Bo's arc

In order to support the high cost of the program, Kyoko gets a job as a seat filler on a variety show. But when one of the actors gets sick, Kyoko has to fill in for the man in the chicken suit. To make matters worse, Sho is the guest on the variety show. Kyoko tries to reveal Sho's embarrassing secrets on the show but have failed. The producer of the show did not like what she did and therefore fired her. After that, Kyoko, still in the chicken suit, encounters Ren and unexpectedly be-friends him.

Message: Learn from your setbacks

Manga Anime
Volumes 4-5 Number of Episodes 1
Number of Chapters 5
Previous Arc: The Miraculous Language of Angels arc Next Arc: Curara CM arc

Notable Moments

  • Ren realizes that Kyoko is his childhood friend from the one summer he spent in Japan as a kid.
  • As Bo the Chicken, Kyoko publicly tries to turn Sho's weaknesses against him, but he maneuvers out of them all.
  • Kyoko gets into an onstage live scuffle with Sho. During the course of this, he accidentally touches her chest and discovers that the mascot is being played by a female. He connects the dots and realizes it must be Kyoko in the mascot suit.
  • Still dressed as Bo, and sadly wandering the studio, Kyoko encounters Ren. He reluctantly tells her that he is having trouble with his script, and Kyoko helps him. This encounter helps Kyoko realize that Ren is nowhere near as "mean" as he appears to be, and she wonders if she can even be friends with him.


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