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Cedric D. Bennett
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Singer/Actor

Cedric D. Bennett is a famous western singer/actor, who is often referred to as the "Prince."


He is known to have a partiality for women with classic Asian beauty.

He has been described as a flamboyant person who likes a flashy lifestyle and potentially gets bored of things quickly[1].


Cedric is a handsome, tall actor.


Cedric's main profession is acting however he has been a model before.

He recently started a career in the music industry last year and smashed the American Billboards[2].


Lotus in the Mud

Cedric is mentioned by Erika Koenji's manservants as the current object of Kimiko's obsession. This leads Kyoko to believe that Ren is going to get his heart broken.

Later Cedric appears on television at a major Hollywood event, which is seen by Ren and Kyoko. Kyoko takes an interest in finally seeing this man's face. She expresses confusion about him being stated as a successful musical artist when she had thought he was an actor. Ren clarifies that Cedric is both, and most definitely an actor.

Route Kingdom

Cedric is said to be the lead role in this upcoming movie project, and Kanae Kotonami, as a talented actress with classic Asian beauty, has been recruited to co-star.


A margin note from Yoshiki Nakamura informs us that Cedric represents the final hurdle in Ren's personal arc.


Ren Tsuruga

It is strongly indicated that Ren, in his youth as Kuon Hizuri, knew Cedric. Something as yet unknown about their personal relationship affected Ren in a lasting, negative way.

Kimiko Morizumi

Kimiko is a 17-year-old actress who has a self-interested crush on Cedric. She believes that landing the role of Momiji will finally win her Cedric's attention and affection. The two of them originally met while she was working overseas.

Eltra Duris

Eltra is Cedric's grandfather.


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