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[[Chidori audition.png|250px]]
Gender Female
Age Teenager
Portrayed by Asahina

Chidori is a character and a supporting role in the historical drama A Lotus in the Mud.



Kanae received Chidori as her "Something Messy" job from the President[1]. She makes her disgust with Chidori clear from the beginning calling her a stalker[2]. Kyoko always assumed she already had the role but is confused when Kanae tells her she still has a callback. Kyoko wonders why she didn't just deliberately flunk the audition if she found the job so distasteful. Kanae responds that her actor spirit had been provoked so she had to see it through plus it was a job chosen by the President for her so she had to give it her best[3].


Kanae has already cleared the first round of auditions for Chidori during which she beat out Kimiko Morizumi who tried to take the role by force.


During the call-back the three remaining Chidori participants are shown to be wearing elaborate kimonos. Chidori is from a prestigious family so the call-back may have required them to show this side of her.

The Chidoris are asked to participate in the mock test of the Momiji audition to help decide if this unique Momiji passes.


Kanae prepares for the call-back of the Chidori audition by training with Kotetsu Uesugi, Hiou's grandfather, the renowned martial arts expert. For apparently while Chidori follows around the protagonist she learns some fighting skills and swordsmanship.



Momiji is a female ninja and follows the wandering samurai, Shizuma, around to protect him. Those of Momiji's lineage have served Shizuma's family for generations, and because of the blood connection, Shizuma has always thought of her as nothing more than a little sister[4]. But Momiji sees him to be more than that.

Chidori was saved by him and thus falls in love with him and starts to follow him everywhere. Chidori comes from a family of high social status due to this she is often protected by Shizuma from time to time, he seems to dote on her through both his speech and actions[5]


Chidori comes from a privilege up-bringing so it may be assumed she is quite sheltered and used to getting what she wants. She falls in love with Shizuma when she is saved by him.

Her attitude towards Momiji is unknown but they are love rivals so it is unlikely to be friendly.


She is shown to be wearing a beautiful kimono.


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