Dislike X Dislike
Dislike X Dislike
Episode 16 title card
Kanji 嫌い×嫌い
Rōmaji Kirai X Kirai
Episode Information
Air Date January 25, 2009
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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Dislike X Dislike is the sixteenth episode of the anime series.


Kyoko continues to take care of Ren. Ren starts to think of Kyoko in a positive manner while Kyoko has finally found a new passion, she's doing it to discover a new Kyoko Mogami..

Episode Summary

Ren is still on top of Kyoko in his feverish state. Kyoko tries to move him away but he's too heavy. Finally, after Kyoko recites the lines of the actress working alongside Ren, Ren gets up and responds to what Kyoko recites. He then walks out of the dressing room and continues with his work. Kyoko is impressed with his professionalism.

After his work, in the car, Kyoko brings out the medicine, cool packs and food she bought for him earlier on when he was acting. Knowing that he has sore throat, she even makes shaved radish with honey for him.

At Ren’s apartment, Kyoko tends to him. After she places a new cool pack on his forehead, Ren thanks her and calls her 'Kyoko-chan'. Shocked by what she hears, Kyoko is unable to study the entire night. The next morning, she makes him an awful but energy boosting green drink. She also makes soup for him. Ren can't help but feel thankful for what she is doing for him. He even begins to wonder why she is doing so much for someone she 'hates'.

Throughout Ren's shooting, Kyoko finds herself unable to concentrate on her studies. To help herself de-stress, she takes out her Ren doll and impersonates him. Unlucky for Kyoko, Ren happens to be near her when she's doing so. After that, Ren goes out to memorize his lines. It seems like he hasn't fully recovered from his fever and he's having trouble memorizing his lines.

Kyoko goes out to look for him and finds him on the staircase. Having read the script before, she tries to help him by reciting the lines of the person he's going to act with. Ren is very impressed with her improvement and he also begins to understand that Kyoko's reason for acting is more than just revenge. It's true that revenge is still her motive but as times passes, she also realizes her passion for acting and she wants to use acting for the rebirth of Kyoko Mogami. To Kyoko's surprise, Ren believes her. In Kyoko's mind, she thinks that she may not hate him after all.

That night, at Ren's apartment, Kyoko is pushing herself to study. Ren asks her not to study too much and neglect her own health. He asks her to relax and take a bath. Kyoko is initially embarrassed to do so. However, after seeing Ren's 'I rather die than to peep at you' facial expression, she decides to take the bath.

The next morning, there's a big traffic jam and Ren is running late for his work. They get out of the taxi and Kyoko forcibly 'lends' a bicycle from a passerby. Kyoko promises to not to spoil Ren's untainted record and bring him to work on time. In Ren's mind, he promises to give her 100 points if she's really able to do so.

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