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Bo the Chicken
Bo the Chicken
Live-action - Anime

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Live-action Name Coco the Chicken
Gender Unspecified
Age Unspecified
Occupation May vary
Portrayed by Kyoko Mogami (uncredited)

Bo the Chicken is the chicken mascot that appears on Yappa Kimagure Rock. The mascot is portrayed by Kyoko Mogami.

This role is not credited as Kyoko and hence many do not know who is behind the costume.


Initially, Bo the Chiken was just supposed to be an extra for Kimagure Rock and the mascot just to assist the Ishibashi Brothers, or popularly known as Bridge Rock and does things such as handing over question eggs to them. But, with Kyoko playing the mascot in the first episode, she did things to attempt revenge on Sho Fuwa, which the audience find quite funny so Bo's character was used largely for comic relief of the show.

Kyoko got the opportunity to play Bo the Chiken as a Love Me Job, and primarily because Kanae Kotonami forced her into playing the mascot.[1]

Kyoko was volunteered by Kanae to be the chicken, and proves herself to be an audience favorite as she torments the guest of the evening: her hated enemy Sho Fuwa. Her outrageous behavior gets her fired from the show after only one episode, but the fans loved her so much that the director has no choice but to hire her back. She is henceforth seen as a regular part of the cast. Throughout this arc the Ishibashi brothers, in particular Hikaru, are seen a lot and interact with Kyoko.



Bo is shown to be somewhat blunt, but is up into any challenge. Bo the Chicken likes making fun of people, he is more like a stand-up comedian. When Kyoko plays as Bo in order to speak to Ren, Bo shows to be more understanding and is willing to help people out.[2]


Bo the Chicken appears to have white chiken skin, blue eyes with yellow beak. He usually wears costumes on his appearance on Yappa Kimagure Rock. Some times there are slight modification to Bo costumes.

Behind the scenes

With the exception of some of the crew and a few others, no one knows which gender person is inside the costume of Bo. Ren, who was cold toward Kyoko at the time he met Bo, confided his secret to the chicken mascot and became Bo's friend. Bo also helped Ren more than once, even ironically making him realize his own feelings toward Kyoko.

When Honoka guest starred at Yappa Kimagure Rock, Kyoko, who was dressed in the Bo costume, met her in her dressing room, as she was tasked to pick her up. Bo claims to be the date of Honoka which entertained Honoka and her staff. Honoka complimented Bo as looking very gentlemanly in his suit, clearly not knowing that Kyoko is a girl inside Bo's costume.


There was surprisingly positive response to Kyoko's Bo from the viewing audience with many of them saying that it was a waste for Bo to be only a helper and mascot. They also received letters from the public saying Bo was interesting and fun to watch, therefore the producer was forced to re-employ Kyoko as Bo[3]. Even her colleagues praise her for her comedic timing.


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