Box "R"
Box R' Script
Status Currently broadcasting
Director Kazutoyo Anna
Starring Marumi Maruyama
Kyoko Mogami
Honami Makino
Yuka Sudo
Chiori Amamiya

Box "R" is a teen television drama that started broadcasting in Spring. It is directed by Kazutoyo Anna.


Box "R" revolves around a girl named Chitose, who messes up with the school's main bully, Natsu Kitazawa. As Chitose encounters many obstacles, can she go through them all?

Pre-Natsu with her gang


It becomes the No.1 topic for the actors committed to it. With Marumi Maruyama as the lead and also featuring up-and-coming talent[1]. The strongest spark from the up-and-coming actors is Kyoko, who was memorable for her excellent Mio Hongo in Dark Moon[1]. Many anticipated what Kyoko's next role would be and thus Box "R" generated much response due to the fact that "Mio" would be bullying Marumi Maruyama.[2][3][4]


  • Marumi Maruyama as Chitose - The main protagonist of Box "R", she messes up with the school's main bully, Natsu. She become's Natsu's main target and bullies her with the help of her gang.
  • Kyoko as Natsu Kitazawa - The school's main bully. She is described as a sadistic queen bee, Natsu hides her true emotions and never really shows them. She is known to be manipulative and charismatic.
  • Honami Makino as Kaori - Natsu's closest friend. She is referred to as Natsu's right arm.
  • Yuka Sudo as Tsugumi - A member in Natsu's gang. She always follows Natsu's tactics like Kaori.
  • Chiori Amamiya as Yumika - A member of Natsu's gang. She is a honor student and endures everything, bottling up all her real emotions out, much like Natsu.[5]


Most audience felt disappointed because they expected harsh and more gloomy Mio in Box "R". But actually it is far from Mio’s viciousness, thus the audience criticize it as "disappointing." But being just started there is room for growth.It leaves with the question of weather, it will rise from brink of failure of lowest rating?[1]


According to Chiori Amamiya, the ratings of the first episode was at worst point, that she doesn't want to mention the figures.[6] Although Yukihito Yashiro said that Kyoko's acting as Natsu was fantastic and was very different to Mio's character, from the character's action, mannerism and language.[7] Kyoko hopes that the drama will slowly warm up to the viewers as the story develops.

According to Takenori Sawara, the ratings for the second episode weren't all that great, but Natsu's character stands out for its significant difference from Mio, which results in many commercial offers for Kyoko.


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