Curara CM
Kyoko and Kanae doing the commercial audition in manga
Status Finished
Director Ushio Kurosaki
Starring Kanae Kotonami and Kyoko

Curara CM is a commercial produced by the Kando drink company and directed by Ushio Kurosaki. The commercial features Kanae Kotonami and Kyoko. A sequel to the commercial seems to appear on the visual game adaption


Initially, the audition that was held for the commercial stated that there will only be one actress who will play the role. But later, the director, Ushio Kurosaki, decided that there will be two actresses who will be acting on the commercial.


The commercial just features two high school girls (Kanae and Kyoko) running around a clear grass field with the Kyurara drink in their hands and drinking the Kyurara drink together. Then, the camera zooms into their laughing faces and the logo pops up.



The commercial became a popular topic, as mentioned by Haruki Asami.[1].After the commercial big success both Kanae and Kyoko were invited to star in Sho's PV. But, Kanae later turned down the role because she was offered to act in a drama so she was later replaced by Mimori Nanokura[2]

Kanae was featured in Japonet Scope after the Curara commercial, indicating that she received more positive response from the audience[3]. Kimiko's manager, who along with her client spends most time bouncing between America and Japan, recognizes the commercial to be a hot topic in Japan.





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