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Dream Contact is the extra chapter from Volume 34.

What is revealed

Extra Chapter Summary

An extra chapter that is imaginary, meaning it is impossible to happen...

"I am Setsu. I am Setsu."

While waiting for the elevator, Kyoko is telling herself that she is Setsuka and her brother is the first and second in her heart, the others are outsiders. And, even if those who know her as Kyoko, were to see her now, they absolutely won’t be able to recognize her. This is something that she’s quite confident of. Ding. The elevator door opens and she sees Sho.

While the two are emitting dark aura, Sho is thinking of Setsuka as some stupid wild woman who is emitting a huge killing aura. He feels that she wants to kill him and he finds this quite scary.

Setsu kicks Sho.

He hopes that the elevator would quickly reach the lounge since this freak is invading his imaginary personal space. Kyoko is telling herself to calm down and even if she encountered difficult humiliation/s, she’ll endure it. She reminds herself that she’s Setsuka and she absolutely won’t let this person find out her true identity. Ding.

The elevator reaches its destination. Setsuka takes a step out. Sho let out about wanting her

Sho recognizes Setsu as Kyoko.

to quickly scram and get off. Setsuka stops and darkly stares at Sho. Sho starts to scream his apology and believing in freedom. Setsuka kicks him on his left shin. Then, he recalls how Kyoko kicked him at his PV before. While holding his shin, Sho is wondering if it is Kyoko. While walking, Kyoko thinks that in the end, she couldn’t just do nothing and quietly leave since

Reino recognizes Kyoko straight away.

she is still immature. She thinks that at least, she didn’t wring his neck using her grudges. Kyoko's apparitions are proud of themselves that they were able to restrain themselves and want Kyoko to praise them.

And, Kyoko is thinking of herself as Setsuka again, an identity that she won’t let anyone find out. Kyoko's apparitions sudden hide inside for Reino appears from behind her and whispers to her ear about her way of dressing is not bad at all. As he walks away, he says that she is most beautiful while acting out other roles, but the one he likes most is the one with black hair and a scar (Mio Hongo). Kyoko shouts that he’s a repulsive freak. And, this is a story about no matter how she’s disguised, she’ll be recognized by these guys.

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