hyena.

Lian, Manager Du, and the director hear a commotion and go to see what is going on. There they are joined by the rest of the crew. They see the two girls in a cat fight, and the director breaks it up. He tells them to use the energy for the filming later.

Gong Xi almost falls over from the fight. Lian helps her to sit down. He tells her that she has really suffered from brain damage. She is injured yet she still fights.

Li Er confronts Lian and asks him if he wants Gong Xi to replace her and that is why he is being so kind to Gong Xi. He tells her that he is treating Gong Xi kindly because of her injury and that he doesn’t care who the female lead is as long as they are serious toward their work. Li Er notices that his words are so down-to-earth yet she is feeling more distant from him.

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Characters in Order of Appearance

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