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Choi Siwon
Choi Si-won.jpg
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday April 7th 1986
February 10 (registered)
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Singer, actor, dancer, model, philanthropist
Skip Beat!
Role Ren Tsuruga/Dun Helian
Episode appearances 15

Choi Siwon (born April 7, 1986, officially registered on February 10, 1987) portrays Ren Tsuruga in the live-action adaption of the Skip Beat! manga series.[1] Like his fellow co-star Ivy Chen, he wasn't the first choice for his character in the live-action adaption. The first choice was Jerry Yan.[2]

Personal Information

Siwon's father is currently the CEO of Boryung Medicine, a pharmaceutical company.[3] Siwon was scouted by a talent agent from SM Entertainment when he was 16 as he was waiting for friends in front of his high school.[4]

Not long after his first television appearance, SM Entertainment released an announcement that he would officially debut as one of the twelve members in a Korean boy band named Super Junior.

Siwon also tried modelling and acting. He has starred in some series as the lead role and has won one acting award so far.[5]

Portrayal as Ren Tsuruga

Appearance as Ren

Siwon's appearance as Ren is similar, based on having the same hair color and the same eye color. He and Ren don't have the same height though. Ren is 7cm taller than Siwon, with Ren being 190cm tall[6] (6'3") while Siwon being 183cm tall (6 ft)[7]. The way Ren dresses in the manga is also the same way Siwon dresses in his performance as Ren.

Coincidentally, Siwon and Ren also share the same birthday, both being born on the 10th of February.[8][6]

Performance as Ren

While Ren seemed more stone faced, Siwon's performance such as his emotions seemed to show even though he tried to hide it and I thought this version was cuter. [9]

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