Maruyama rumi
Rōmaji Chitose
Gender Female
Age 17
Occupation Student
Portrayed by Marumi Maruyama

Chitose is the main protagonist of the drama Box "R". She is portrayed by Marumi Maruyama.


Chitose messes with the school's main bully, Natsu. She become's Natsu's main target who bullies her with the help of her gang.


Not much is heard about Marumi's (Rumi) creative process for Chitose. However she is kept away from the set when the unscripted bullying scene is shot for the crew fear she might be too terrified to continue with the role if she saw such a cruel scene[1]. She must be pretty resilient for she continued with the part which meant enduring these kinds of things such as being dunked in a pond in the middle of February (winter) but having to act like its spring[2].



Not much is known about Chitose's personality. If she is a victim of Natsu's it can be presumed she is probably a sweet and innocent girl who doesn't do well with confrontations.


Chitose is often seen in her high school uniform. Unlike the girls in Natsu's gang, Chitose does wear the uniform with a ribbon



It was a No.1 topic due to the actors committed to it, with Marumi Maruyama (a well known idol) as the lead and also featuring a lot of up-and-coming talent[3]. The strongest spark from the up-and-coming actors is Kyoko, who was memorable for her excellent Mio in Dark Moon[3]. Many anticipated what Kyoko's next role would be and thus Box "R" generated much response due to the fact that "Mio" would be bullying Marumi Maruyama[4][5][6].


Audience felt disappointed because they expected harsh and more gloomy Mio surpassing that of Mio in Dark Moon. But actually it is far from Mio’s viciousness[3]. But there is still a chance their view will change because the drama just started and has room for improvement[3]

However Kanae views Natsu's performance to be more like a double lead role with Marumi Maruyama than an antagonist[7]. She also feels that Kyoko will steal Marumi's "star" in matter of time[8].


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