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Chiori Amamiya
Chiori Amamiya
Chiori introducing herself as a Love Me member.png
Kanji 天宮千 織
Rōmaji Amamiya Chiori
Stage Name 天道 明梨 Tendō Akari (former)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens
Status Alive
Relatives Mother
Occupation Variety Talent
Child actor (former)
Company Softhat
Affiliations LME
Manga ACT.121

Chiori Amamiya (天宮 千織 Amamiya Chiori) is the third member of the Love Me Section. Unlike the first two members, Chiori volunteered herself to be placed in the department in order to find back the joy of acting. She thinks of Kyoko Mogami as an "Eternal Butterfly", which she describes the kind of actress that is able to immerse herself into any role she wishes to.  


Chiori has shoulder-length dark brown hair that has bangs going on either side, brown eyes and she is described as short, being shorter than everyone else in Box "R".

When Kyoko saw her back for the first time wearing the Love Me jumpsuit, she immediately thought she was Kanae but when she noticed the noticeably shorter height Chiori has, she removed her assumptions. She is usually seen in an high school uniform for her role as Yumika in Box "R" or at her Love Me jumpsuit.


At first glance, Chiori looks rather innocent, kind and cute. Chiori even gave advice to Kyoko Mogami which the latter appreciated. She is then later revealed to envy Kyoko, because she was able to escape from her Mio character, which she was not able to do when she was still a child star and got stuck in a evil role.

Chiori has very little patience for people who do not earn their positions, and considers it an affront when someone (usually an actress) gains a role or popularity merely on the basis of their looks, especially when they have no talents to speak of.


Chiori actually debuted when she was 8 years old with the stage name "Akari Tendo".

Chiori was once a child actress of amazing skill, but a very dark role as Akari in "The Scarlet Dice" combined with an on-set accident that left her scarred typecast her into very dark and scary roles as a young girl, which in turn made her into a depressed and internally violent character.

Because of this, she left acting for a while, eventually returning to the business after shedding her childhood stage name, Tendo Akari, in an attempt to escape her dark past and the typecasting.

Her first impression is one of extreme vitriole, and she's been known to scribble threats and excessive criticism of colleagues in her poison notebook. She initially hated Kyoko, and actually attacked her by pushing her down the stairs once. As time passes, Chiori seems to be letting go of her bitterness from her childhood and maturing as she becomes a better actress.


Natsu's arc

An actress from the Box "R" meeting says that Kyoko is "Late from the start" which makes her be brave to do so just because she's high in demand after her portrayal as Mio in Dark Moon. Chiori then defends Kyoko and says that everyone has their circumstances and maybe Kyoko did not want to be late. Chiori then said that it's unfair for Kyoko to talk about her like that before knowing the actual reason.[1] Chiori appears to be sweet and innocent to everyone on the set. Chiori is jealous of Kyoko and resents Kyoko's success. She attempts to sabotage Kyoko, she pretends to support Kyoko's version of Natsu, but tells the director that Kyoko wants to rebel against the director's directions. She wants to kill Kyoko's position and her confidence, but in the end Kyoko's new Natsu wins over the director and fellow cast members.

Violence Mission arc

Chiori is seen watching a movie of Michika Kawagoe. She is gnashing and is clearly annoyed. On her poison notebook, it is shown that she is writing "What the hell is this? You can tell very well she's acting. She should stick at singing, which she's just as lousy at. It's unbelievably frustrating how many people think they think they can get by in this world just in their looks!"[2]

Kyoko and Kanae were shocked at the sight of Chiori in the Love Me Room. Kyoko thought that now, there are three people in the Love Me Section. Kanae wonders who that girl is and thinks that at any right, Chiori is giving an aura that she's not good at dealing with. Chiori then introduces herself and says, "Nice to meet you. I'm Chiori Amamiya, from the Softhat Agency. I've been in the Love Me Section since last month." Kanae replied that she have never heard of her agency. Chiori says that it's because it's only a small company.[3]

She then says that she was going to quit the agency in order to join the Love Me Section but the President said she could not quit because she was the biggest moneymaker in her agency. Then, her agency's president negotiated with Lory so she could be in the Love Me Section.

Kanae is very surprised at her response. She then asked Chiori if she volunteered in the Love Me Section. Chiori said that she did. Then, Kyoko asked what work she was doing in the Love Me Room.[4] Chiori said she has to write response papers about Michika Kawagoe's dramas. Kyoko asks more questions until Lory appears with his pet anaconda, Natsuko-chan.[5]

Along with Kyoko and Kanae, Chiori was terrified of Lory's pet. Lory asked Kyoko and Kanae what is Valentines' Day to them and Chiori looks at her fellow Love Me Members with an amused expression.[6]

In result, Kanae and Kyoko had to write response papers and sat with Chiori on the table.[7] Chiori said they should consider theirselves lucky because they are writing something about the plot while she isn't because her theme is to write about Michika Kawagoe alone.

She said it was because when Lory asked her what is Valentine's day to her, she replied that it was the day Michika Kawagoe got her first lead in a drama role only using her looks.[8]

Chiori then said that Michika Kawagoe was not the only actress who do that, because there are other tons too.[9] Then, when they finally started watching the drama, Chiori and Kanae almost agreed on everything about Michika Kawagoe's acting.

Lory then comes up behind them with an angry face. He then presents them three cards that each has "Something..." along with their names.[10] Lory said he selected those tasks diligently for them which made Chiori happily take her card.[11]

When Chiori opens the card, Chiori had a sour expression and said "I refuse" but Lory replied that there was no giving back. And with that, Lory walks off and Chiori follows him while saying "Boss!".[12]

It was then revealed that Lory has ordered her to be on a variety show titled This Show Will Really Make You Feel Good[13] as her "Something Fun" mission which Kyoko points out will help separate Chiori herself from her role as Yumika on Box "R", who is a vicious and violent bully under the more sophisticated hand of Natsu, although her character is considered merely a tool by Kyoko's.[14]


Kyoko Mogami

Chiori first appears where she, like many of the other actresses on the show, hates or resents Kyoko. Their initial relationship is very antagonistic, but when Kyoko proves herself by immersing herself fully into Natsu Kitazawa and taking control of the situation by turning bullying attempts back on the actresses who made them, she earns Chiori's respect as an actress and as a person.

In order to attempt to replicate Kyoko's hard work and apparent amazing talent, Chiori joins the Love Me section at LME, the third member and only volunteer. This move has seemed to improve Chiori's general behavior and mood, as well as making her more tolerant of others around her. 

Kanae Kotonami

At first glance, Kanae thought of Chiori as someone who is a "weirdo" because she found out that Chiori actually volunteered to be in the Love Me Section.[15] But when Kyoko and Kanae were forced to do reviews on the movies Michika Kawagoe is in[16], Kanae and Chiori seem to rather get along since they both have the same opinion on Michika, both stating that Michika doesn't have any acting skill and both states that Michika annoys them.[17] Chiori then mentions Kanae to Kyoko when she saw her shopping a sexy garment[18] (Kyoko was actually in Setsu mode, her mind and soul being "Setsu"), she asked if Kyoko was going to buy that as a present for her which Kyoko shrugs off and said that it is not for Kanae.[19]


Yoshimoto is Chiori's manager who doesn't seem to know of Chiori's past as Akari Tendo (天道 明梨, Tendō Akari). Yoshimoto cares for Chiori and is consistently supportive. Chiori resents her every comment of kind-hearted encouragement, feeling that she's a stupid and useless woman. However, her attitude towards her manager seems to soften after she gets over her hatred toward Kyoko.

Mr. D

Chiori refers to Mr. D as teacher at one point and seems to be one of his followers.


  • (thinking to her mentor about Kyoko Mogami) I might have found one. My dear master. The father of victory, Mr. D. The 'immortal butterfly' you've been looking for...[20]


  • The name Chiori means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "weave, weaving" (織) (ori).
  • Chiori's surname Amamiya means "heaven/heavenly, sky, imperial" (天) (ama) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).

Stage Name

  • The name Akari means "bright" (明) (aka) and "pear" (梨) (ri).
  • Akari's surname Tendo means "sun, heaven/way of heaven, providence, destiny, divine justice/divine guidance, fate, fortune, chance, predetermination, divine intervention, lot" (天道).


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