Curara CM arc

Kyoko goes on a commercial audition, where she sees Kanae, who is also auditioning for the commercial. However, a rich girl who considers Kanae as her rival is also at the audition and create ways to bring Kanae down as much as possible. Kyoko teams up with Kanae to teach the rich girl her lesson and their friendship develops.

Message: Don't give up if you haven't tried your hardest.
Manga Anime
Volumes 5-6 Number of Episodes 3
Number of Chapters 6
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Notable Moments

  • Kyoko lectures Kanae for not fighting back when bullied and slaps her. Kyoko tells her that if she wants to act, she needs to fight for it. Erika's money is not worth more than Kanae's skill. Kanae takes this advice, and it is revealed that the man silently listening in on them is the commercial's director.
  • Erika steals Kyoko and Kanae's original routine. Afraid of disqualification, Kyoko comes up with another routine on the spot. She assures Kanae that all she needs to do is respond to Kyoko's acting, and they will be fine. They ad-lib their routine.
  • Kyoko turns and opens the can of Curara, which promptly explodes all over Kanae. Kanae acts outraged and tries to get her back by opening her bottle, but the fizzy drink starts streaming out of the bottle - clearly, Kyoko had shaken both the can and bottle up beforehand. Kanae stares at it in disbelief for a moment before they both start to laugh.
  • They are chosen for the Curara commercial and Erika swears revenge on Kanae, who no longer seems to be affected by her threats.
  • On the bus ride home, despite pretending to dislike and even be embarrassed by Kyoko, Kanae secretly stamps Kyoko a hundred points in her booklet.


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