Curly-haired guy
Blonde guy mocking kuon
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Presumably in his late teens or early 20's (Flashback)
Status ???
Occupation Actor (most likely)
Manga ACT.184 (Flashback)

Curly-haired guy is a man from Kuon Hizuri's flashbacks. His face was never shown and he has never made an actual appearance. He said the same words Taira Murasame said to Cain Heel which resulted Cain strangling Murasame.[1] His real name and current whereabouts are unknown.


He is impudent and seems to be jealous of Kuon because of his looks and talent. He'd always torment Kuon that he got all his jobs because of his parents and the blood that goes
The curly haired guy
through him. He insulted Kuon for having mixed blood of American, Japanese and Russian descent,[2] stating that with that blood mixture it's like he's not even "human" anymore and instead is a monster.[3]


In Kuon's flashbacks, he was seen wearing a suit. He has light-colored hair which is slightly curly.


Nothing much is known about his background. Although, he was seen to be in the same set as Kuon when they were younger, implying that he might have started showbiz at an early age like Kuon.


Dark Breath arc

In Kuon's flashbacks, the curly-haired guy was shown with a bunch of other guys, insulting Kuon for having Japanese blood and even bullying him physically. When Kuon got enough of what they were saying, he smirked and started to fight all of them back. After Kuon hit the guys who were siding with the curly-haired guy, the curly-haired guy started running away since he knew he was next. While he was running away, he accidentally hit Tina. Kuon runs after him, but then stopped when he realized Rick was running after him, too. This is the moment when the truck hits Rick and causes his death.

Guam arc

Kuon had a flashback where an older woman was seen pulling his hair out while the curly-haired guy was seen hiding at the woman's back and smirking at him.


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