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Episode 1 (Live-action)
Episode 01
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Episode Information
Air Date 18 December 2011
Opening S.O.L.O by Super Junior-M
Ending Zhe Shi Ai by Lee Donghae (Bo Po Shang) ft. Henry
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N/A Episode 2

This is the first episode from the live-action series.


Gong Xi worked hard to support her childhood friend and crush, Bo Po Shang, in his pursuit of a music career. Now that he's famous he cruelly casts her aside. Gong Xi realizes just how foolish she's been to give up so much for love and now only wants revenge. To crush Shang, she first has to figure out how to become famous.

Episode Summary

A narrator explains that everyone is born with a mysterious chest, which is filled with anger and vengeance. God has locked away this chest deep within us. However, if the box is opened, it will cause people to do dark things.

A girl called Gong Xi is diligently doing her job of cleaning the floor until she hears two teenage girls talking about Bo Po Shang’s new album. She immediately rushes over to the girls, continuously complimenting the maker of the album. She tells them that Shang wrote all of the songs himself, designed the album cover himself, and is very pretty and handsome. She tells the girls to go and buy another copy of the album before it gets sold out. As the girls leave, she thanks them for supporting Shang. Suddenly, one of her co-workers reminds her that she has another job to go to.

Gong Xi changes in a locker room where she overhears one of her co-workers say that she used to be Dun He Lian’s fan but is now Bo Po Shang’s fan. Gong Xi is delighted to hear this. Her mood soon turns sour as she finds out that when her co-worker bought two of Shang’s CD’s she received two life size posters of him. Gong Xi bought two CD’s herself but she didn’t receive any posters.

With nothing on her mind but the posters, she rides with lightning speed — going faster than the cars, trains and even superman – to the music store. All the posters have been given out but the store manager ends up giving her a cardboard cut-out of Po Shang. The store manager also promises to give her a call when the posters arrive. Gong Xi talks to the cardboard Po Shang with adoration but snaps out of it, realizing that she is running late.

She arrives at her next job – waitressing at a Japanese restaurant – very tired. Her co-workers tell her that she should be tired because she took 15 minutes to arrive at the restaurant when it usually takes 40 minutes. After a glass of water, she gets up feeling much more energized than before. She tells herself that she can do this shift because if she misses any shifts, she won’t be able to pay for her expensive apartment. She is working several jobs a day just to maintain this apartment. One of her co-workers asks Gong Xi if she can use her apartment to host a party. Gong Xi makes up some lame excuse to not allow it, and her co-worker is left wondering what is lurking in her apartment — possibly a man.

Gong Xi comes home to find Po Shang there. He tells her to be quiet to avoid letting the neighbors know. She happily shows him of her cardboard cut-out of him. He ignores her and continues to flip through his magazine. She rushes over to sit beside him. He asks for a drink which she goes to get for him. She offers to make him some instant noodles if he hasn't already eaten. He mutters that it is already 10pm. Who wouldn’t have eaten already? Gong Xi, who's worked so hard that she hasn't eaten yet, is briefly shamed that that is her norm, but shrugs it off. She then follows Shang to his closet and watches as he packs his clothes.

She asks him why he is in a bad mood. Is it because of work? He doesn’t reply and continues to pack. She tells him that he hasn’t been home in a while and she misses him a lot. Whenever she calls him, she always gets redirected to voicemail. He accuses her of blaming him for being busy, which she quickly tells him of course she isn't. He asks her if he has to report his every move. Gong Xi starts to say something but stops herself. She stares at him and notices that he has been very annoyed lately. She reminisces about the old times when they first arrived in Taipei.

He treated her so nicely and waited for her to come home before he started eating. As his career took off, he started becoming more and more annoyed with everything. She tells herself that his recent mood is all because of work and decides to get her secret weapon to cheer him up. So she rushes out of the house telling him that she has something to buy. The elevator is so slow so she rushes down 14 flights of stairs.

A voice-over by Gong Xi reveals that she and Shang are childhood friends. When she was little, her mother didn’t have time to take care of her so she often stayed at Shang’s house. Shang’s family owns one of the top-rated Japanese resorts in Taiwan. As Shang is their only son, he was destined to take over the family business. One day, Shang found Gong Xi by the river and they had some fun together splashing water at each other.

Shang had no interest taking over the family business. He was interested only in music and had set his mind on becoming a famous singer. One day, Gong Xi came home from high school and overheard Shang and his father having a really heated argument over his future. Shang told his father that he didn’t want to take over the resort. He wanted to do something he wants. His father told him not to be so naive and slapped him in the face. Shang ran outside with Gong Xi following. He informed her that he wants to run away and asked her to go with him. Of course she said yes, feeling privileged that he chose her.

Gong Xi is rushing from store to store picking up strawberry junk food. She is also searching for strawberry pudding and finds it at a store just before it was about to close. She also continues her story, telling that she moved to Taipei with Shang. Every day she is working three jobs to pay for the apartment while Shang is pursuing his dream of becoming a famous singer. She has no time for leisure activities, let alone making herself pretty. Every day is like an endless marathon of work to her, but she is not tired. That doesn’t matter to her; as long Shang’s dream can come true, she is happy.

Gong Xi comes home to find Shang getting ready to leave. He tells her that it is her fault for being gone for so long. He opens the door and is about to leave just as she tempts him to stay with the strawberry pudding. He tells her that she is smart for having bought those snacks as he can’t go to buy it himself and he can’t tell people to buy it for him because he is afraid it will lessen his image. Shang stays to eat and Gong Xi watches as he uses his special method to eat the strawberry pudding, sucking each pudding into his mouth. She remembers when she was little she would watch him eat that way and then touch his cheeks filled with pudding. Back in the present, she tries to touch his cheeks but he tells her to stop being so childish. He then makes her promise not to tell anyone about his love for strawberry food.

Gong Xi tells him how one of her co-workers used to be Dun He Lian’s fan but has now switched sides to become his fan. He is happy about this news and says that he will surpass He Lian. Just then, He Lian appears on TV as the guy that women want to hug the most in Taiwan. She tries to reassure Shang that the voting was inaccurate but the host says that voting is certified as accurate. He Lian was also voted as the guy with the best features. Shang's bad mood returns. Gong Xi keeps trying to reassure him by downgrading He Lian, but it doesn't help and Shang leaves in a huff. This causes Gong Xi to be in a bad mood too. She vents out her anger by throwing food at the TV He Lian.

He Lian walks out of the show’s recording when his manager, Du, mocks his response about the type of woman he is looking for. Gentle, considerate, smart and hardworking? Lian tells Manager Du that such a common question needs a common answer. The manager comments on how shows like these are so uncreative. Lian warns his manager to not say such things, since it is his job.

Manager Du gives him a Chupa Chup which he happily takes. As they wait by the elevator, a variety show top host comes rushing up to Lian, asking for an autograph saying how his whole family — especially his daughter — adores him. The producer comes rushing after the host and lectures him for running out the middle of his job.

Highly insulted by the lack of professionalism, Lian tells the host he should be ashamed to run out of the middle of his job just for an autograph. The host doesn’t reply but Lian signs the autograph anyways, explaining that the host's poor work ethic attitude has nothing to do with his daughter. Lian sends his regards to the daughter, bows, and leaves.

Lian gets scolded by Manager Du for being so disrespectful to the host. He also worries that Lian might be blacklisted by the station for what he did, or the host might protest to the president. He knows that Lian treats his job as a religious calling. He also knows that not everyone has as serious and responsible an attitude towards their jobs. Lian smiles and brushes the situation off as it is of no big deal. He says that he will work on it in the future.

Gong Xi calls Shang using a pay phone only to reach his voicemail. She apologizes for the words she said last night. She tells Shang how much better than Dun He Lian he is. After her quick message, she goes back to her job – handing out flyers. She stops when she sees a poster advertising that Shang is going to be on a live music show tonight. She realizes that she will be able to see him if she goes to the station. So she quickly hands out all of the flyers and rushes to the station.

Shang is angry because the producer of the music show wants to change the music style. His manager persuaded him to comply since they are still new. After persuading him, she asks him whether he went to see "Happy New Year" yesterday (Gong Xi means congratulations in Chinese and is a phrase often used during the New Year). Shang suspects that his manager is jealous, but she tells him that she only wants to discuss work with him.

Meanwhile, Gong Xi tries to go in and see Shang but she gets thrown out by security. She finds herself another way of getting in – by hiding in a showcase box. She brings a box of strawberry pudding to see him.

Gong Xi is excited that she gets to see Shang, that is until she overhears him talking to his manager. Shang is telling her that he had no choice but to bring Gong Xi with him to Taipei because all he knew was music. He needed her to take care of his needs. She asks him if he considered Gong Xi to be his servant. Shang answers yes, because that is what she is. His manager tells him to let go of Gong Xi now since he is not interested in her. He agrees and flirts with his manager saying that she needs to take care of him now. She tells him that the agency has already gotten him an apartment with his own maid. Getting physical, the manager jokingly role plays about being his servant. Shang accepts her attentions but stops her words, telling her that she's no servant because she is not someone like Gong Xi. He says that he is glad to have left home or else he would have been forced to marry and have children with the ugly, stupid, bumpkin Gong Xi.

After hearing this conversation, the mysterious chest within Gong Xi cracks open. She reveals herself and throws the strawberry pudding at Shang. She confronts him and then begins to cry. She tells him that she had to work three jobs a day to pay for his apartment while he did nothing except for pursuing his dreams. Shang yells at her to go home and cry.

However, Gong Xi isn't crying now, but laughing. Her chest has been opened and all of the demons have been released. She vows to take revenge on him. He laughs this off and tells her that he will become more and more famous and the distance between them will become greater. He does Gong Xi a good deed, though intending merely to mock her, and tells her the only way that she can take revenge is by entering the showbiz industry. He tells security to drag her out while she screams that she will enter the showbiz industry and then she will step over him.

Gong Xi rides her bike home crying and getting dejected each time as she sees a picture of Shang. She gets home and rips up all of her posters of him, even the cardboard cut-out. She gets to a CD and pauses.

She remembers how he rushed home to show her his first album. By comparison, when she bought his third album and showed him he just told her to be quiet. Gong Xi cries. She also remembers how he didn’t even want to be seen in public with her because he was afraid that it would ruin his image.

Gong Xi goes to a shop to buy a pair of limited edition black high heels. She tells the saleswoman to wrap it up. When saleswoman tells her the price Gong Xi falls over. Undeterred, she pays with a stack of NT100 bills. She then goes to the hair salon to get a haircut. The hairdresser asks her if she is sure since she has been growing her hair for so long. Gong Xi thinks about the conversation the day before and screams at the hairdresser, telling her to cut it all off and asking for a rising star hairstyle.

Gong Xi goes to the restaurant and tells her co-workers that she has decided to enter the showbiz industry. Her new hairstyle is fairly horrific, and surely will not be that of a rising star. Everyone gets depressed when Gong Xi gives her notice that she is going to quit working at the restaurant. The owner walks off without saying anything. The owner’s wife tells her that he really likes her that’s why.

Gong Xi apologizes and says that she can’t keep taking time off to look for ways to enter the entertainment industry. She also says that she has stopped renting the apartment and has nowhere to stay. The owner suddenly props a set of keys in front of Gong Xi and tells her that she can live there only if she continues to keep working. He also doesn’t mind if she takes time off. It turns out that the owner was hiding and overheard the whole conversation.

Gong Xi moves into her new accommodation with one suitcase. This leaves Wan Zi very suspicious despite her living in such a big apartment.

Wan Zi has a great idea to help Gong Xi enter the showbiz industry. This involves Gong Xi dressed up in an unattractively eye-catching outfit while walking up and down the streets of Ximending. After two hours of walking, no agency has come to scout her yet. She wonders if this is really going to work. Wan Zi reassures her and says that her mom told her that Bridgitte Lin was discovered on the streets of Ximending. Gong Xi is left wondering who Bridgitte Lin is.

Wan Zi opens up a newspaper and Gong Xi sees an article about Bu Po Shang returning to school. She is furious that he deceived her to become his housekeeper and lose her own opportunity to go to school. This causes her spirits to pop up again. She vows once again that she will never forgive him. Gong Xi and Wan Zi think of another idea.

Lian and his manager are waiting for a call from the president because the host from the television station has already filed a complaint. Manager Du is practicing what he is going to say. Lian tells him to just tell the truth; he is more than happy to explain himself. His manager tells him that he will do it himself because Lian will just make matters worse. The phone rings.

Gong Xi is walking the streets holding a sign that says “Wannabe star seeking an agent. Seeking an agent. I guarantee to be famous”. Just when they lost all hope, a man comes up to them and tells them that he can help Gong Xi to become famous. He tells them to follow him…to a hotel. Wan Zi and Gong Xi tie up the pervert and punch him.

Gong Xi and Wan Zi stand on an overpass discussing what they are going to do next. Gong Xi sees LME on a newspaper and decides that she can go to LME, Taiwan’s largest agency, and get discovered there.

Wan Zi doubts that they will even take her in. "Why not?" Gong Xi protests. Even Bu Po Shang, who can’t even use a vacuum, can get discovered. And plus, she got better grades than him. Wan Zi sighs and tells her to go for it before leaving for tutor. Gong Xi gets excited that LME will accept her and she will soon become better than Bu Pu Shang and then she can step on him. She yells out for Shang to watch out for her, she’s coming for him! But before she can do anything, she must change her looks.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Bo Po Shang's Father
  2. Gong Xi
  3. Gong Xi's co-workers
  4. Bo Po Shang
  5. Dun He Lian
  6. Manager Du
  7. Boss's wife
  8. Boss
  9. Yangyang
  10. Wan Zi

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